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Geography: The Study of Places AND People

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1 Geography: The Study of Places AND People
Of the terms listed below, are there any you already know? Talk with your neighbor about definitions you’re familiar with! Geography: The Study of Places AND People Terms to tackle: Geography Landforms Climate Environment Region Resources Set up your paper to take Cornell notes!

2 What is culture? Do you have a culture? If so, what does it include? Geography Geography is the study of the earth’s physical and cultural features. These features include mountains, rivers, people, cities, and countries. Geography is broken in two parts; Physical geography and Human geography!

3 Physical Geography: Landforms
Landforms are the natural features of the land’s surface. Some landforms include mountains, valleys, plains, and canyons. See if you and your neighbor can identify 5 examples of landforms from the picture above.

4 Get Ready to Test Your Knowledge of Famous Landforms Around the WORLD!!!
The Grand Canyon Mt. Everest Old Faithful Geyser Hawaiian Islands

5 Physical Geography: Climate
Climate is the pattern of weather conditions in a certain area over a long period of time. Weather, however, is the conditions at a specific time and place. My city has cold winters. I’m talking about its ________. It is below freezing today. I’m talking about the _______. Fill in the blanks!

6 Physical Geography : Environment
An environment includes all living and nonliving things that affect human life in an area. Environment includes climate, land, water, plants, soil, and animals. Talk to you neighbor about how water, climate, and soil affect humans.

7 What are the two main branches
Human Geography Human geographers study humans and their cultures. Human geographers also study how the environment affects people. This is a picture of the Dogon people of Mali. What are the two main branches of geography?

8 Other Questions Human Geographers Might Research…
What kind of work do people do? What religions do people practice? How do people who live in deserts survive? How do they get their food? Why do some diseases spread easily in some environments and not others? With your neighbor, answer one of these questions about your environment.

9 Regions are basically ways geographers organize land or people into different pieces. Regions A region is an area with one or more features that make it different from surrounding areas. Regions can have different climates, physical features, different languages spoken by humans, and even different religions practiced by humans. Can you think of any other Regions, or ways geographers Might organize land/people?

10 Resources Resources are materials found in the earth that people need and value. Some early times essential resources included water, animals, and stones. An area’s resources has a huge affect on whether or not people choose to live in a particular area.

11 Recapitulate! Take some time to recap some of the information we discussed. I’m looking for 6-8 GREAT sentences.

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