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SUPPORTING PEOPLE Briefing 2006. What is Supporting People Supporting people is a government initiative aimed at enabling people with housing related.

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2 What is Supporting People Supporting people is a government initiative aimed at enabling people with housing related support needs to live independently in the community. It is targeted at vulnerable people and funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), formerly the ODPM.

3 The Vision for Merton Supporting People “ To enable vulnerable people to maximise their independence, building safe and fulfilling lives in the community through support to their housing circumstances that meets their needs ”

4 The Budget For 2006/2007 DCLG have announced that Merton will receive £3,287,911  Reduction of 1.76% = £57,856  Efficiency savings means no service reductions For 2007/2008 the budget estimate is £3,123,515  Means 5% reduction = £164,396  Redistribution formula  May have to decommission services




8 Merton as an Administering Authority for Supporting People The Supporting People Team is responsible for: Delivery, management and administration of the programme Management of individual contracts Monitoring and reporting on grant expenditure Development of local performance indicators with key partners Management and support of the provider base

9 Merton as an Administering Authority for Supporting People (continued) Communication and consultation strategy for the programme Pursuit of cross authority and cross agency procurement and service delivery Completion of the service review process, reporting on outcomes and carrying out validation visits

10 Improve our partnership working with service providers, stakeholders, support agencies and service users Improve needs analysis with a special emphasis on people excluded from services and services to the BME community Work with other boroughs to develop accessible services for people across borough boundaries Improve communications with an emphasis towards service-users and access to services The Seven Key Objectives in the Supporting People Strategy

11 Increase resources towards generic floating support services and get the balance right between accommodation-based services and floating support Set high standards for quality and value for money in the service review programme and performance monitoring Use the budget creatively, linking with other funding streams for multi-dimensional needs and ensure the overall programme is cohesively linked into other corporate plans and wider partnerships The Seven Key Objectives in the Supporting People Strategy (continued)

12 Progress and Achievements 2005/06 New sheltered housing scheme for ethnic elders YMCA – a remodelling success story Merton Young Single Homeless Forum (MYSHF) nomination panel First direct payment – a learning disability client

13 Progress and Achievements 2005/06 (continued) Move-on accommodation for mental health clients Additional floating support for clients  Drug and alcohol problems  New Merton tenants  Physical and sensory disabilities Jigsaw4U obtaining ALG development bid funding Reach out visits

14 Looking ahead : Challenges for 2006 - 2007 Improve communications Engage with service users National Supporting People Strategy Redistribution formula Value for Money Engaging with voluntary sector Explore joint funding initiatives Successful inspection Visit every accommodation-based service

15 Our Priorities Increase Floating Support Develop a high level support scheme for young people at risk - Mitcham Park Develop an extra care scheme for frail elderly at Wykeham Lodge Support for people with substance misuse Increase number of move on accommodation units

16 Supporting People Inspection A Team of Audit Commission Inspectors will be visiting Merton on 21 st August 2006 for one week. The timetable will be agreed in advance and the Team will undertake a range of activities: interviews, focus groups, and reality checks including visits to provider services, mystery shopping and file checks.

17 What is the focus of the inspection? The Audit Commission will assess Merton’s SP programme against two key questions: How good is the service? What are the prospects for improvement? The AC will then score each question on a scale from 3 star excellent through to no star poor

18 How good is the service? Governance Delivery Arrangements Service Reviews Value for Money Service User Involvement Access to Service Information Diversity Outcomes for Service Users

19 Will the service improve? What is the service’s track record for delivering improvement? How well does the service manage performance? Does the service have the capacity to improve?

20 What will happen during the inspection? Inspectors will be in Merton conducting fieldwork during the week commencing 21 st August 2006 They will be looking for evidence to see how well we are performing, functioning as a partnership and what our future prospects for improving are They will interview senior staff, frontline staff and other people from the partnership They will conduct reality checks with service providers and mystery shopper exercises

21 Who will be involved? Merton Council Partners in the SP programme: Primary Care Trust Probation Service Service Providers Service Users Users and Carer groups and voluntary groups

22 What needs to be done? There are important submissions and work that has to be done in the months before the inspection: We have to complete a pre-inspection self assessment We have to put together a library of documents and “evidence” to demonstrate our commitment to service delivery and continuous improvement Also we have to be prepared, ready and informed in time for the on site inspection visit in August

23 What should I be doing about the inspection? Don’t Panic! Be aware of Supporting People and know why it is important to your department Keep informed and learn more by reading this and other inspection briefings Know that the Inspection will involve you, directly or indirectly

24 What should I be doing about the inspection? (2) Remember the inspection is for our benefit. It will help us to see how and where we need to improve our programme The principle behind the inspection is to enable us to improve outcomes for service users Please cooperate with the inspection preparation process and the eventual inspection

25 Contact Details Supporting People Team: Eileen Nutting, SP Manager 020 8545 Nick Robinson, SP Monitoring and Review Officer (interim) 020 8545 Michael Dockery, SP Programme and Development Officer 020 8545 Clair McQueenie, SP Finance and I.T Officer 020 8545

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