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Salford initiatives to improve how we listen and respond to the voice of the child.

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1 Salford initiatives to improve how we listen and respond to the voice of the child

2 CYPTB and SSCB have agreed to purchase an annual licence for Viewpoint, an online consultation tool to ensure the voice of the child is heard. It currently works with 70 plus local authorities across the UK and Ireland. More information visit - It has been agreed to pilot the tool with the Child Protection process to capture children and young people’s views prior to initial and review conferences. Then embed for all children subject to a CP Plan. This is as an opportunity to consult with professionals that will be involved in the process. There will be a further opportunity to evaluate the pilot and this will include children and young people. Viewpoint

3 It is a tool you can use to capture the views of children and young people to inform assessments and reviews. Encourages participation in planning and quantifies needs thereby increasing their influence on decisions that affect their lives. It can be accessed on the internet or locally on a dedicated computer or laptop via an allocated personal identification number. It also has the capacity to be used as an app. Qualitative and quantitative reports can be produced without any burdensome manual collation. Psychologists have conducted a study to investigate the effectiveness of Viewpoint (Barrett, Dent and Rodgers, 2011). The results suggested young people are more likely to complete sensitive questionnaires using Viewpoint than for traditional paper questionnaires. The Benefits

4 Viewpoint Demo Screenshots Versions suitable for children and young people aged 5-18 years Designed to support children with learning disabilities reviews e.g. sound and pictures Different languages available Fully interactive backgrounds, characters and game breaks at regular intervals Scaling evaluations help them to reflect on their situation and pursue their own solutions.

5 All families have signs of safety, not all families have enough though A new approach to facilitating Child Protection Conferences Solution focused questioning approach Greater focus on planning Enable families to present their views Promote discussion and explore dissent Strong emphasis on relationships Reduce power inequalities Builds on strengths Better understanding of the concerns/changes needed Encourage participation There will be multi-agency briefing sessions in spring 2014. Strengthening Families/ Signs of Safety Approach

6 SOS Approach- tools

7 What other work are you aware of ? Or do you have any suggestions about how services could improve their practice? Any Questions?

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