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CLASS OF 2021. 7th Grade Course Requirements: -Language Arts -PE (1 semester) (RELA) or Athletics (all year) -Math -Health (1 semester) -Texas History.

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1 CLASS OF 2021

2 7th Grade Course Requirements: -Language Arts -PE (1 semester) (RELA) or Athletics (all year) -Math -Health (1 semester) -Texas History -Science

3 STUDENT REGISTRATION CARD SENT HOME WITH STUDENTS ON JANUARY 27 TH 7 th Graders have 4 semester electives Number the choices 1-7 Need to return to your child’s World Cultures Teacher by Friday February 3 rd, 2015

4 COURSE PLACEMENT You and your child will discuss which Pre-AP courses they should request for 7 th Grade. If your child did not take 6 th Grade PreAP Math, they can not take 7 th Grade PreAP Math.

5 PRE-AP MATH If your child is not in 6 th Grade Pre-AP Math, they can not select Pre-AP 7 th Grade Math next year without first taking a placement exam. Placement exams are offered by the District (scheduled in May 2013) during the Spring and Summer. If you wish for your child to take this placement test, please contact me and I will put their name on the list.

6 The Middle School Planning Guide provides you with information about Humble ISD’s policies and procedures, and describes the different courses offered at the Middle School level. You can access the Planning Guide by typing “Middle School Planning Guide” in the search bar on the Humble ISD homepage. Note: All courses are not offered at all middle school campuses. Middle School Planning Guide

7 Math and Reading Strategies Depending on your child’s Math and Reading STAAR scores, your child may be enrolled in an additional Math and/or Reading Strategies course next year. These courses are designed to provide remediation and preparation for STAAR in 7 th and 8 th Grade. Placement in these courses will not be optional and will take the place of one or more electives.

8 7TH GRADE ONE SEMESTER ELECTIVES Note that some electives require a fee! Intro. Spanish Foods for Today ($20) Theater Arts I Speech and Debate Intro. to Journalism (Yearbook/Newspaper/ Broadcast )

9 …MORE ONE SEMESTER ELECTIVES Beg. Art 7/8 ($15) Intermediate Art ($15) Arts and Crafts ($15) Applied Art ($15) Intro. to Keyboarding Intro. to Engineering & Technology ($20)

10 ALL YEAR ELECTIVES When your child chooses an all year elective, they are making an all year commitment. We are unable to make schedule changes after school starts and at the semester due to elective availability and class sizes. All schedule changes have to be approved through the principal’s office.

11 2 SEMESTER (ALL YEAR) ELECTIVES Band Orchestra Choir AVID* *Students must complete an application / interview process! Athletics

12 AVID: ADVANCEMENT VIA INDIVIDUAL DETERMINATION What AVID is…. AVID is an in-school academic support program that prepares students for college eligibility and success. AVID places academically average students in advanced classes. AVID is for all students, but it targets those in the academic middle. AVID is a long term commitment and a requires a signed contract. What AVID isn’t…. AVID isn’t a remedial program. *** Application and Interview Required***

13 WHEN SELECTING A COURSE, MAKE SURE THE PREREQUISITE HAS BEEN MET CoursePrerequisite Concert Band Beginning Band Intermediate Orchestra Beginning Orch. Intermediate ArtBeginning Art Applied Art IBeginning Art Applied Art IIApplied Art I Arts and CraftsBeginning Art

14 LOOKING AHEAD…….. Look at the courses in 8 th grade and see if there is a prerequisite that your child will have to take in 7 th grade!

15 CLASSES IN 8 TH GRADE THAT REQUIRE A PREREQUISITE Intermediate Art (7 th ) to take Advanced Art (8 th ) Journalism I - Introduction to Newspaper, Broadcasting and Yearbook (7 th ) is a prerequisite for the following: Journalism II Newspaper (8 th ), Journalism II Yearbook (8 th ), Journalism II Broadcasting (8 th ) Intro to Spanish (7 th ) to take Spanish I (8 th ) Beginning Art (6 th or 7 th ) to take Arts and Crafts; Intermediate Art, and Applied Art I (7 th or 8 th ) **Aide positions in 8 th grade require good conduct!**

16 ELECTIVES TO RECEIVE HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT ( TAKEN IN 8 TH GRADE ) Business Information Management Prerequisite: Intro to Keyboarding Principles of Hospitality and Tourism Prerequisite: Recommended, Foods for Today Principles of Manufacturing Prerequisite: Intro to Engineering & Technology Touch System Data Entry Prerequisite: None Spanish I Prerequisite: Intro to Spanish

17 You can take Spanish I in 8 th grade for high school credit if you take and pass Introduction to Spanish (1 semester course) in 7th grade. Fluent Spanish Speakers can take a test to opt out of Intro to Spanish. Email your counselor to request that option!!

