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Actividad Inicial #1 (do this on p.18 of your notebook)

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1 Actividad Inicial #1 (do this on p.18 of your notebook)
Use ser with subject pronouns and adjectives from chapter 1 (p.37) to describe what these people are and are not like. Use every adjective from the chapter at least once! activo/a alto/a atlético/a bajo/a bonito/a extrovertido/a moreno/a rubio/a serio/a simpático/a 5. 1. 3. 4. 2. 6.

2 Class Numbers! You will have a number in this class that you will write on all assignments you turn in. Your number will be the same all year. When you put your name on papers to turn in, write it this way: 15 Nombre John Smith Fecha Clase 5th P

3 Notebook Check What I will be checking:
All setup pages Parts of Speech Graphic Organizer – Ch.1, Vocab. 1 Notes from Subject Pronouns & Ser Notes from Regular Verbs & Gustar (today) At the end of class you will turn in your notebook and leave it here; I will return it to you next class.

4 Left Side Items (odd pages) Right Side Items (even pages)
Notebook Check Capítulo 1 Índice de Materias Pg. Date Left Side Items (odd pages) Right Side Items (even pages) 17 8-31 Calendario de Tareas 18 Actividades Iniciales 19 20 8-25 Parts of Speech 21 9-2 Ch. 1, Vocab 1 Graphic Org. 22 23 DOCTOR MR. Mini-Poster 24 Subject Pronouns & Ser 25 26 9-7 Regular Verbs & Gustar 27 28 Family Album Project Organizer

5 Family Album Project The first project of the year will be a family album project. The purpose of this project is to get to know each other and to review the conjugation of the present tense, the verbs ser and gustar, the use of possessive adjectives, adjectives and adjective agreement. You will create a family album. You may use your own family or a fictional family; however, you must include yourself in the family album. You must include one male, one female and one group of people in your family album. Your album will have at least four pages. You will write at least five sentences for each page.

6 Family Album Project Checkpoint Date: Wednesday, September 15, 2010
Every page will: describe the family member(s) using the verb ser plus an adjective. (Ella es alta.) state what each person likes or loves using the proper form of gustar or encantar. (Me gustan las frutas.) describe the family member’s relationship to you. (Ella es mi madre.) In addition, your family album must include at least one sentence including the correctly conjugated form of each of the following types of verbs: -ar verb -er verb -ir verb stem-changing verb irregular yo form Checkpoint Date: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 Due Date: Tuesday, September 21, 2010

7 Family Album Write your sentences using ser with adjectives to describe the people in your family album.

8 Regular Verbs (setup for notes on p.26)
Which of these words are verbs? la pizza hablar aburrido/a abrir la zanahoria rápido/a comer rojo/a el libro patinar la cocina interrumpir escuchar el vestido bailar correr

9 Regular Verbs Verb infinitives in Spanish end in -ar, -er, or -ir.
hablar beber abrir Infinitive means that the verb is not conjugated. Conjugation is the way you change a verb to use it with specific subjects (people/things). Regular verbs are conjugated in predictable ways.

10 Spanish subject pronouns
yo X él, ella, usted ellos, ellas, ustedes Regular Verb Endings -ar verbs X -er verbs X -ir verbs X Steps to conjugate: (1) drop the ending, (2) identify the subject, (3) choose the correct ending!

11 Conjugate! estudiar x correr x interrumpir x
Pronouns with conjugated verbs…

12 Regular verbs you know…
beber asistir abrir interrumpir montar en bicicleta cantar patinar escuchar pasear correr leer comer descansar bailar alquilar tocar el piano desayunar ayudar añadir cortar mezclar acabar de + infinitive aprender contestar dibujar navegar por Internet pasar el rato solo/a hablar nadar pagar escribir estudiar comprar cocinar vivir decidir preparar desear tomar cenar

13 Practice! Ned y Diana (nadar) cuando hace buen tiempo.
Los profesores nunca (interrumpir) a los estudiantes. Nosotros siempre (leer) los libros para la clase. Yo (tocar) el piano. Clint y yo (patinar) los domingos. Charles (correr) todos los días.

14 Gustar Gustar is used to say what you like.
Gustar is a verb, but it does not behave like regular verbs. How does it work? Only two forms: gusta (used with verb infinitives & singular things) gustan (used with plural things) Has special pronouns: me nos te X le les


16 Gustar If you need to clarify or emphasize who likes something: A mí
A ti A él A ella A usted me te le A X A ellos A ellas A ustedes nos X les A Juan le gusta la pizza y a Rosa le gusta la comida china. A mis hermanos les gusta cantar, pero a mis hermanas les gusta bailar.

17 Other verbs like gustar
encantar  ¡Me encanta estudiar español! tocar Me toca lavar los platos. parecer ¡Me parece injusto!

18 Mini-Project (Quiz Grade)
On a sheet of white paper, create a magazine ad in which you promote a resort or vacation destination. In the ad, you must include the following things: Name of the place Illustration of the place (using at least 4 colors other than black & white) A 5-sentence sales pitch that explains what the resort offers. The sales pitch must include each of the following at least once: Conjugated -ar verb Conjugated -er verb Conjugated -ir verb Gustar used with an infinitive Gustar used with a thing (either singular or plural) Encantar used with either an infinitive or a singular or plural thing

19 Notebook Check Turn in your notebooks at this time to the front table Tarea Finish your mini-project! Start studying for Monday’s Ch.1, vocabulary 1 Quiz!

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