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Park Brow Community Primary School November 2014..

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1 Park Brow Community Primary School November 2014.

2  We have always used Levels.  All schools have been judged on attainment by the number of Level 2+ at the end of Key Stage 1 or Level 4+ at the end of Key Stage 2.  A child on average is expected to achieve a Level 2B at the end of Year 2 and a Level 4B at the end of Year 6.  Progress is judged on the number of pupils making 2 levels of progress i.e. a level 2 to a level 4.

3 RY1Y2Y3Y4Y5Y6 APS357911131517192123252729313335 LevelP5/6P7/81C1B1A2C2B2A3C3B3A4C4B4A5C5B5A R Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6

4  The new 2014 curriculum has higher expectations of pupils than the previous curriculum.  The levels previously used such as 2b, 4b etc are no longer in use (except for Years 2 & 6 for this academic year only).

5  Used Pupil Premium funding to increase staff ratio and rise to the challenge of the new curriculum.  Updated our English and Maths Scheme to meet the new curriculum demands.  Senior Leaders have met with Eammon Farrar (Assertive Mentoring Creator) to look at ways of working without levels.  Devised a new Pupil Profile overview.

6 APSNC LevelOld ExpectNew PoSBanding16 point progress 1WCNN1 2 3WB(+4) 4 5WAYRStage 0St 0 EmergingN2 6St 0 Developing 71CSt 0 Securing(+4) 8St 1 Ready 91BY1R (1B) 10Stage 1St 1 Emerging 111ASt 1 Developing(+4) 12St 1 Securing 132CY2St 2 ReadyY1 (2C) 14 152BStage 2St 2 Emerging(+4) 16St 2 Developing 172AY3St 2 SecuringY2 (2A) 18St 3 Ready 193C(+4) 20Y4Stage 3St 3 Emerging 213BSt 3 DevelopingY3 (3B) 22St 3 Securing 233AY5St 4 Ready(+4) 24 254CStage 4St 4 EmergingY4 (4C) 26Y6St 4 Developing 274BSt 4 Securing(+4) 28St 5 Ready 294AY5 (4A) 30Stage 5St 5 Emerging 315CSt 5 Developing(+4) 32St 5 Securing 335BSt 6 ReadyY6 (5B) 34 355AStage 6St 6 Emerging 36St 6 Developing(+4) 376CSt 6 Securing 38St 7 Ready 396B 40 416A 42 437C

7 track pupil progress against the targets Teachers regularly track your child’s progress towards the targets & make sure they stay on track

8 (Exp) Y2 (2B) S2E Y3 (2A/3C) Y4 (3B )S3D Y5 (3A/4C) Y6 (4B) S4S Child 1 3C S3R 3A S3S 4B S4D 5C S5E 5A S6R/E Child 2 2B S2E 3C S3R 3A S3S 4B S4S 5C S5D Child 3 2C S2R 2A S2S 3B S3D 4C S4E 4A S5R Child 41B S1D 2C S2R 2A S2S 3B S3D 4C S4E

9 (Exp) Y2 (2B) School Target Y3 (2A/3C) Y4 (3A) Y5 (3A/4B) Y6 (5C) Read 2B S2E 5C S5D 3C S3R 4C S4E 4A S5R 5C S5D Write 2B S2E 5C S5D 3C S3R 4C S4E 4B S4S 5C S5D Maths 2B S2E 5C S5D 2A S2S 3C S3E 3B S3D 4C S4E Science2B S2E 5C S5D 3C S3R 3A S4R 4B S4S 5C S5D

10 Mentor = Teacher, TA or SLT Meet every term as minimum Every half term if needed Meetings last 10-15 min Must be 1:1 Must be out of class Must be Assertive Include parent consultations Replace IEP reviews

11 Focussed teaching Know here they are Relevant intervention Personalised learning Motivation Targets met Success

12 We will send parents a pupil profile summarising your child’s progress against their targets & age related expectations every half term

13  Know your child’s targets  Support them in achieving them  Support the school  Attend the Mentoring meetings

14 ๏Your questions answered

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