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Topic 6 - The Investors in People award

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1 Topic 6 - The Investors in People award
Textbook pages 84–89

2 Learning outcomes By the end of the topic learners will know:
How the award is managed in the UK Eligibility How organisations achieve the award Potential benefits of the award.

3 The Investors in People Award
Investors in People is the National Standard, setting out a level of good practise for training and development of people to achieve the goals of the organisation they work for.

4 Investors in People Developed in 1990
Partnership between the National Training Task Force, Leading National Businesses, Confederation of Business Industry (CBI), Trades Union Congress (TUC) and Institute of Personnel and Development (IPD) and the Employment Department

5 The Standard … provides “a national framework for improving business performance and competitiveness, through a planned approach to setting and communicating business objectives and developing people to meet these objectives”

6 Key Principles The Four Key Principles of the IIP Standard:
Commitment – invest in people to achieve business goals, i.e. give them more training Planning – show how the training will be done Action – show how any action will move the organisation towards its goals Evaluation – checking that what was planned has been achieved

7 Indicators and Evidence
Principles Indicators Evidence Commitment An Investor in People is fully committed to developing its people in order to meet its aims and objectives The organisation is committed to supporting the development of its people Management can describe strategies that they have put in place to support the development of people in order to improve the organisations performance Planning An Investor in People is clear about its aims and its objectives, and what its people need to do to achieve them The organisation has a plan, with clear aims and objectives that are understood by everyone People can consistently explain the aims and objectives of the organisation at a level appropriate to their role and are consulted about the aims and objectives Action An Investor in People develops its people in order to improve its performance Managers are effective in support the development of people The organisation makes sure that managers have the knowledge and skills they need to develop their people Evaluation An Investor in People understands the impact of its investment in people on its performance The development of people improves the performance of the organisation, teams and individuals The organisation can show that the development of people has improved the performance of the organisation, teams and individuals

8 Who is Eligible? Any organisation with more than 5 people on the Staff can apply

9 How to Achieve the Award
Whoever is leading the project must: Understand the Standard and its strategic implications for the organisation Undertake a review against the Standard, to identify any gaps in current practise Make the commitment to meet the Standard and communicate that commitment to all the staff Plan and take action, to bring about change Bring together to evidence for assessment against the Standard Application form fro their local Quality Centre Provide specific organisational data Assessor Visits

10 The practical benefits of working towards and achieving the Standard
Improved Earnings, Productivity and Profitability Skilled and motivated people work harder and better, improving productivity. Customer Satisfaction Investors in People is central to helping employees become customer focused, enabling organisations to effectively meet customer needs. Improved Motivation Motivation is improved through employees’ greater involvement, personal development and recognition of their achievements. This leads to higher morale, improved retention rates, reduced absenteeism, readier acceptance of change, and identification with the organisation’s goals beyond the confines of the job. Reduced Costs and Wastage Skilled and motivated people constantly examine their work to contribute towards reducing costs and wastage. Enhanced Quality Investing in people significantly improves the results of quality programmes. Investors in People adds considerable value to The Excellence Model, ISO 9000, BS 5750 and other total quality initiatives. Competitive Advantage Through Improved Performance Investor in People organisations develop a competitive edge. Public Recognition Investor in People status brings public recognition for real achievements measured against a rigorous National Standard. Being an Investor in People helps to attract the best quality job applicants. It may also provide a reason for customers to choose specific goods and services.

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