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Discovering Ways Animals Help People

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1 Discovering Ways Animals Help People

2 Ways Animals Provide Food for People
Meat Animal Animal raised especially for its meat

3 Dairy Cattle cattle especially grown to produce milk

4 Eggs Wild Animals Primarily from chickens
Ducks and guineas are other animals that produce eggs Wild Animals Animals that live in the wild; livestock not included Wildlife that is hunted for food or other uses is known as game

5 Ways Animals Provide Clothing for People
By-Product A product made from the parts of the animal that are not used for food The use of synthetic fibers has increased causing the demand for animal fibers to decrease

6 Mink Commonly used for fur
Semi-aquatic mammal with partially webbed feet Member of weasel family

7 Ways Animals Help People
Companionship & Pleasure Provide benefits that help people enjoy life Some animals used for sporting events Horseback riding is a major source of recreation and pleasure

8 Service Animals Assist people in work and living
Use in many ways and may be given special training

9 Stabilize Farm Economy
Conservation Livestock help conserve soil & soil fertility Crops are fed to livestock & approximately 80% of nutrients are excreted in manure-which can then be put back on soils to decrease loss of soil fertility Stabilize Farm Economy Raising livestock helps to make use of resources that are already available Can help to increase farming income Helps to spread risks involved in farming over areas of more enterprise

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