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Reporting Child Abuse Important steps To Remember When Reporting Child Abuse Electra ISD Patty Bruce,LBSW.

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1 Reporting Child Abuse Important steps To Remember When Reporting Child Abuse Electra ISD Patty Bruce,LBSW

2 Important Facts Concerning Child Abuse Every 8 minutes, a Child in Texas is abused or neglected In FY2008,917 children in Archer, Clay, Montague, and Wichita counties were confirmed victims of abuse or neglect. Of those victims, 416 children were removed from their homes and placed in foster care In Wichita county 1 out of every 42 children are confirmed victims of abuse and neglect (compared to the Texas statewide average of 1 out of every 93 children(CPS Data Book) Child Advocates CASA of Archer, Clay, Montague, and Wichita County

3 Definitions Definitions Abuse – non-accidental physical injury of a child caused by the child’s caretaker. Neglect – failure to provide the basic necessities of life: food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and supervision. Texas Committee To Prevent Child Abuse

4 Things to remember… It is not your job to know for sure if a child is being abused or neglected. It IS your job to report Suspected child abuse to the proper authorities (CPS or Local Police). All employees of Electra ISD will follow the proper steps when reporting child abuse.

5 The Do’s & Don’ts DO… Inform your building principal Document any information Remember Confidentiality Offer support to the child Call the police if it’s an emergency Don’t Call the parents Leave it to someone else to report Try to do the investigation yourself Make promises you cannot keep Talk to others about the report

6 The Law Says… The Law Says… Anyone who suspects a child is being abused or neglected must make a report. You may do so by call the hot Line or electronically. Hotline =1- 800-252-5400 Or or Login i.d. = educator Password = report1

7 10 Things To Know When Reporting Abuse & Neglect

8 Local # 940-235-1708 Hotline # 1-800-252-5400 You may also call the office directly if immediate response in needed. That number is 940-235-1708. The hold time for the hotline may be long but that is the deciding factor on whether the child can wait for the CPC intervention. If one feels the child cannot wait, then the call needs to be made.

9 Internet Reporting Internet reports take longer to process and may be up to 24 hours before the information reaches the hotline and an additional 24 hours to reach the local office.

10 #1. Hotline number 1-800-252-5400 Please use the hotline number instead of the internet if there is an emergency (after calling law enforcement). If you need a CPS worker to respond immediately, before the end of the workday, Fridays, or if a child is afraid to go home the hotline is a quicker means of getting the information to the local office.

11 #2 Phone Number/Conference Time When making a report to the hotline or on the internet, please include your cell phone number and the time of your conference period. This information is for the local office to contact the reporter for clarification.

12 #3 Time Frame Be sure to ask when the incident happened and if it is ongoing abuse/neglect or an isolated incident.

13 #4 Living Arrangements Ask if the perpetrator lives in the home, visits the home, or is a relative to the child.

14 #5 Family Be sure to ask about any siblings in the home. You may also ask who is living in the home (grandparents, aunt, uncle, etc.)

15 #6 Risk Factors Are there any other risk factors in the home such as drug or alcohol use, domestic violence, etc.

16 #7 Helpful Contacts Please provide collaterals that may have information about the child,(i.e. MHMR worker, probation officer; for medical neglect the physicians name if possible.

17 #8 Parent Information Provide as much information about the parent/caregiver employment include the following if possible: Place of employment Phone number Hours Location

18 #9 Support Systems What extended family, relatives, close friends, church members are available to the child

19 #10 References Utilize the definitions of abuse/neglect under the Texas Family Code provided on the Texas Department of Protection and Regulatory Services.

20 Questions If you have any question, contact the local Child Protective Office prior to reporting. 940-235-1708 Ten things to remember provided by Child Protective Services Rhonda Johnson

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