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Vocabulary culture custom society values government religion legacy.

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2 Vocabulary culture custom society values government religion legacy

3 Meeting Basic Needs We all have basic needs food water shelter We meet these needs by living and working together. Culture – The way people meet their basic needs – Includes the ways that its people live, think, believe and feel – All people have culture Although we all have the same basic needs cultures meet them in different ways – For example what people eat or wear depends on their customs – Customs are social habits or ways of living in a group

4 Shelter What it is like depends on where you live

5 Society Society is a group of people who are bound together by the same culture

6 Values and Culture How should people act toward one another? What is right and what is wrong? What is the purpose of life? The way people answer such questions often depends on their values Values are beliefs, or ideals, that guide the way people live Values show what people believe is important

7 Government The established form of ruling This is another part of culture

8 Religion Values are part of religion Religion is a belief in God or gods Members of a religion have a common way of worship There are thousands of religions around the world

9 Legacy Each culture is built upon a legacy of the past A legacy is made up of traditions that have developed over many years A legacy is handed down from one generation to the next We will try to answer the following questions as we explore cultures of the past: What are their legacies? What are their achievements? How have they contributed to world history and caused today’s world to be a better place?

10 What is Culture? What gives a society its character? The religion we believe in The values we accept The customs and traditions we follow The knowledge we share The foods we eat The things we make The clothes we wear The governments we organize The tools we use The arts and recreation we develop The language we speak The shelters we live in

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