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City of West Sacramento & Washington Unified School District, a united partnership providing quality and enriching after school services to the youth of.

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1 City of West Sacramento & Washington Unified School District, a united partnership providing quality and enriching after school services to the youth of West Sacramento.

2 Lead Staff Introductions  Brandi Dionne, Recreation Supervisor  Jennifer Hall, Teen Recreation Coordinator  Lucy Ramos, Youth Recreation Coordinator  Heather Fristoe, Teen Senior Recreation Leader  Angie Pena, Youth Senior Recreation Leader  Vincent Marquez, Youth Senior Recreation Leader KidZone Leader Introductions  Bryte- Casey Sweezy  Elkhorn- Vania Sanchez  Riverbank- Jessica Ramirez  Stonegate- Kristin Romo  Westfield- Cyrilla Martinez  Westmore -Brittany Freeman Club West Leader Introductions  Elkhorn-Danielle Prawdzik  Riverbank- Megan Elliot  Stonegate- Kayleigh Daniels  Westmore- Ashley Medina

3  Welcome to West Sacramento KidZone & Club West! We are designed to meet children’s academic, social, emotional, developmental and recreational needs.  KidZone is designed specifically for children in grades K- 5.  Club West is designed specifically for teens in grades 6 - 8.

4 What is KidZone?

5 What is Club West?

6  Enrollment in KidZone and Club West programs is a privilege.  Parents/guardians and participants are to abide by all the requirements and guidelines as defined in the Parent/Guardian Handbook and Agreement Form.  Active participation by the student is required in order for him/her to succeed. We ask that you discuss any concerns or issues you have with the Site Leader or Recreation Coordinator.

7 Attendance  To ensure consistency in learning, students are required to attend their afterschool program each day for the duration of the program.  We are funded based on child’s daily attendance. Regular attendance is mandatory!

8  KidZone sites are open until 6:00 pm, and students are encouraged to attend for the duration so as to not miss out on homework time or any of the fun and exciting enrichment/recreation activities which will be planned.  Participants who have three (3) unexcused absences may be dropped from the program. Participants who do not attend school on a given day, may not attend programs on that particular day, i.e. stayed home sick, school suspension.

9 Sign-In  Participants need to sign-in to the program directly after school.  A student is signed-in as soon as the participant enters the designated sign-in location  Reason for absence, of each absent child, will be verified by Site Leader to ensure the safety of each child not in attendance.  Site Leaders will contact parents/guardians to inform the child is absent from the program. Please let your Site Leader know if your child will be absent by calling the site phone or the Parks & Recreation office at (916) 617-4620 or the designated site cell phone.

10 Early Release/Late Arrival  The City of West Sacramento understands that situations do occur that cause students to need to leave early or miss a day or program. The bulleted items contain examples of excusable reasons to sign out of KidZone or Club West early or missing program.  Parallel Program (school sponsored activities, Girl Scouts, sports leagues, etc.)  Medical Appointments  Family Emergency  Illness  Suspension From School  Parental Choice

11 Components

12 Each program includes three and a half inter-related components: homework assistance, enrichment curriculum and recreation. Each program utilizes a Teacher Site Coordinator to ensure that the school day curriculum is aligned with that of the after school program.

13 The Academic Component:  Guide students with questions to answer any homework problems.  Provide an environment appropriate for learning.  Provide transition activities for those students who are completed with their homework.

14 The Academic Component is an opportunity for our students to receive homework assistance. Neither program is a homework club nor designed for students to always complete homework. Family members will want to check their child’s homework for completeness and accuracy as we cannot provide one on one assistance to each student.

15 The Recreation Component:  Recreation consists of a range of activities from physical exercise to group games to craft activities.  We encourage participants to get a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity on a daily basis.  Recreation is another way for students to develop communication and social skills.  Activities can be tied to reinforcing subjects or standards.

16 The Enrichment Component:  Enrichment is designed to provide opportunity and choices for children that they are not regularly exposed to during the school day.  Enrichment should be engaging and fun for all students.

17 Sign Out  KidZone participants must have a parent or authorized adult sign out their child each evening.  Club West participants may sign themselves out of the program pending a signed permission slip by his/her parent or guardian.  All authorized adults who sign a child out must be listed on the participant’s registration form.  Use this time to touch base with staff in terms of your child’s progress, check your child’s box if applicable.  KIDZONE PARTICIPANTS MAY NOT WALK HOME.

18 Parent Agreements Enrollment: Enrollment is limited. Our hope is to accommodate all children wishing to participate in KidZone. After receiving all completed forms, the Site Leader will contact you to let you know if your child will be in the program and when their first day of the program will be. Attendance: Regular attendance is required. Children who have three (3) unexcused absences will be dis-enrolled from the program. Students attend program only when they attend school. You are required to provide a signed note when your child is absent from KidZone.

19 Parent Agreements Student Pick-Up: Children participating in KidZone must be signed out (signature required) by you or someone chosen by you (for instance, a relative or friend) over the age of eighteen. Your child must be picked- up promptly at the closing of KidZone, 6:00 pm. If your child has not been picked up by the closing of the program, KidZone staff will try to contact you and/or those individuals designated as emergency contacts. After 60 minutes, the proper authorities will be notified. Children may NOT walk home. Parental Support: KidZone staff is committed and qualified to run this program, but to make it the best that it can be, your support and cooperation is needed. You are an important partner in our program’s success.

20 Why is attendance so important?  For the 2008/2009 school year we did not meet our 75% attendance goal for 4 of our school sites (Bryte, Elkhorn, Stonegate, and Westfield)  We lost 36% for Bryte  51% for Elkhorn  37% for Westfield  27% for Stonegate

21 Why is attendance so important?  Attendance goals this year is 85% daily at each site SiteStudents funded85% target Bryte 5446 Elkhorn 4135 Riverbank 8471 Stonegate 6152 Westfield 5345 Westmore 8471 Totals 377320

22 Why is attendance so important?  If we fail to meet our attendance goals- we will lose more funding.  Overall, we took a very hard hit of $177k reduction from our overall grant.  We are in the process of strategically budgeting the school year so our students feel a very small impact of the reduction.  Cuts include-staff incentives, staff conferences, meal for parent nights, no increase in club budget, minimizing extra expenditures.

23 Contacts City of West Sacramento (916) 617-4620 Brandi Dionne, Youth & Teen Supervisor Lucy Ramos, Youth Coordinator Jennifer Hall, Teen Coordinator

24 Questions?!?

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