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Foster Adoptive Management Information System (F A M I S) Custom Software to Run Your Business Your Way High Impact Solutions.

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2 Foster Adoptive Management Information System (F A M I S) Custom Software to Run Your Business Your Way High Impact Solutions

3 Child Data Access to all child’s data and forms from one screen at your fingertips. With a click of a button access specific documents and logs. You set permissions to limit visibility to the data Quick view of Placement type, Current Status, Level of Care, Admission Date, etc.

4 Census Report

5 Children with Safety Plan report

6 Individual Service Plan Eliminate duplicate data entry. The ISP pulls current data from the child’s screen. Creates new ISP’s to ensure ISPs are individualized. Email system set up to create a paperless system for reviewing and approving ISPs. Email alerts can be sent to employees and their supervisors for expiring ISPs prior to their expiration date.

7 Tracking Sheet

8 Next Health Visit List

9 Therapeutic Census Report

10 Children’s List by Home report

11 Children’s List by Homes & Assignments

12 Assignments report

13 Home Data At a glance, view home information such as home location, primary language, referral source, which program the home is participating, home status, verification information, quality audit, and pre-service data. Create family documents.

14 Foster/Adoptive Parent List - Current

15 Foster/Adoptive Home Review

16 Inspection and Training FAMIS allows you to track every expiring document in a family chart. Printed version can be attached to Foster Home Reviews to be reviewed with the family for compliance.

17 Inspection and Training Dates

18 Home Inspections Expirations

19 Home Inspection and Training Expirations

20 Employee Information Employee information screen includes all personal information for each employee. Paid Time Off/Vacation/Sick leave can be tracked. Ability to track personnel file documents, employee training, benefits and personnel reviews.

21 Employee Checklist Employee checklist includes each document required for a complete personnel file. Email alerts can be sent to employees, copying supervisors, with expiring dates to ensure compliance. Employee Tracking reports and email alerts are set up for HR department tracking.

22 Personnel Tracking

23 PTO Report

24 150 + Reports Supervisor Report* PTO Supervisor Report* Families First Class Schedule* Custom Inspection Report* Foster/Adoptive Parent List - All* Foster/Adoptive Parent List - Current* Foster/Adoptive Unannounced Visit List* Foster/Adoptive Family Home Reviews* Foster/Adoptive Parent Training Hours* Foster/Adoptive Parent List with Verification Date* Foster/Adoptive Parent List By Verification Date* Missing Foster Parent Handbook* Missing RID #* Respite/Staff List - All* Respite/Staff List - Current* Respite/Staff List Unannounced Visit List* Scheduled Respite Providers* Home Inspection Expirations* Home Inspection and Training Expirations* Incident Report By Home* Incident Report By Child* Incident Report By Month* Placement Log* Placement Log - Current* Training Log - Current* Inquiry Calls* Inquiry Callback List* Inquiry Packets Due* Families Inactive - Transferred - Hold - Temporary* Families Closed By Month* Families Closed By Reason* Families Verified* Pre-service Status* Pre-service Status By Home* Pre-service Family Numbers* Families First Scheduled Class* Collin County Homes In Process* Homes without Children* Mailing Labels - Inactive Homes* Collin County Families - Current* Family Referral Sources* Family Minimum Standards Expirations* Inspection & Training Dates* Churches and Families* Homes By Status* Homes By City* Homes By County* Homes By Zip* Per Diem Report* Medicare Paid Table* Open Invoices Table* Received but no Invoice Table* Dental* Child's Case Read* Children Active In Adoption Program* Children Discharged* Children Placed* Adoption Consummation* Census Report* Census Report - LOC* Children Missing LOC* Physicals Due* Physicals Missing* Psychological Evaluations Due* Dental Visits Due* Dental Missing* TB Tests Missing* Discrepancy Report-Daniel* Children Missing Immunizations* Assignments* Children Subsequently Placed* Children's List By Home* Next Health Visits List* Children's Birthday List* ISP's Due* Assignments By Discharged Children* Psychiatric Visits* Tracking Report* Deferred Children* Deferral List by Home* Deferral List by Referral* Children's List By Homes & Assignments* Medicaid Report* Children Discharged By LOC* ARD Report* Children's List by Age Group* Children's List by Age Group (Version 2)* Children in Care 12 Plus Months* New Placements* Facility Initiated Discharges* Subsequent Moves* Children with Safety Plan* Treatment Team ISP Due* Medication Log by Home* Therapeutic Census Report* Psychological’s Completed* Psychological Missing* First Dental Checkup Due* Therapy Log Report* Therapist Visit Report* Medicaid Eligibility* Psychiatric Appointments By Home* Medicaid Verification Needed* Children in Adoption Program* Average Length of Stay* Covenant Kids Medication Directions* Covenant Kids Psychiatric Med Form* CPS Case Worker List* Therapist List* Psychologist Billing* Professional Log* Professional Expirations* Home Study Specialists* Current Employees* Employee Log* Employee Training Hours* Personnel Checklist* Personnel Tracking* Employee Birthdays* Foster/Adoptive Home Labels* Respite/Staff Home Labels* Professional Labels* Pre-service Mailing Labels* HR Labels* Current Foster Parents List* Employees List - Active* FP Employee Phone List* Psychological Evaluation Count All* Absence Report* Continuing Education* Company Donation Mailing Labels* Individual Donation Mailing Labels* Purple Packet Mailing Labels* PTO Summary Report* PTO Supervisor Report* PTO Supervisor Report* PTO Supervisor Report* Report Log By User* Report Log by User* Report Log by Title* Report Average Run Times by User* Report Count Total by Month* Reports Performance Summary* Print Times Over 3 Seconds Graph* Reports Developer Report*

25 Pricing Basic Setup and Training - $3,000 Monthly Maintenance – $ 10 per child per month Additional Modules Available

26 Price Includes Application Hosting on our Servers Secure Internet Access from anywhere Local systems up and running in minutes 99% uptime – if you can get to the internet you can get to your data. Technical Support

27 Our Goal Your Productivity and Success High Impact Solutions

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