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Arctic Lowlands By: hope.

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1 Arctic Lowlands By: hope

2 Animals in the Arctic There are snow white arctic fox.
There are snow white arctic owl. There are baby seal that lives in the arctic. There are arctic wolf. There are baby arctic polar bear. There are a lot of animals you can see them and know what they do there.

3 The Weather In The Arctic
In the arctic it is very cold . But there is a sun in the arctic. The climate of the arctic region varies throughout the year.

4  Land  There are hills around the land and some is flat.
On the land there is hills with snow and trees and there is a little grass over the snow. On the land there is sticks coming out of the snow on the land.

5 How lives in the Arctic In the arctic there people called first native people. You can know how they live in the arctic and what they do. This is are kids that live in the arctic

6 Sports and Recreation In the artic one of the sports is ice fishing, dog sledding, skiing, making snowmen and much more. These actives are played because they are fun. I wish one day I can do one of this sport in the arctic.

7 Entertainment There is a place called Whitehorse and it is close to a place called Yellowknife they are beside each other but they are far away from each other. This is a picture of a jacket from an a animal they have to do the sometime so the people can have jackets there.

8 Food in the Arctic In the arctic the way that they got there food is they go out and ice fish for there food. If you what to try this you can go to the arctic and try it. This is a type of food in the arctic and this is when it is eat a little

9 Interesting Things In the arctic they can do thing that I didn’t know like hunting and making snowmen and dog silting and you can go in a car and drive a car. That is so cool maybe when you are older you can go to the arctic and do them.

10 Map of the Arctic This is a map of the arctic and it look’s like the arctic is a big place’s. Here is a map that is of the arctic to.

11 My favorite pictures

12 What the Homes look like in the Arctic
They are made out of ice and snow if I live in one I would not like it at all. Here is a picture of a igloos and it is in the arctic region. If I lived in one I would think that is so cool.

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