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Young People and Their World

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1 Young People and Their World
„You can only be young once. But you can always be immature“. Dave Barry

2 Youth adolescent teenager kid young person
Youth is the time of life between childhood and adulthood (maturity) it is said that youth is the best time in one´s life = everyone is as young as he/she feels (your real age dont´t have to correspod to how you feel)

3 Teenagers vs. Young people
Adolescence describes the teenage years between 13 and 19. It is the time of life between childhood and adulthood (maturity). Op. immaturity adolescent = a young person between 13-19 Young People - a group of people between 20-30

4 Teenagers undergo psysical changes moody personality is formed
tetchy / touchy Easily influenced absent minded Try to do experiment s lazy Face alcohol, drug, impulsive cigarette addictions sociable

5 Young people Mature Adult Have set up their own families
Responsible for their deeds Inexperienced (at work)

6 Answer the questions What are the advantages - opportunities/ disadvantages of being young? What advantages do you see in being an adult? Explain. Give examples of your duties Characterise typical teenagers and compare them with young people in the past if you can. - What do the elderly say about the young? What do the young think about the elderly? - What are the biggest dangers facing today’s youth? b) The place of the young in the society (rights and duties, study opportunities, jobs, young families)

7 Talk about some possible problems of teenagers

8 Talk about possible problems young people have to overcome

9 What are the young like? critical to their parents and other adults
rebel against everything on the one hand – sometimes moody, stubborn, cynical, cheek on the other hand – sensitive, enthusiastic, full of energy if they are concerned they are not mature yet, it´s the period of big changes – mental and physical try to find their place in society are trying something new and challenging search for their idols and role models and try to immitate them How do young people spend their spare time? Interests, hobbies.

10 Problems that young people face
In families (a generation gap) – they have conflicts with their parents,/ an older generation, have different opinions on life, duties, rights etc. At school - conflicts with their teachers if they behave rudely, play truant, are lazy, disobedient, dont´t learn enough - conflicts with their schoolmates – can be bullied / or bully others Face dangers of different addictions because they are easily influenced by their peers – don´t want to differ from the crowd - Mainly girls can be influenced by mass media in how they should look – good look is the most important for them, all of them want to be slim, they suffer from anorexia or bulimia which can endanger their lives At present – obesity has become a great problem of the young, they eat too much junk food and miss any movement – the generation of coach potatoes

11 Children say about parents
don´t give us enough freedom, interfere too much are always criticising young people, don´t understand us are too stict say that we are lazy, easy-going, unwilling to work underestimate us don´t give us enough pocket money Would be satisfied if we spend all our leisure time on studying or helping them Explain materialistic approach to life? What is the most important in life in your opinion?

12 Parents say about children
don´t respect the older generation think they don´t need any advice are rude, impolite, badly behaved, use bad words don´t want to help at home, are interested just in music, fashion, their friends don´t study a lot, don´t think of their future spend too much time with their friends their music is deafening = too loud, their clothes and hairstyle awful Compare the generation of your parents/ grandparents with yours - lifestyle, opportunities, attention of parents, starting families, employment

13 Talk about your future Your expectations Your visions Your desires
Your worries Is there anything you are looking forward to? Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

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