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+ West Valley College Child Development Center February 2011.

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1 + West Valley College Child Development Center February 2011

2 + Mission Statement The mission of the West Valley College Child Development Center is to provide an exemplary laboratory for teacher training, and quality care and education for young children. The center demonstrates best practices using developmentally appropriate curriculum and an outdoor classroom model that prepares children and their families for lifelong success. In doing this, the Center provides a dynamic learning environment for Child Studies Department students to learn, to practice their skills, and to gain experience in working with young children and their families.

3 + Lab School Approximately three hundred students use the lab to complete assignments for Child Studies classes. Observing & assessing child growth & development Case studies Designing and implementing curricular experiences Interviewing teachers and parents Researching and analyzing developmentally appropriate environments Understanding teacher roles Practicum Students Currently - 7 students from CHS 35 and 3 paid teaching assistants California Mentor Program site

4 + Families Served

5 + Family Statistics 2007/08 42 children 17 students 25 non-students 2008/09 47 children 28 students 19 non-students 2009/10 44 children 25 students19 non-students Currently 56 children 37 students 19 non-students

6 + Family Involvement November 2010 17 Families PotluckPajama Night  January 2011  23 Families

7 + Parent Advisory Committee 20 Parents participating in PAC Planning parent education events Planning family events Resource Development Facility planning and upkeep Garden Furniture building and repair Classroom projects Fundraising

8 + Staffing and Ratios Staffing 1 Full-time Office Coordinator 5 Full time Teachers 3 Master Teachers 2 Teachers 3 Part-time Teaching Assistants 1 Full-time Director Ratios 2 to 3-year-olds 1 adult to every 6 children. 3 to 5-year-olds 1 adult to every 8 children.

9 + Teacher Expectations Complete Developmental profiles of all children in the CDC every 6 months utilizing: Detailed developmental portfolios Detailed observations of every aspects of a child’s behavior Parents notes and observations Complete classroom assessments of their room annually using the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS) Communicate regularly with parents about the needs of their children Plan, design and implement curriculum utilizing the results of the developmental profiles Explain their curriculum, process and the thinking behind it to the CHS students doing practicum and observations Mentor CHS students in a variety of capacities while working with the children

10 Budget 2010-2011 Projected Rev & Expenditures State Contracts$219,659 Local (Tuition and Fees) 65,000 Fundraising and Other 10,000 Total Revenue$294,659 Expenditures Non-Instructional Salaries $283,671 Benefits 172,896 Total Expenditures $456,567 ($161,908) Fund 100 Restoration$ 46,466 C-DAAP Fund Balance 14,000 VTEA backfill 20,000 Contract Education-Fund 595 40,000 Community Ed-Fund 591 8,000 Ending Balance($ 33,442)

11 + Upcoming Events Open House – March 1 Bird Walk Insect Hunt Summer Program

12 + Thank you for your support! Questions?

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