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Child Immigrants/Refugees from Central America

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1 Child Immigrants/Refugees from Central America
Over 50,000 kids have come across the border since October Why are these kids coming? 58% motivated by safety concerns Countries “racked with gang violence fueled by drug trade” Smugglers tell families children will be reunited with relatives living in the U.S. NPR – “What’s causing this immigration crisis?” 7/09/14

2 Exigence 50,000 kids since October, hundreds more each day
Dire conditions in Central America

3 Position 1: We have a duty to help these children
They are not “illegal immigrants,” they are refugees The Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (2008) says that children from Central America must be given a court hearing before action is taken; may take up to 3 years but that’s “3 years with a long-lost relative or three years away from extreme poverty and violence.” U.S. Conference of Bishops and UN High Commissioner for Refugees call for children to be treated as refugees.

4 Language choices Refugees Protection from murder capital of the world
A sympathetic term, appeal to pathos Protection from murder capital of the world Urgency, seriousness of problem; logos and pathos Fleeing persecution; Kids looking for a better life Implies/commonplace: “land of opportunity” We have a responsibility Ideology/commonplace that America is an immigrant nation; we are one of the wealthiest nations in the world. U.S. Conference of Bishops, UN High Commissioner for refugees Use of Christian ethos/professional ethos

5 Ideology Argued primarily from liberal/social justice ideology
Generally pro-immigration reform

6 Position 2: These people are both a danger and an illegal burden and should be sent home.
They are not refugees; they are illegal immigrants gaming the system This is an “invasion” They have been encouraged by Obama’s “lax immigration policies” (Rep. Robert Goodlatte, VA) We can’t afford them They are bringing diseases

7 Language choices Illegal immigrants Diseases Invasion
Unsympathetic term; criminalizes people; pathos Diseases Appeal to fear/pathos Invasion Lead to demise of country

8 Language choice, cont’d.
Obama can’t control the southern border Ad hominem attack; attack on Obama’s ethos/leadership It’s not our responsibility to solve everyone’s problems; we can’t afford it; American taxpayers are already under siege Appeal to logos; use of commonplace (the stressed, over-taxed American) They can’t speak English, are unskilled, and won’t be able to compete in the marketplace Appeal to logos; appeal to pathos Implied commonplace: English is the language of the U.S.

9 Ideology Argued from primarily socially/fiscally conservative ideology
Appeal to anti-immigration reform constituents

10 Ethical Frameworks Position 1:
From Virtue-based; this is what a person of good moral character would do From ethics of care; adults have a responsibility to care for children Justice as fairness; these children are coming from terrible circumstances, not their fault

11 Ethical Frameworks Position 2 - Applies ethical frameworks as they apply to Americans, not the children. In this context they see a primary responsibility to American citizens, thus: From Utilitarian; rejecting child immigrants protects Americans (economically, culturally, in health terms) Duty-based; in a rejection of 2008 law and the notion of term “refugee,” adherence to other immigration laws becomes justification

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