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Mi familia.

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1 Mi familia

2 Mi familia You will create a project that tells about your family. 1. Your project will be divided into 4 sections: One section will be a family tree. 2. The other 3 sections will depict one family member per section.

3 Each of the 3 sections will include the following:
Name of person Image/drawing/picture of person His/her age (tener plus number plus años) His/her birthday Description of the person using 2 adjectives that AGREE in GENDER AND NUMBER.

4 Ejemplo: Grandpa Joe Sis bro Mike (yours will be in Spanish).
My mom is called _____________ She has # years. Her birthday is the # of ___. She is ____ and _____.

5 On Microsoft Word: Insert -> Diagram ->Choose the one that looks like a family tree -> Choose format -> Choose Both Hanging. Copy Paste the bubbles to fit.

6 Mi Papá Mi papá se llama Paco. Tiene cuarenta y cinco años. Su cumpleaños es el trienta de noviembre. Mi papá es guapo y cómico. Le gusta leer, pero no le gusta correr.

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