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NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT Nr. R.T.O., Ring Road, Surat PH: ( 0261) 2472226, 2475683 Fax:- ( 0261) 2461324 Director:- Fr. Isaac Rumao S J.

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1 NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT Nr. R.T.O., Ring Road, Surat PH: ( 0261) , Fax:- ( 0261) Director:- Fr. Isaac Rumao S J

2 NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT Goal :- To empower the marginalized people Navsarjan Trust was established in 1986 Navsarjan Trust works in two sectors : Rural and Urban VISION:- An egalitarian world of justice, peace and prosperity

3 NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT Rural Sector  Legal Awareness  Paralegal Training for Grass Root Workers  Grooming of Tribal Advocates  Legal Guidance  Out of court Settlement  People’s Organizations  Support to unorganized Labour

4 NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT Urban Sector (Slums)  Women’s Associations  Self help groups  Educational Programme Pre-School ( Balwadis) Tuition Classes Tailoring Classes Child labour rehabilitation Street Children Programme  Rag-pickers Association  Youth Associations  Libraries for slum youth  Legal Aid

5 NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT “An Integrated Programme for Street Children” Funded By Alboan, Spain Implemented By NAVSARJAN TRSUT, SURAT

6 NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT Who are these street Children ? Street children are those who have occasional or no contacts with their family. They are found in the railway stations, bus-stands, or in the streets Definition:-

7 NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT Mother died, Father married second time Left home at the age of 7 due to neglect and violence by Step – mother Age 17 yrs From Ratlam, M.P. Rahul Rajubhai Soni

8 NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT Mother Committed suicide. Father was murdered. therefore Orphaned. Pintu Ranajitbhai Vasava Age 13 yrs From Bharuch, Gujarat

9 NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT Ran away from home at the age of 6. Because says He was forced to attend school with torn uniform. Rakesh Kishan Dagade Age 7 yrs From Palghr, Maharastra

10 NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT Says widowed mother was forcing him to work and earn due to poverty at home. Amit RamjankPrasad Bania Age 12 yrs From Delhi Left home at the age of 9.

11 NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT Ran away from home due to constant violence by Drunken father. Santhosh Brigesh Age 12 yrs From UP

12 NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT Left home at the age of 8. Says his teacher was beating him constantly. Raju Rajkumar Age 14 yrs From U.P.

13 NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT  So who is this street child ?  He is a VICTIM  Victim of separated parents  Victim of domestic violence  Victim of dire poverty  Victim of uncaring adults  Victim of our prejudices  He is an orphan  He is an unwanted child  Victim of unloving parents.  Victim of parents marital infidelity

14 NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT  What happens to this child when he reaches the railway platform ?  His peers bully him.  “Taporis” befriend him for sex.  They use him for drugs trafficking, liquor procurement.  Sex workers use him to procure customers.  Coolies chase them away.  Police kick them

15 NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT  Pass holders treat them harshly.  General public despises them.  Railway authorities throw them out.  Thus he faces an unkind world.

16 NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT  Railway station is a fertile ground for all vices. The children learn all of them.  These vices are: 5. Smoking 6. Pan masala 7. Whitening ink inhaling 8. Cough syrup drinking 1. Stealing 2. Cheating 3. Pick pocketing 4. Violent fights

17 NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT 12. Homo-sexuality 14. Trafficking in liquor 15. Trafficking in drug 9. Use Ganja 11. Gardo inhaling 10. Vicks, Nitrogel tablets eating 13. Prostitution

18 NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT  The circumstances that lead the children in to the hands of anti-socials a. Absence of security b. Absence of place to sleep. c. Absence of regular income  The “Tapories” provide the above, that is  Protection  Food  Easy income through liquor and drug trafficking

19 NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT NAVSARJAN INTERVENS IN THE LIFE OF THESE CHILDREN  OUR EARLY EXPERIENCES They ran away seeing us on the railway platform Because They thought we were Remand home staff come to take them back. Wearing dirty cloths they were shy to meet us. No Fixed time to meet the children. They were free only when trains did not arrive.

20 NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT They had no sense of health or hygiene They had no fear of accidents. They neglected their safety They stole from each other. They fought and cut each other with blade. They lived on the platform and in the trains But in illness they help each other.

21 NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT The children mistrust everybody Even after being six months with them they lie about their past, parents, address. The police were Hostile to the children and to us. Taporis resented our presence. Even railway staff did not understand us..

22 NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT We took them for picnics. Our efforts at rapport building. We organized out-door and indoor games for them. We celebrated national and religious festivals with them. We visited the children regularly on the platform. We invited railway and police authorities to preside over these functions. Thus we befriended the authorities.

23 NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT They even began co operative with us We conducted painting sessions on the platform. Seeing us working with the children the pass holders are less negative toward the children The police became less harsh.

24 NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT  NAVSARJAN provides them a Drop-In-Center Facilities and services at the Drop-In-Center  Place for rest  Boxes to keep belongings  Bathing and washing  Health check ups  T.V., Indoor and out-door games.  Literacy and moral science lessons  “Bachat” Bank  Etc etc……

25 NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT Our Learning  The children value their freedom more them anything else.  So refuse regular study, institutionalization.  They have very poor self-image.  They lack self-confidence.  Hence they are rough and with out feeling.  They experience the world as hostile

26 NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT  They have dreams but are helpless to realize them.  Some of them see no light at the end of the tunnel.  They have not experienced family love and warmth.  “ who will give us jobs”, “who will give us wives”.  They want to be loved and accepted. They dream of normal life.  They long to be in the family

27 NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT  Job placement difficult due to stigma of being street child.  No child can be totally trusted even by us.  Only love and understanding can win them over.  We experience frustration working with out tangible results.  They long for mothers, sisters love

28 NAVSARJAN TRUST, SURAT India has ratified the convention on the rights of child on December 1992 All children have the rights to Survival Development Protection Participation


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