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1 st Grade Curriculum Night September 11, 2013. Schedule 9:00-9:10 Arrival: Check-in, Lunch count, Morning work 9:10-11:10 Communication Arts 11:15-11:45.

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1 1 st Grade Curriculum Night September 11, 2013

2 Schedule 9:00-9:10 Arrival: Check-in, Lunch count, Morning work 9:10-11:10 Communication Arts 11:15-11:45 Lunch 11:45-12:15 Recess 12:20-1:15 Calendar, Read Aloud & Rocket Math 1:15-2:15 Integrated Arts 2:15-2:20 Restroom Break 2:20-3:15 Mathematics 3:15-3:25 Social Studies/Science 3:25-3:30 Pack up & Dismissal 9:00-9:10 Arrival: Check-in, Lunch count, Morning work 9:10-11:10 Communication Arts/ Read Aloud (Friday) 11:15-11:45 Lunch 11:45-12:15 Recess 12:15-1:00 Calendar Math/Rocket Math 1:00-1:45 Specials 1:45-1:50 Restroom Break 1:50-2:30 Math 2:30-2:55 Read Aloud (Mon. - Thurs.) /Bullying (Friday) 2:55-3:3:25 Social Studies/Science 3:25-3:30 Pack up & Dismissal Monday Tuesday-Friday

3 Special Schedule Monday - Integrated Arts 1:15-2:15 PM Tuesday - Art 1:00-1:45 PM Wednesday - Library 1:00-1:45 PM Thursday - Physical Education 1:00-1:45 PM Friday - Music 1:00-1:45 PM

4 Behavior System Mr. Potato Our Hero Mr. Potato Head is our classroom's behavior reward system! Mr. Potato Head will gain parts daily when 1C has perfect behavior (everyone has a green card)! A reward is earned once he is completely built! How is your day? My goal is to create an environment which is stimulating and safe for your child. This includes assisting children in making appropriate behavioral choices. The desired classroom rules have been decided upon and discussed by the class and are posted for all to see. Each child will be able to keep track of his/her personal behavior by use of a behavioral chart.

5 How Is Your Day? Each child will be able to keep track of his/her personal behavior by use of a behavioral chart. If a rule is not broken, no warning is given then your child receives a green card for the day. If two warnings are given throughout the day, your child receives a yellow card for the second warning. If a fourth warning is given throughout the day, a red card is received for the fourth warning. When a red card is in your child’s pocket, your child will “take 5” and sit on the wall during recess for 5 minutes. If a red card is received after recess has passed for that day, your child will “take 5” the following school day. You will be notified daily if your child receives a red card for inappropriate behavior(s) with a dated “take 5” note in the take home folder. Each student begins a new day with a green card

6 The North Allegheny School District utilizes the electronic Thursday E-Blast (previously "Thursday Envelope") to provide parents with information relevant to elementary programs. Each week, parents of elementary school students will receive an email containing the listing of all fliers available on this webpage. By selecting the appropriate date below, parents may view each flier electronically. Up to six weeks of information will remain on this page at a given time.

7 Lunch Money You should have received a letter detailing the POS system used by our cafeteria. Your child has a “pin” number to purchase a school lunch in the cafeteria. Money may be applied to your child’s account on any day. You may also utilize the or go to the NA website and locate “PayForIt.” Please make sure that your child’s name, our classroom section and room number (1C), pin number, and the amount are written on the outside of the envelope. If your child has brought money for only that day’s lunch, he/she will take the money with them to lunch. Please assure with your child knows what he/she will be choosing for lunch daily!

8 Birthday Celebrations We like our children to share birthday celebrations with their classmates! Due to the “Wellness Policy” and to protect children with allergies, please consider a non-food item if you would like to provide a treat. We will celebrate summer birthdays (July/August) in June 2014. Please do not send birthday invitations to school unless there is one for every child in our class. We don’t want any hurt feelings! Students also have the opportunity to have a guest reader read their favorite book to 1C! Please make arrangements with me at least one week PRIOR to your child’s birthday!

9 Communication E-mail: Write a note –Pick up for today –Early dismissal for today –Medication for today Call school secretary (412-366-9663) –Pick up for today –Early dismissal for today –Medication for today

10 Notes It is IMPERATIVE to send a note with your child to school if their typical afternoon transportation changes! This is to ENSURE the safety of YOUR child! THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING IN OUR NEED TO KEEP ALL STUDENTS SAFE!

11 Take Home Folder Each student was provided with a take home folder. The students are expected to take home this folder each night. Please check this folder with your child nightly for any important notes/assignments from 1C. The folder is labeled Home and School. Papers on the Home side are to be kept at home. Papers located on the School side are to be completed/signed at home and returned to school the following day.

12 Homework Spelling (Monday-Thursday) –Practice nightly! Math (Monday-Thursday) –“Practice” side is homework (HW) and the “Challenge” side is optional –Review/Practice worksheet means test is the following day Reading –Rereading stories, sentences, etc. for fluency –Reviewing robust vocabulary Missing Homework Students are expected to complete all homework for the following day unless otherwise noted. If your child does not have his or her homework, they will be required to stand on the wall at recess for 5 minutes. The homework will be sent home with a please sign and return stamp. Please have your child complete the homework and provide your signature on the worksheet. Spelling homework that is not turned in will result in the students writing spelling triangles over the weekend.

