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Mono County Child Care Planning Council Member Orientation.

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1 Mono County Child Care Planning Council Member Orientation

2 What are LPC’s? (Local Planning Council) Primary Mission of Local Planning Councils: Mono County Child Care Planning Council (MCCCC) To identify local priorities for child care and develop policies to meet the needs identified within the priorities. To connect with existing program strategies and build upon existing local collaborations to provide a unified integrated system of service for children and families. LPC Regulations, 2009-2010

3 History of LPC’s General: AB 2141 (1991) created LPC’s Created Local Child Care Planning councils in each county. AB2141 authorized these local councils to determine local child care needs, to develop priorities for the allocation of federal Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) funds, and to prepare a county- wide child care plan. AB 1542 (1997) –Welfare reform The advent of federal and state welfare reform impacted the role of local child care planning councils. AB 1542 created a new welfare program in California: California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKS). This legislation also strengthened the role of local child care planning councils.

4 Membership 5 Member Categories: (20% each group) Child Care Consumers Child Care Providers Community Representatives Public Agencies Discretionary

5 Contract Requirements Elect a chairperson Employ a Coordinator Assess child care needs at least once every 5 years Document information gathered during needs assessment. Submit data results of needs assessment to County Superintendent of Schools (SOS), County Board of Supervisors (BOS) and California Department of Education(CDE). Prepare a comprehensive county wide child care plan to address indentified needs. Encourage public input (public hearings) related to LPC priorities. Periodically review CDE child care programs in context of identified priorities.

6 Contract Requirements Cont. Develop zip code priorities for state/federal child care funding. Foster partnerships with community to meet local child care needs. Coordinate part-day programs to provide full-day child care and development services. Develop training plan to increase efficiency, productivity and facilitation of LPC meetings. Report significant activities and challenges and submit reports to CDE.

7 LPC Structure Legal entity: Inyo Mono Advocates for Community Action, Inc. (IMACA) Contract in name of IMACA IMACA provides personnel and fiscal support to Council LPC Coordinator is an IMACA employee

8 LPC Structure (cont) California Department of Education Child Development Division Linda Parfitt, Consultant Mono County Superintendent of Schools Mono County Board of Supervisors IMACA LPC Staff Cindy Duriscoe Coordinator Mono County Child Care Planning Council 10 Members

9 LPC Projects Meetings bi-monthly Needs Assessment ( every 5 years ) Strategic Plan ( every 5 years ) LPC County (zip code) Priorities ( annually-May) Annual Summary of Activities ( annually July ) Fiscal Plan and Budget ( annually Sept) Self Evaluation ( annually November) AB 212 (Professional Development)

10 Funding 2013-2014: $53,117.00 from CDE for LPC mandatory activities $7,500.00 In-Kind match AB 212: $9,901.00 – Increasing the level of education for early child care employees in Mono County – Increasing the retention rate of qualified child care employees in Mono County – Increasing the number of individuals in Mono County who acquire a Child Development permit or move up on the Child Development Permit matrix

11 LPC Members and Meetings 10 voting member seats (2 yr terms) Executive Committee (standing) Meet bi-monthly, 2 nd –Thursday 9:00-10:30am (September, November, January, March, May, June) Meeting facilitated by Chair/Vice Chair/LPC Coordinator Public Comment always available

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