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Rescued Child Labor in India:

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1 Rescued Child Labor in India:
A journey from starvation to poverty By: Prof. Prabhakar Goswami Founder/Director, I-India

2 What is Child Labour Child labour can be defined as any type of work a child (up to 18 years of age) is engaged in for a large part of the day that is preventing his/her regular attendance and success in school Why Child Labour is wrong Violation of child rights

3 Child Labour in India According to 2001 census, number of working children/child labour in India is In Rajasthan, it has been reported that children are engaged with Child Labour/forced labour work

4 Child Labour in Rajasthan
In Rajasthan, children are engaged with Child Labour/forced labour work Origin/States from children trafficked to Rajasthan Bihar Jharkhand Uttar Pradesh (UP) West Bengal Orissa Child Labour Bonded Labour

5 Bihar- major source for trafficking children
Bihar state of India is major source area for trafficking of children for forced labour. Districts/Regions of Bihar from children trafficked to Rajasthan Gaya Sitamadhi Rasheedpur Jahanabad Madhubani Navada Nalanda Palamu (Jharkhand )

6 Reasons of trafficking of children to work
Starvation-poverty No work for the adults in village Big size of family Family debts /Loans Pressure from money lenders (To repay loan) Peer pressures Attraction towards metro urban cities Massive flooding and other natural calamity in the region Reasons to take loan: Marriage of son or daughter Death of parents Flood/Famine To grow basic agricultural products Chronic-long sickness of family member Migration for employment purpose

7 Major sectors in which child labor involved
Thousands of children are trafficked every year to work in towns or cities of Rajasthan and especially Jaipur in various unorganised sectors of work Categorization of sectors: Gem sectors where children are engaged to work Embroidery (Aari Tari) Beedi (Local cigarette) making Carpet weaving B.T. Cotton Agricultural fields Stone mining work Bricks making places Domestic servants

8 Situation of Child Labour in Jaipur/Rajasthan
Children under the age of 14 are forced to work in hazardous workplaces and they majorly experienced mistreatment and exploitation by their employers. They usually work for more than 14 hrs a day. Working conditions: Over crowded small room in slums No proper ventilation No proper light No safe drinking water Poor shower facilities (Twice in a week) No proper bedding No fan, even during summer time (44-45 degree C)

9 Rescue operation conducted by I-India
In a major crackdown against child labour, Jaipur police, Childline Jaipur and I-India rescued nearly 117 children on June 18, 2011. Facts about rescue operation: Child help line got information about child labor at particular point. Child Help Line contacted police to rescue children. Childline workers, police and social workers strategized the operation They reached to work place and performed raid Children's employers were arrested and children were sent to custody of Child Welfare N.G.Os /shelter homes.

10 Facts about rescued children:
117 boys rescued through this operation about 21 children belongs to the age group of 6-10 yrs about 22 children belongs to the age group of yrs about 69 children belongs to the age group of yrs 58 children out of 117, identified as literate (basic education) around 70% children trafficked through close relatives 30% children trafficked through well organized agents average household size of children: 6-8 family members around 90% children reported that they were daily working 10-14 hrs with 30 min lunch break.

11 Facts about rescued children:
Remuneration being paid to children

12 Facts about rescued children:
Major health problems identified among rescued children Tuberculosis Skin problem STD Eyes problem Loosing parts of body- fingers, hands etc. Deformation of bones or backbone Malnutrition Depression Gastric problems

13 Post-Rescue procedure:
I-India has arranged temporary stay of all rescued children at one of the shelter home and provided them necessary care in terms of food, water, clothes, shelter, medical assistance, legal aid and most importantly support to contact his family and guardians. Post-Rescue procedure aims at: Building trust and confidence amongst children. Providing them appropriate living facilities. Addressing their Socio-Psychos problems. Contact with parents and informing about their children. Filling counseling formats by interviewing each child. Statements recording of each child by Government, Labor Department Presenting each child to medical board for examining their health status. Producing before Child Welfare Committee for judicial action. Rehabilitation of children.





18 Long Term Rehabilitation:
Despite of several formalities with government after or while rescue and post rescue procedures, long-term rehabilitation is a crucial step to ensure that a child is mainstreamed into society and is not re-trafficked. Initiation of important steps for long term rehabilitation: Reuniting children with families. Attaching children with social welfare agencies. Asking Government of their states to start some vocational training program in their respective states and help the children. Ensuring compensation to each child from the Government for their exploitation. Helping children's families so that they don't rejoin same work as child labor.

19 Rehabilitation

20 Rehabilitation

21 Rehabilitation

22 Thank you!

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