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Regional youth issues and strategies Presenter Tara Moreman.

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1 Regional youth issues and strategies Presenter Tara Moreman

2 Welcome & acknowledgments  I would like to Acknowledge the traditional owners on the land in which we stand WIRADJURI people I would also like to acknowledge both elders past and present

3 My back ground YYouth crisis accommodation service NNeighborhood Centre- support worker & youth worker RRole working with young people who have disengaged or at risk of disengaging with young people (Youth Connections) CChurch youth groups CChild Protection

4 Topics  What the issues are?  What are the impacts?  What you can do for them?

5 What the issues are MMental health issues SSexual abuse HHome life LLack of services, support, opportunities & activities.

6 Mental health issues & Illnesses AAccording to headspace the National youth mental health foundation Mental illness can occur at any age, but anxiety disorders and depression are quite common problems for young people. Mental illness can affect your thoughts, feelings, actions and memory. A mental illness is usually longer-lasting than mental health problems, and causes more distress and disruption to life. There are a number of mental illnesses, which include: DDepression AAnxiety EEating disorders BBipolar disorder PPsychosis SSelf harm EExcessive alcohol and other drug use

7 Sexual abuse According to Child Wise CChild sexual abuse is when a child or young person is used by an older or bigger child, adolescent or adult for his or her own sexual stimulation or gratification. CChild sexual abuse is one of the most under reported of all crimes. It is now commonly accepted that 1in 3 females and 1 in 8 males have experienced childhood sexual abuse.

8 Home Life RRelationship break downs PParents with mental health issues PParents with alcohol or other drug issues NNeglect DDV

9 Power& Control wheel Source: Dr Lenore Walker, 1979, USA.

10 Lack of services, support & opportunities LLack of services for the specific needs of young people DDue to the isolated nature of regional communities and towns, young people can feel unsupported, alone and don’t know who they can turn too. LLack of opportunities to explore interests and find employment

11 Impact of issues on young people AAlcohol & other drug issues DDisengaging from education DDisconnecting family & friends SSuicide MMental health issues CContinuation of cycles of abuse BBecome bullied or become the bullies UUnhealthy sexual relationships TTeen pregnancy

12 What you all can do for them PPray LListen BBe non judgmental  Don’t pretend to be something that you not KKnow the services in your area GGet educated & skilled up BBuild relationships with welfare team at your school & become involved where possible KKnow the in school supports RReport & refer IIf you say you are going to do something do it! BBe an asset to the young people & whole school community

13 What scripture teachers can do… TTeach Christ's love- guide the young people to understand how much they are loved TTeach the message of hope AAddress topical issues such as why is their pain/suffering, what God has created sex for etc. BBe clear BBe patient BBe planned BBe prepared

14 What chaplains can do… BBe available KKnow your boundaries & limits  Be in consultation with the school & students to know what their specific needs are BBe creative in your role/opportunity BBe open to facilitating/ being involved with programs, groups and activities LLook for opportunity for partnerships with other support within the school & external services AAttend interagency meetings so you are aware of both services and the current needs of youth.

15 Ideas of programs to run CCore of life LLove bites DDrum beat YYoung women’s group YYoung men's group RRock & Water

16 Phone numbers to know  Child Protection Helpline: 132 111 (TTY 1800 212 936) to report child abuse and neglect 24 hrs.  Youth Lifeline: 131 114  Beyond blue info line: 1300 22 4636  Domestic Violence Line :1800 65 64 63

17 Helpful websites     

18 Questions?

19 Thank you for your time

20 References  Child Wise  Education Centre against violence  NSW Police

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