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Cold War Part l 1945 - 1960.

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1 Cold War Part l

2 Table of contents Definition Facts Two Political Ideologies
NATO / Warsaw Pact Space Race Arms Race

3 Definition Term  Cold War No actual fighting between two countries
Instead: passive war - a war through other means

4 Former Soviet Union (USSR)
Facts Who What Struggle of two controversial political ideologies (communism - capitalism) When 1945 – 1990 (after World War II) VS. USA Former Soviet Union (USSR)

5 The two controversial political ideologies
Capitalism economic system in which wealth is privately owned and controlled rather than by the state People: J.F. Kennedy Communism promotes the establishment of an egalitarian (everybody is equal), classless, society based on common ownership People: Lenin, Stalin

6 The two world powers and their allies

7 Closer look on the divided Europe

8 Effects on Germany After WW II division into In 1961 BRD (NATO) and
DDR (Warsaw Pact) In 1961 The Berlin Wall is built (was soll der link hier?) Reichstag building in Berlin,1945

9 Effects in general USA and USSR display their powers on alternative stages The arms race The space race Nuclear treaties

10 Space Race The Sputnik Shock Use Launched on Size and weight Effect
First man-made satellite (USSR) Use Relatively insignificant Instrument for gathering data Launched on October, 1957 Size and weight Basketball, 184 pounds Effect Started the new age of space Exploration and the US/ USSR Space race

11 USSR Sputnik I Sputnik II


13 Arms (Nuclear) Race USSR began replacing older intermediate-range missiles (Mittelstreckenraketen) with new ones Were able of hitting targets throughout Western Europe Threat of a limited nuclear war in Europe was now a possibility Race for most effective missiles began

14 Literature and movies

15 Sources Das Große Duden Lexikon

16 A presentation by Lilly and Miriam
The End A presentation by Lilly and Miriam

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