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MIECHV Program: Performance Measurement November 27, 2012

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1 MIECHV Program: Performance Measurement November 27, 2012
Carlos Cano, MD, MPM Division of Home Visiting and Early Childhood Services Maternal and Child Health Bureau

2 Overview Legislatively Required Performance Measurement System
Federal Data Collection Opportunities

3 Affordable Care Act MIECHV program: Section 2951 of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (P.L ) Amends Title V of the Social Security Act to add the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program under Section 511 ACF and HRSA collaboration $1.5 billion over 5 years

4 Priority Populations Families in at-risk communities
Low-income families Pregnant women under age 21 Families with a history of child abuse or neglect Families with a history of substance abuse Families with a history of tobacco use Families with children with low student achievement Families with children w/ developmental delays Families w/ individuals who served in Armed Forces

5 Evidence-based Home Visiting Models
1. Child First 2. Early Head Start-Home Visiting 3. Public Health Nursing Early Intervention Program for Adolescent Mothers (EIP) 4. Early Start (NZ) 5. Family Check-Up 6. Healthy Families America (HFA) 7. Healthy Steps 8. Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) 9. Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) 10. Oklahoma CBFRS 11. Parents as Teachers (PAT) 12. PALS Infant 13. Safecare Augmented

6 Data Collection on Six Goals (Benchmark Areas)
Maternal and newborn health (8 constructs) Child injuries; child abuse, neglect, or maltreatment; emergency department visits (7) School readiness and achievement (9) Crime (2) or domestic violence (3) Family economic self-sufficiency (3) Coordination/referrals to community resources (5)

7 Grantee Measurement System: Development
Legislation: Three-year measurement cycle Report to Congress due December, 2015 Distinct from research/evaluation (MIHOPE) TA and Federal feedback during review of plans Refinement of benchmark indicators Federal-State Partnership Develop a robust measurement system Balancing two values: accountability and improvement Data reporting for first implementation year: Fall of 2012

8 Indicator Development: Roadmap
Name of the performance measure Process or outcome Operational definition key terms specified; participants included and excluded from the calculation; type of scoring: if percent, numerator/denominator Measurement tool utilized or question(s) posed Definition of improvement Before and after comparisons (e.g., performance in year 1 vs. year 3) Data collection plan Persons responsible; source of data (e.g., self-report or administrative data); frequency of collection.

9 Overview Legislatively Required Measurement System
Federal Data Collection Opportunities

10 Federal Collection System: Prerequisites
Select an electronic collection system Select already existing applicable forms Develop new MIECHV-specific forms Obtain approval from OMB under PRA Specify system requirements for new forms Inform grantees on the use of the electronic system

11 Discretionary Grants Information System (DGIS)
A web-based system Over 900 MCHB-funded grantees report data online Areas (Forms 1,2,4, 6, pubs and prods) Budget/Financial Programmatic

12 Interagency Data Work Group
Selected 5 DGIS forms Developed 2 new HV forms for unique MIECHV data needs HV form 1: Socio-demographic data and service utilization HV form 2: Grantee-selected performance measures Modified DGIS contract to include collection and analysis capabilities for MIECHV Specified DGIS requirements for new forms Conducted webinars for grantees Obtained OMB approval

13 Accessing DGIS-HV Screenshot of Main Menu

14 Overview Legislatively Required Measurement System
Federal Data Collection Opportunities

15 MIECHV Measurement: Opportunities
Research (MIHOPE) Advance the knowledge in HV the maternal and early childhood heath and development field Improvement (Benchmark area-related data) Data can drive quality improvement efforts Common data framework: catalyst for collaboration & partnerships common agenda  system integration Across home visiting programs in a geographic area Other early childhood programs (child care and education) Medical homes

16 Flexibility for Grantees
Select performance measures: process or outcome Select measurement tools Define improvement (targets not required) Design data collection plan Improvement shown for a fraction of constructs

17 Next Phase: Quality Improvement
Pivoting from measurement towards QI Individualized TA Regional meetings Plan to establish a learning collaborative Enlisting grantees Selecting 4-6 areas of improvement Preliminary development of a shared sub-set of indicators

18 Resources and Contact Information HRSA/MCHB website: HomVEE website: Monique Fountain Hanna, MD, MBA, Project Officer for Region III Office: (215) Carlos Cano, MD, MPM, Senior Medical Advisor, Office: (301)

19 Thank you

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