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VENIR DE Do you remember how to conjugate TENER?

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1 Using “VENIR DE” to say where you are coming from, “VENIR A” to say where you are coming to

2 VENIR DE Do you remember how to conjugate TENER?
Venir is very similar to Tener. Use “venir de” to say where someone is coming from. Use “venir a” to say where someone is coming to.

3 VENIR: similar to TENER
Yo VENGO Nosotros VENIMOS (note, tener does not go to “I” in nosotros, but VENIR does because it is an –IR verb, technically) Tú VIENES El/ Ella/ Usted VIENE Ellos / Ellas/ Ustedes VIENEN

4 VENIR DE Yo vengo de la cafeteria.
(I come from/I am coming from the cafeteria.) 2. ¿Tú vienes de Puerto Rico, no? (You come from Puerto Rico, right?) 3. Venimos de la escuela. (We are coming from school.) 4. ¿ Vienes tú a la fiesta? Are you coming to the party?

5 Try these! They come to my house after school.
________________________________ 2. Are you coming to my party? 3. We are coming with you to school.

6 Try these! Lalo and Patricio come from math class.
___________________________________ 2. Kike comes from school. _________________________________ 3. Patricia and Maribel are coming to the party! 4. Carlota comes to class every day.

7 Saying what just happened

8 ACABAR DE Looking at ACABAR DE, we see it ends with _______ which means it is an - ____ verb. Conjugations? O AMOS AS A AN

9 ACABAR DE When you want to say something just happened, use the present tense of ACABAR + DE + INFINITIVE If we conjugate ACABAR, will we conjugate the verb that comes after it?

10 ACABAR DE Yo ACABO de I have just / I just NOSOTROS ACABAMOS de
We have just / we just Tú ACABAS de You have just/ You just x El, Ella, Usted ACABA de He/ she/ you(f) (have)just Ellos, ellas, ustedes ACABAN de They have just / they just

11 ACABAR DE Acabamos de ir de compras. (We have just gone shopping)
2. Tú acabas de comer. (You just ate) 3. Pepe acaba de comprar zapatos nuevos. 4. Julia y Liliana acaban de estudiar.

12 Try These! I have just eaten. ________________________________
2. You have just played the guitar. We have just helped our parents.

13 Try These! Valentina just sang. _______________________________
2. We just practiced sports. 3. The boys just did their homework. 4. Julia just went shopping.

14 Combination Platter: Ex: Juan y yo venimos del cine. Acabamos de ver una pelicula. (Juan and I come from the movies. We just saw a movie.) Malena and Santiago are coming from the cafeteria. They just ate lunch. __________________________________________________________

15 Combination Platter: Venir de y Acabar de
2. Blanca and Cristina come from the gym. They have just practiced sports. ______________________________________________________________ 3. Selena comes from Cuba. She has just learned English.

16 Selena has just learned Spanish.
_______________________________ 2. Kike has just danced in the auditorium. _________________________________ 3. The class and I have just sung. 4. The students have just studied. _________________________________

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