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Characteristics and Contributions

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1 Characteristics and Contributions
Enterprising People Characteristics and Contributions

2 Enterprising People What is an enterprising person?
Enterprising People – are people who demonstrate many of the characteristics of entrepreneurs. They can make things happen. They may pursue their visions as intrapreneurs, or they may try to accomplish their goals in their spare time. Many enterprising people are agents of social change. They respond to needs and wants in order to improve the lives of others or to contribute to the community.

3 Intrapreneurship What is intrapreneurship?
Intrapreneurs – people who are entrepreneurial or enterprising within a corporation or organization.

4 Examples of Enterprising People
Terry Fox – Run for Cancer June Callwood – Home for Abused Women Herb Carnegie – Future Aces Rick Hansen – World Motion Tour for Handicapped Arthur Fry – 3M post-it Lee Iacocca – Chrysler mini van Sarah McLachlan – Lilith Fair Tour Peter Dalglish – Street Kids International

5 Examples of Enterprising People
Terry Fox Terry Fox set out to raise money for cancer research by running across Canada. He single handedly raised close to $24 million with his Marathon of Hope. What characteristics did Terry exhibit?

6 Examples of Enterprising People
June Callwood June Callwood was a Canadian journalist, author, and social activist. She has founded many youth hostels and women’s shelter’s in Toronto and the GTA. What characteristics did June exhibit?

7 Examples of Enterprising People
Arthur Fry Arthur Fry was a US scientist and inventor. While working at 3M he created the post-it-note in 1974 and it was released to the general market in They are now sold in over 100 countries. What characteristics did Arthur exhibit?

8 Examples of Enterprising People
Rick Hansen Rick Hansen was born on August 26, At age 15 he was in a fatal car crash and suffered a spinal cord injury. He began the Man in Motion tour on March 21, The purpose of the tour was to raise funds for spinal cord research. He logged over 40,000km through 34 countries (4 continents) and raised $26 million dollars.

9 Characteristics of Enterprising People
Strong-Willed Status-Conscious Ambitious Competitive Sociable Talkative Witty Argumentative Adventurous

10 Your Enterprising Skills
On your hand out make a list of your own enterprising skills Be sure to list at least 5 skills, think of school, sports teams, extra-curricular hobbies, part-time jobs, etc.

11 What Motivates Enterprising People
Money Some wish to work in large corporations with lots of chances for advancement Security Some choose to work in a sector where there is little chance for job loss if you perform well Meaningful Work Some really want to help others, or make a difference Learning New Skills Some wish to better themselves within an organization

12 Ways a Corporation can Encourage Employees to be Enterprising People
Profit sharing e.g., Chez Piggy’s restaurant – Kingston, E.D. Smith Team concept Suggestion box e.g., High Schools, General Motors, Honda e.g., 3M – creative groups for new ideas Stock purchase plan e.g., Canadian Tire Pay for courses employees take to upgrade skills Encourage Professional Development Innovative and fun work environment

13 Provide support for enterprising people
Evaluate ideas Reward efforts and results Provide freedom from constraints (flex hours) Encourage passion and commitment Share power Reward commitment and innovation Build teams and collaborative problem solving Lead by example Celebrate achievement Recognize efforts Establish a system to accept ideas and invest in idea generation

14 Personal Benefits of Being an Enterprising Person
Wide choice of careers and jobs Enthusiasm Energy Ability to accomplish tasks Ability to work for a company or open their own business Leading groups, committees, or organizations Supervising others

15 Ways To Be Enterprising
On your hand out make a list of ways that you have been enterprising, and ways that you can be enterprising Think about school, jobs, community, friends, etc.

16 Ways in which you can be Enterprising
Get involved in your school clubs - teams -student council -yearbook school newspaper - spirit days -helping others start a club -start a band - fund raising Get involved in your community volunteer - contribute - help a senior listen for problems there may be an opportunity look for ways to do things better create your own summer job talk to local entrepreneurs

17 Independent Work Read pages in your text Answer questions 2-7

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