18 SPANISH IMMERSION Spanish Immersion Students who are currently in Spanish I will take Spanish II at CMS. Spanish Immersion Students who are in a YEAR long elective such as Band, Orchestra or Choir and also want to take Athletics all year may postpone health until 8 th Grade.

19 ATHLETICS Girls Athletics Volleyball - 1 st Semester Basketball – end of 1 st and beginning of 2 nd semester Track - 2 nd Semester Cross Country – all year Boys Athletics Football - 1 st Semester Basketball - end of 1 st and beginning of 2 nd semester Track - 2 nd Semester Cross Country – all year

20 MORE ON ATHLETICS... Athletics for 7 th graders is 1st period. Practices will be before school and during 1 st period if they are on a team. Tryouts are required for volleyball and basketball. If they do not make the sport they are trying out for, they will not be able to get out of Athletics, they will be in the off season program which requires a lot of conditioning and requires running every day. If your child signs up for Athletics, a physical form is due before Colt Round Up. Those without a physical will be moved into a P.E. class.

21 MORE ON ATHLETICS... Do not get a physical until the HISD forms are handed out in April (one a year). There will be a physical night sometime in April (coaches will give out more information as the time approaches). Athletics is a year long commitment. After (or before) their sport of interest, Athletes will remain in the program for conditioning purposes.

22 OFF CAMPUS P.E. OFF CAMPUS P.E. applications are due before June 8 th, 2015 to allow scheduling options for an additional elective. Applications received after the first 2 weeks in a semester will only be considered for the following semester. To qualify your child must participate in 5 or more hours of training under a coach’s supervision at an approved commercial establishment during a regular Monday through Friday workout schedule. Students may not be dismissed from any part of the regular school day (TEC 28.002). Applications are reviewed and approved by the Athletic Director, Troy Kite. Forms are available from the District Athletics website.

23 SCHEDULE CHANGES…….. Due to the high number of students in Middle School we are unable to take teacher requests. Schedule changes will not be made solely to change the period the class is held or to change teachers. A class may be added or dissolved after school starts due to class size requirements. You should expect second semester schedules to change due to elective changes!

24 WHY DO SCHEDULES CHANGE AT SEMESTER? A schedule may change in order to give a student an elective choice they wanted. The change may be necessary to balance class sizes.

25 WHAT MIGHT MY SCHEDULE LOOK LIKE? ATHLETICS ALL YEAR Period1st Semester2nd Semester 1AthleticsAthletics(1) 2ScienceScience 3RELARELA 4MathMath 5Intro to Spanish(2)Health 6Orchestra(3)Orchestra(4) 7Texas HistoryTexas History

26 WHAT MIGHT MY SCHEDULE LOOK LIKE ? Period1st Semester2nd Semester 1MathMath 2 Beginning Art (1) Science 3RELARELA 4P.E.Health 5Science Intro Spanish (2) 6 Band (3)Band (4) 7Texas HistoryTexas History P.E. no Athletics

27 VERIFICATION SHEETS Verification Sheets will be sent home in February and again with the end of year report card. The verification sheet is NOT A SCHEDULE. The verification sheet is just VERIFYING what courses your child is requesting. If the elective on the Verification Sheet is not available, I will go to the next choice on your yellow card. You may not get an elective due to a conflict with another class or the class may be full. 8 th graders fill electives first. If you log into home access during the summer and see a schedule, this is inaccurate. Schedules are not finalized until school starts in August.

28 BRIDGES Online program – allowing access from home Career exploration High School Course Planning College planning & applications SAT/ACT prep (testGEAR) 6 th Grade Students will be setting up a BRIDGES profile in March.

29 January 27 th Student Orientation January 27 th Elective cards sent home February 3 rd Elective cards due to History teacher February 23 rd Meet with Counselors in Library – Receive Verification Sheets –Return to Counselors if there are any changes June 8 th Deadline to make changes Important Dates

30 NEW REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL STUDENTS GOING INTO 7 TH GRADE The State of Texas has adopted new immunization requirements for all 6th graders going into 7th grade. They are: Meningococcal Vaccine (MCV4 not MPSV4) Varicella Vaccine - 2 doses (unless had disease) Tdap Vaccine (within the last 5 years) It will be mandatory for the student to receive them before they start school. Therefore, please turn proof of immunizations to nurse as soon as possible. Registration Packets will not be given if immunizations are not current Thank you for your support. Sincerely, Debra L. Pack, R. N. B. S. N.

31 Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have about 7 th grade Nicole Camp 7 th Grade Counselor 281-641-4426 Questions?

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