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Permanent Shelters: The Changes They Brought

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1 Permanent Shelters: The Changes They Brought
By: Samir R. Khan Permanent Shelters: The Changes They Brought

2 Introduction Permanent shelters were a main and key development in the Neolithic Age. They allowed people new capabilities and advancements that had not been available to them before. There are 5 major changes. These are the changes I am going to show/talk to you about in this PowerPoint.

3 Change #1 Greater Comfort
Permanent shelters allowed for more comfortable living. People had fairly large permanent “houses” that had many rooms for many activities. They could store food in the floor and develop new ways of cooking food.

4 Ruins of a Jericho Neolithic Village
Restoration of a Typical Catal Hoyuk House Interior

5 Change #2 Larger Communities
Another effect of permanent shelters was larger communities. With farms and animals as the stable source of food. People began building towns around the farms they relied upon. This resulted in larger communities and an even greater range of skills such as dividing up work and working together on projects and tasks.

6 Neolithic Communities

7 CHANGE #3 Population Growth
Furthermore, permanent shelters also led to population growth within communities. People had safer ways of doing things, could defend themselves easier, and had greater protection (among many things). This allowed for larger communities to form up and thus larger populations. People were safer and would not die so frequently. This (among other things) led to population growth.

8 Population Growth in Neolithic Communities

9 Change #4 New Jobs/Specializations
As a result of having a stable food supply people had more time and opportunities to do things other than what had prior been the main job of finding enough food to survive. People could do jobs such as weaving, basket making, tool making, and trading. People had specialized jobs that they could focus on and become highly skilled at. Neolithic people who did these things had a goal of not merely surviving, but also to thrive and make themselves and their surroundings more beautiful. These new jobs led to new and better ways of completing things and tasks.

10 New Jobs and Ways of Doing Things

11 Change #5 Trade People in rapidly advancing Neolithic communities and villages started to develop an interest in trading to obtain resources that were not already in their own area. As people in Neolithic times got even more skilled at their crafts , they wanted more materials and resources to make and improve the strength as well as the beauty of the objects they made. Trade also advanced the knowledge of the people in the old world. Traders traveled hundreds of miles to obtain the items they desired and this led to them being brought into contact with new people and new ideas that they would bring back to their own people. Overall, the discovery and growth of trade allowed people to not only make use of more resources but also to be exposed to and spread new ideas and knowledge.

12 Hematite (Red Ore Used As Makeup)
Flint (Popular Trading Item Used A lot In The Making of Stone Age Tools)

13 THANK YOU for watching my Powerpoint!!

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