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Soul2Soul Educare presents Spiritually Awakened Integrated (S.A.I.) Parenting Workshop.

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1 Soul2Soul Educare presents Spiritually Awakened Integrated (S.A.I.) Parenting Workshop

2 Quiz Time What’s Your What’s Your Parenting Style?

3 Golden Spiritual Rule: Our child is our Teacher

4 Our children act as mirrors of our own behaviors Remember everything the child does is a reflection, reaction, resound of our own actions. If we correct these behaviors in ourselves, the behavior in our child will disappear miraculously Keep this in mind next time your child misbehaves

5 Is Discipline Necessary?

6 Definition of Discipline: Discipline is the conscience telling us to stop Discipline is the brake on a car. Discipline helps one to grow spiritually. Discipline trains you

7 2 Types of Discipline: A: Active Extra Chores Extra Study

8 2 Types of Discipline: B: Passive Restrict Activities Restrict Actions

9 Discipline Pointers for parents with babies & toddlers Let them cry within reason Do not constantly rock or cradle or allow your infant to sleep in your bed Keep toddlers in playpens or closed off areas Always feed them in a highchair Learn to Say “No” Start responsibilities early as early as 2

10 Discipline Pointers for parents with older children Be Firm but nurturing Learn to Say “No” The more you give in, the more they will test you. Don’t be inconsistent Show anger but do not feel angry Give them responsibilities

11 Examples of Responsibility Charts

12 Days of the Week MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday Black mark for wasting time Colored Star For finishing way before time Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 If all in one week and no then we get to go to a fun place on Saturday or Sunday. THREE (3) in one week is equal to No watching television or videos and no playing computer games. If all in one week and no then we get to go to a fun place on Saturday or Sunday.


14 Things Bharat lost cards for!!!!! 

15 Reward vs Punishment

16 No Absolute Reward or Absolute Punishment needed Use words and actions to commend the child for successes Talk it over with a child before resorting to punishment Ask the child to go outside to dump his/her negative energy Use Divine magic techniques like spirit guides and samasta loka

17 How to avoid over indulgent parenting styles

18 Explain that there are different rules for parents and children You must be in control Be their boss but lead with love

19 What is that one object in the house that is making parenting so difficult?

20 Answer: Television

21 A Poem by Roald Dahl TV rots the senses in the head! O His brain becomes as soft as cheese! O It clogs and clutters up the mind! O It makes a child so dull and blind O He can no longer understand a fantasy. A fairyland! O It kills the imagination dead! His powers of thinking rust and freeze! O

22 What Experts say: T.V. does to your child’s brain? “ the actual act of viewing television as even more insidious and potentially damaging to the brain of the developing child than the actual content of what’s on TV.” From the report of Healy 1990, Pearce 1992, Buzzell 1998, Winn 1985 Scientists who have investigated the effects of T.V on a child’s brain

23 What Experts say: T.V. does to your child’s brain? “Watching television has been characterized as multi-level sensory deprivation that may be stunting the growth of our children’s brains.” From the report of Healy 1990 Scientist who investigated the effects of T.V on a child’s brain

24 T.V. hurts normal development In the first three years of life, a child learns to walk, to talk, and to think. T.V. prevents normal development of these: Walk… Television keeps us sitting Talk… Leaves little room for meaningful conversation Think… Seriously impairs our ability to think because there’s no problem solving

25 What Experts say: about T.V. hurting our child’s normal development “The ability to search out, scan, focus, and identify whatever comes in the visual field is impaired by watching TV. These visual skills are also the ones that need to be developed for effective reading.” “Children watching TV do not dilate their pupils. Show little to no movement of their eyes. Lack the normal eye movements of jumping from one point to the next that is critical for reading” From the report of Buzzell 1998 Scientist who investigated the effects of T.V on a child’s development

26 Television desensitizes children The message sent to their brain is: You don’t need to listen when another person speaks. You don’t need to comfort anyone if you hear crying. It’s normal to see people being killed, abused, yelled at You don’t have to be sensitive to your parent’s emotions

27 Quentin Tarantino – Film Producer says: “Because people are so desentized shock therapy is used to get people’s attention”

28 Children copy what they see on TV

29 Spending Quality Time

30 Group Activity Time Ideas for Spending Quality Time Ideas for Spending Quality Time

31 Some of our ideas for quality time: Compose a song or poem with your family Watch a wholesome movie with the family and discuss the spiritual aspects of it – for younger children guide them and point out spiritual aspects. Meditate together Sing devotional songs together Create a play with a value and act it out for the whole family or other relatives and friends. Write a story or draw or paint. Have a quiz show Have a talent show – ask each member of the family to present his/her talent. Have a cooking contest. Have a Scavenger hunt – You hide items around the house based on a particular theme – have your family members find them. Read or tell good stories Have a family game night Tell each other jokes

32 Working vs Stay At Home Moms

33 If you don’t need to work – stay home There is a time-scale to brain development, and the first few years are the most important Frank Newman-former president of the US Education Commission “From birth, a baby’s brain cells proliferate wildly, making connections that may shape a lifetime of experience. The first three years are critical.”

34 If you don’t need to work – stay home Joseph Chilton Pearce in his book, Evolution’s End 1992, shows that during a child’s development, there are a series of learning windows. 1st year: the child has established its ability to understand words & feelings of self-esteem. 2nd year: the child’s vocabulary will be determined by how many different words he/she hears. 3rd year: the ability to think, learn or not learn is developed by the age of 3.

35 Statistics in America In America, 76 percent of mothers are working outside the home. 10 million children under the age of 5 have employed mothers.

36 If you don’t need to work – stay home Working mothers say that the little time they spend at home they don’t want to spend disciplining but want to spend quality time. It is the duty of the mother to discipline Quality time is helping children prepare for real life By indulging them this is not quality time

37 Introducing Spirituality at a Young Age

38 How to have a spiritual child You can affect your child’s spirituality even before he or she is conceived? A few months before conception, the father should foster noble thoughts and actions Consciously create your child The Mother affects the personality of the child through her thoughts, words, actions while carrying the child in her womb Both parents should adopt a high vibration lifestyle e.g. being a healthy vegetarian, avoiding GMOs and preservatives, being eco-friendly, etc.

39 How to have a spiritual child When your child is a little baby: Say prayers Sing spiritual songs Tell spiritual stories It all goes into their subconcious minds

40 How to have a spiritual child When your child starts to speak: Teach them simple prayers Make God a part of their daily life It makes them truly believe that God is an important aspect of themselves

41 How to have a spiritual child When your child gets older: Teach them to talk to God To make God their friend. For teenagers teach them to meditate This makes God real and tangible

42 Final word to parents

43 The Final Word The Do’s & Don’ts Don’t fight in front of your children Don’t argue about disciplining in front of the child Do be consistent Don’t give permission to your child unless your spouse has been consulted Do create house rules Do re-enforce positive energies Do listen to your children with total attention Do show affection to your spouse in front of your child Do constantly show affection to your children

44 Thank you for your interest in our workshop material Check out our website for spiritual development © 2011 Soul2Soul Educare Inc. - All rights reserved. Permission granted to reprint this presentation for use in spiritual circles. Reprints must include Soul2Soul Educare’s name and contact information - No part of this presentation may be altered or changed in any

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