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Reaching All Kids: Opportunities & Strategies for Collaboration between Title V, Medicaid and CHIP Programs Iowa’s Title V – Medicaid/CHIP Partnership.

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2 Reaching All Kids: Opportunities & Strategies for Collaboration between Title V, Medicaid and CHIP Programs Iowa’s Title V – Medicaid/CHIP Partnership

3 Iowa EPSDT Key Contacts  Jane Borst, Iowa Title V Director –Iowa Department of Public Health –Chief, Bureau of Family Health –E-mail: –Phone: 515 281-3826  Sally Nadolsky, Medicaid Policy Specialist –Iowa Medicaid Enterprise –Maternal Health Centers and Screening Centers –E-mail: –Phone: 515 725-1142

4 Objectives  Describe the foundation for the relationship between Iowa’s Title V MCH program and Medicaid  Describe the scope of the relationships between Iowa’s Title V MCH program and Medicaid & CHIP  Describe plans for the future for Iowa’s Title V MCH program as it relates to Medicaid services

5 Iowa’s Title V – Medicaid/CHIP Partnerships  Agreements are established between Iowa Medicaid and the Iowa Department of Public Health to: –Assure cooperation between state agencies –Facilitate outreach through toll free number (Healthy Families Line) & Grassroots (hawk-i) Outreach network –Administer community-based Informing, Care Coordination, & Oral Health and Enhanced Prenatal Services through local Title V agencies –Assure/Provide Preventive Direct Health Care Services –Monitor quality – Medicaid Birth Certificate match

6 Community Agencies Coordinated Community-based Systems of Care Community Development Family Centered Services

7 Child Health Service Areas

8 Iowa’s Title V – hawk-i (CHIP) Partnership Grassroots Outreach Builds on Covering Kids & Families Statewide Coalition Based on local Title V agency Community Needs Assessments Outreach Coordinators Local agencies develop community-based outreach Action Plans –Plan strategies must include: school-based, health care professionals, faith based, & others (i.e., business, child care) –hawk-i Administrator approves plans –Quarterly meetings to coordinate community-statewide strategies Low Cost/Highly Effective Outreach Title V administered paid by CHIP

9 Iowa’s Title V – Medicaid Partnership EPSDT –Outreach –Informing & Care Coordination –Direct Care I-Smile Prenatal- Enhanced Services & Presumptive Eligibility Medicaid Birth Certificate Match


11 Healthy Families Statewide Resource 1-800 Linking Families with Maternal & Child Health & Family Planning Agencies Prenatal Care Hotline Healthy Child Care “warm line” Information & Referral 1-800 369-2229

12 Where we’ve been…..  OBRA ’89: Intent was to assure access to health care and establish comprehensive coverage for children eligible for Medicaid.  EPSDT was expanded to include: –Informing recipients of coverage benefits –Care coordination services and –All other medically necessary services

13 Where we’ve been in Iowa…..  Initially, the program was operated entirely by local Department of Human Services offices.  In the late 1980s, Iowa had an EPSDT participation rate of less than 10%.  In 1988, the Iowa General Assembly recommended a comprehensive system change to implement national recommendations.

14 Where we’ve been in Iowa…..  In 1991, a pilot project with three local Title V agencies was implemented to provide EPSDT program information upon determination of Medicaid eligibility (Informing services) Care coordination services  In 1995, Iowa expanded the system change statewide  Care coordination for children with special health care needs is available through Child Health Specialty Clinics (Title V CHSCN)

15 Organization Connections Iowa Dept. of Human Services Iowa Dept. of Public Health Community-based Title V Child Health Agencies Interagency Agreement Subcontracts Other Local Providers RFP & Contract Federal Department of Health and Human Services Title V Title XIX Provider Number Contract Child Health Specialty Clinics

16 Outcomes  EPSDT participation rates increased annually.  System performance successfully met the 80% participation rate.

17 FFY 1991-2004 EPSDT Participation Rates

18 Times are changing.... “Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine.” Robert C. Gallagher

19 CMS - Interim Final Regulations  2005 Deficit Reduction Act  CMS Interim Final Regulation on Targeted Case Management –Clarifies definition of Targeted Case Management –Requires comprehensive assessment, case plan, referrals, monitoring, and follow-up –Requires single case manager across programs –Effective March 3, 2008 - moratorium extended deadline

20 Iowa Medicaid and the Iowa Department of Public Health agreed that.... –The Interim Regulation was written to address populations of chronically ill or disabled individuals. –Title V promotes regular preventive care for all children and pregnant women. –Iowa’s Informing and Care Coordination system is successful and should continue.

21 Informing & Care Coordination  Previously classified as Targeted Case Management services  Iowa’s Medicaid State Plan – State Plan Amendment implemented Feb 1, 2009. New agreement established for state fiscal year 2009  Local Title V agencies bill IDPH for Informing, Care Coordination, and Medicaid for “direct care” services.

22 Iowa Medicaid Enterprise Informing and care coordination services no longer classified as Targeted Case Management in Iowa’s State Medicaid Plan  Medicaid Administrative Services Contract with IDPH serves as the payer of these services provided by local Title V maternal and child health agencies

23 Medicaid Administrative Services Child Health Services Informing Care coordination The Iowa Department of Public Health reimburses local contractors. IME reimburses IDPH

24 Child Health Center Direct Care Child Health EPSDT Screening Services Well Child Lab Developmental Screens Immunization Transportation The Iowa Medicaid Enterprise reimburses local Title V Child Health Screening Centers directly

25 I-Smile

26 ☼Objectives 1.Improve the dental support system for families 2.Improve the dental Medicaid program 3.Implement recruitment and retention strategies for underserved areas 4.Integrate dental services into rural and critical access hospitals

27 I-Smile & Child Health Centers ☼Each agency must have a dental hygienist to serve as the local I-Smile Coordinator (Title V Contract). ☼Each agency creates an I-Smile Action Plan with the objective of improving EPSDT dental services rates. ☼Coordinators are responsible for assuring the I-Smile strategies are met.

28 Oral Health Next Steps ☼Continue to improve the dental Medicaid program ☼Increase recruitment and retention efforts, particularly in rural Iowa ☼Investigate expansion of oral health workforce ☼Health care reform –25% of Iowa children have no payment source for dental care –Assure that dental insurance is included within the state’s reform efforts

29 Prenatal – Postpartum Care

30 Maternal Health Service Areas

31 Medicaid Administrative Services Maternal Health Services Presumptive Eligibility - Outreach Care Coordination The Iowa Department of Public Health reimburses local contractors. IME Reimburses IDPH

32 Direct Care for Maternal Health Centers Maternal Health Services Risk Assessment Prenatal Exam Prenatal Education Counseling (Nutrition, Psycho-social) Transportation Home Visits The Iowa Medicaid Enterprise reimburses local contractors directly (Screening Center Providers)

33 Outreach – Early Prenatal Care & Plans for Delivery  Presumptive Eligibility  Linkage with Medical Homes

34 Vital records and Medicaid Claims Data Match  Data become information on birth outcomes  Information on birth outcomes is being reviewed by the medical directors, epidemiologists and key stakeholders  Regular meetings to review the analysis and investigate solutions

35 Next Steps  Continue data analysis to identify areas for potential intervention.  Develop an intervention strategy to improve birth outcomes.  Title V local agencies will be a partner in this effort.

36 Collaborative Partnership “Action and reaction, ebb and flow, trial and error, change --- This is the rhythm of living. Out of our over-confidence, fear; out of our fear, clearer vision, fresh hope. And out of hope, progress.” Bruce Barton

37 Questions?

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