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Managing People & Organizations Fall 2009 Closing Thoughts.

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1 Managing People & Organizations Fall 2009 Closing Thoughts

2 Managing People & Organizations “I learned that the topics we have discussed throughout this class are 100% applicable to business situations. They are not merely theories that are discussed and come into play every once in a while. Rather the ideas from this course are important in every step of our lives, whether at work or in our personal life. I learned the importance of taking these ideas seriously and how doing so has a direct correlation to success”

3 Managing People & Organizations Accomplishments in Seven Weeks  We will have observed six successful executives who reinforced the importance of managerial skills  We spent a day at Outward Bound focusing on teamwork  We completed four exercises, which reinforced lessons about understanding individual differences, teamwork, communications and structure  We shared ownership of learning in the classroom through student led discussions  Brief lectures reinforced the topics we covered  We will have read 95 articles that provided context for our discussions  You have each written a core values essay to define your own guiding principles

4 Managing People & Organizations Ethics - Miles Arnone  “Knowledge yields both power and responsibility and that absence of knowledge is not an excuse for making a poor ethical decision"  “Managers have a social responsibility to conduct their business with partners who adhere to similar ethical values and standards"  “He conveyed how he embodies his own personal core values, and makes them a large part of how he does his daily job”

5 Managing People & Organizations Core Values - Ralph Folz (Core Values Essay)  "You are your core values, and your core values are you." Ralph Folz  “If Ralph Folz taught me anything today, it is that an organization can be run, and run well, in accordance with a set of core values that are not just a slogan. They are built into the culture of the firm, and are considered with every decision that is made.”  “Core values are a company's cultural foundation that reflect upon every action taken by the company”

6 Managing People & Organizations Organizational Culture  “Values are the foundation of a company and need to be written, talked about, and clear. I know now not to judge a company or a person by the first interview or meeting.”  “Organizational culture is the way people in an organization work together to collectively solve problems. Core values are the foundation for organizational culture and a good organizational culture is the foundation for the success of a company. ”

7 Managing People & Organizations Understanding Individual Differences (Problem Solving Exercise, Myers-Briggs)  Working in homogenous groups reduces process loss but results in narrow solutions  Personality data provides insights about others  Cognitive differences represent only one dimension of individual differences

8 Managing People & Organizations Teamwork (Wilderness Exercise, Outward Bound)  Assign clear roles and responsibilities, establish group norms  Establish clearly defined deliverables and due dates  Leverage core competencies of the team  Communicate openly and honestly  Companies are looking for team players

9 Managing People & Organizations Communication (Active Listening, Behind the Screen Exercise)  “If employees or other target audience members don't hear and act upon the message, then it was never really communicated in the first place”  “We have to learn how to persuade people, be brief in our communications, and develop the skill of telling stories to touch people's emotions and connect to them”  “Communication is getting people to do things”

10 Managing People & Organizations Organizational Structure (Paper Tower)  Align structure with strategy  Evaluate structure routinely and whenever material events occur  Establish culture and align reward system with organizational structure to eliminate silos

11 Managing People & Organizations Social Networks – Cindy Brown  “Although it is good to meet people, it is more important to make those connections meaningful. Given that time is a precious resource, it is beneficial to examine your contacts to see which are important and which clog up your network.”  “Networking is something you have to work at, it can take a great deal of time and it can be more important than statistics and accounting combined.”

12 Managing People & Organizations Motivation – Tony DaDante  “There is no one magic recipe. We have to work hard to find the best motivational technique on a case by case basis.”  “Motivation is probably the most difficult skill for a manager to master. It is through practice that a manager becomes good at motivating and inspiring people”  “Everyone has the same doubts about themselves as managers and my own doubts are normal. Becoming a good manager is a learning process that takes time and dedication but it can be achieved”

13 Managing People & Organizations Management  “I think that the ability to see yourself, to know your limitations, and to know when you have made a mistake is priceless”  “ We all have the ability to do great things, we just need to be able to see this in others, and help them bring that out in themselves”

14 Managing People & Organizations Leadership – Steve Ainsley  “Your leadership style will change depending on the situation and people involved. Sometimes you have to be coercive, and other times it makes sense to be more democratic.”  ”An effective and powerful leader is one who gets the support of his followers because they want to follow not because they have to.”

15 Managing People & Organizations "Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary." Steve Jobs

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