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Welcome To Albert Schweitzer Elementary School

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1 Welcome To Albert Schweitzer Elementary School
Kindergarten Open House August 19, 2014

2 “A Great Place to Learn”
Mr. Stoneback Principal Mrs. O’Driscoll- Guidance Counselor Mrs. DiPaolo- Secretary Mrs. Binder- School Nurse Mrs. Kneiss- Health Aide Dedicated, Talented, Caring Staff Mrs. Kurley, Mrs. McHugh and Ms. Supowitz- kindergarten teachers

3 Important Information
Full Day Kindergarten (FDK) Hours: 9:10-3:35 Late start for inclement weather: 2 hour delay School closings: notified via “global connect”

4 Important Information
Kindergarten receives three progress reports a year. The 1st and 4th are the same as the rest of the school but the middle progress report will be announced Parent Handbook: access via school website Maximum class size: 22 Emergency cards MUST be kept updated Notify teacher (in writing) when your child will be leaving school in a different way than indicated on information card

5 Curriculum Language Arts: “Super Kids” Phonemic Awareness
Alphabetic Principle Fluency Concepts of Print Vocabulary Comprehension

6 Singapore Math Curriculum: Math in Focus
A focused and coherent syllabus. Math in Focus introduces fewer topics in each grade, but teaches them to greater depth. Topics are taught to mastery, so they build from year to year across grade levels without repetition. A visual and balanced approach. Math in Focus is highly visual, following a concrete-to-pictorial-to-abstract progression. A focus on number and operations. Math in Focus is sequenced in a way that ensures students develop and maintain strong number sense. An emphasis on problem solving using model-drawing. Math in Focus utilizes model-drawing strategies that help students solve both routine and non-routine problems.

7 Social Studies: “Me and My World” & Too Good For Drugs/Violence
Role in the Community Describe geographic regions Sequence events in time

8 Science: Wood and paper and Five Senses
Children will observe and describe the properties of a variety of kinds of wood, fabric, and paper and find out what happens when these materials interact with other materials Children will learn about the five senses

9 Homework! Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday starting the second week of school on September 8 Every Monday your child will be sent home with a packet of homework for the week. The cover page of the packet will tell you what your child should complete each night. The homework will be checked on Friday’s

10 Weekly Specials *Music *Gym *Library *Computer *Art

11 SUPPLIES Please refer to supply list on the school website
Tee shirts work best for art class Please put first initial and last name on everything!

12 Parties If your child is having a birthday party at home; please do not send the invitations to school, unless the whole class gets invited

13 Healthy Snacks Your child will be given a short snack time where they can eat a healthy snack and beverage of their choice brought in from home! As a reminder the children will also have lunch. They have the choice to either pack a lunch or buy lunch.

14 Name Tags Please make sure your child wears their name tag for the first few weeks of school Make sure your child’s name tag has the following information on it: Name, phone number, address and transportation Information

15 Post cards will be mailed home with transportation information.


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