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What are we learning today?

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1 What are we learning today?
How Hitler convinced the German people to hate the Jews What is propaganda and how Hitler used this Some more key words in history

2 How did Hitler convince the German people to hate the Jews?

3 How can one man influence so many people?
Over 60 million people Talk about all the ways that a person could get their opinion across to lots of people?

4 Hitler used propaganda to convince people to hate the Jews
Propaganda is when information is used to convince someone to support them Rallies Public Speaking Books Films Posters What does propaganda mean? Give four ways that Hitler used propaganda to influence the German people.

5 The Master Race Hitler said that the German people were a Master Race.
This meant that Hitler was saying they were a group of people better than everyone else in the world. ‘We are the greatest race, a master race. It is our destiny to rule over the world and punish the inferior race of the Jewish people.’

6 Who were the Master Race?
Hitler wanted his Master Race to be made of people who had blue eyes and blonde hair. This was the total opposite to the majority of Jewish people, who had dark hair and eyes. We call the people with blonde hair and blue eyes the Aryan Race.

7 Task 1. What was the ‘Master Race’?
2. What did an Aryan person look like? 3. Draw a picture of an Aryan person.

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