13 Share Chair 1C has wonderful ideas, opinions and stories! Students will have the opportunity to sit in our Share Chair to "share" their thoughts, ideas, and work with our classroom! The June Box is used to house student distractions throughout the school year. When students become distracted with object(s) throughout the day, they will be asked to place item(s) in their desk once and not to play with it/them. Following one warning, students who choose to continue behaviors will have object placed in June Box. The June Box will hold items until June 2014 when items will be returned to students. Please keep all items at home that you would like to enjoy throughout the year! June Box

14 Recess The children go outdoors for recess unless it is extremely cold, raining, or snowing. Please keep these factors in mind and dress your child accordingly.

15 Absence Students who are absent and did not make arrangements for another friend to gather their work will receive it when they return to school. Students will have missed work and a note stating which needs completed and when it is due. Parents are to sign and return form with completed work. Please send a note informing me if work is to be sent home with a sibling.

16 Communication Arts (CA) Story Town- Harcourt Guided Reading Groups (books in a bag) Thematic Components –Various types of literature –Phonemic Awareness –Phonics/Spelling –High Frequency Words –Comprehension –Fluency –Robust Vocabulary –Grammar –Handwriting –Writing

17 Sticker Word Books Worked on at home to become comfortable with words. Encourage your child to try a word list a week. When your child feels ready to read the word list, send the book to school with your child on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays. -Students will only be able to read words to me on these two days. –Students need to read all word on each list before moving onto the next list. If a list is not mastered, it will be sent home for more practice! –As students finish one book, we will place them on a higher more challenging sticker word book. Enrichment –After completing ALL of the Sticker Word Books, students will be eligible to determine meaning of the word and use within a sentence. – Will begin Tuesday, September 17, 2013!

18 Harcourt Storytown Student Anthology Practice Book Leveled Readers

19 Spelling Emphasis on learning phonics Spelling Homework assigned Monday and due Friday Lists will be sent home Friday prior to test week

20 Grammar Provides students with direct instruction in key language areas. Students will apply grammar skills directly to their writing. –The Sentence –Nouns –Pronouns –Possessives –Homophones –Descriptive Words –Multiple-Meaning Words –Verbs - Daily proofreading

21 Writing Handwriting is done daily! Students write in their journals using a 1 st grade dictionary.

22 Log-in for Harcourt Reading Storytown Username: na123456 (student number) Password: 123456 (student number) 1. Click reading/language arts 2. Storytown

23 Mathematics Developing concepts w/ manipulatives Practicing for understanding Developing fluency of numbers & facts Topics: –Addition & Subtraction Concepts –Addition & Subtraction Facts up to 18 –Graphs –Numbers to 100 –Geometry –Addition & Subtraction to 20 –Money –Time –Fractions –Measurement –Operations –Data –Problem Solving

24 Rocket Math This research-based program has shown that students who gain automaticity with their basic facts are then able to free up cognitive abilities to focus on more complex math concepts. Rocket Math offers a supplemental curriculum that is uniquely structured to present sequential practice and mastery of math facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There will be approximately ten-minutes of instruction dedicated to this program each day. Get ready to blast off with Rocket Math! Parent Resources: Go to the District Web Site Click on Especially for Parents under Quick Links Click on Rocket Math Rocket Math Home Practice Link

25 Log-in Math Textbook Username: na123456 (student number) Password: 123456 (student number)


27 Log-in Social Studies Textbook Student Username: NA[ID Number] Password: Tigers1

28 Science The North Allegheny School District has adopted the Scott Foresman Science text to assist us in delivering a comprehensive Science curriculum. The title of the first grade text is Science: The Diamond Addition. The following is a brief overview of the unit-based study for our class this year: UNIT A CHAPTER 1: LIVING AND NONLIVING UNIT A CHAPTER 2: HABITATS UNIT A CHAPTER 3: HOW PLANTS AND ANIMALS LIVE UNIT A CHAPTER 4: LIFE CYCLE UNIT A CHAPTER 5: FOOD CHAINS UNIT B CHAPTER 6: LIVING AND NONLIVING UNIT B CHAPTER 7: WEATHER

29 Log-in Science Textbook Student Username: NA[ID Number] Password: Tigers1

30 CogAT The CogAT (a cognitive abilities test) will be administered to the First-Grade students November 11 th -15 th –Make sure your child is well-rested and has eaten breakfast!


32 What is bullying? Bullying is when a person repeatedly and on purpose says or does mean or hurtful things to another person, who has difficulty defending himself/herself. Bullying implies an imbalance of power. Bullying typically involves a pattern of behavior repeated over time.

33 DIRECT: Face-to-face confrontation Name-calling Teasing Threatening Gestures Hitting Kicking Shoving Spitting INDIRECT: Subtle, aggressive acts Social Exclusion Rumors Cyber-Bullying Forms of Bullying

34 Bullying Meetings in 1C Olweus Bully Prevention Program (OBPP) –Monthly Themes (i.e., respect, acceptance) –Anti-Bullying Rules –Class Meetings –Role Playing

35 Conferences November 4 th and 5 th *Please sign up for a conference on the table prior to leaving!

36 Supplies Our classroom is always in need of supplies! We GREATLY appreciate any donations to our classrooms to continue making learning FUN! Please no mechanical pencils as they become a distraction to our learning!

37 BOOK IT! Begins in October! Students are encouraged to read a minimum of 4 books per month. Students will choose one book they particularly enjoyed reading and use that book for their report. Each report must be turned in on or before the due date to receive a Pizza Hut pizza certificate! Reports handed in after the due date will only receive a certificate from me!

38 Done monthly Order online or with form Online code: LPJ7B Scholastic Book Orders

39 TYLER Grades Math Tests Spelling Tests How to Access the Student Data Portal for the First Time. fault.aspx?PageID=12030

40 Grades Math Tests Spelling Tests Dictated Sentences from Spelling Test for Spelling Application


42 Independence fosters confidence!

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