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The Hidden Child Pupil Premium Plus Cathy Moss (HLTA) Education Support.

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1 The Hidden Child Pupil Premium Plus Cathy Moss (HLTA) Education Support

2 From July 2014 Previously cared for children who have been Adopted or on an SGO or RO order The parents and Guardian can self declare to the school who record this on the January Census The £1,900 goes directly to the school The school can pool this money to meet the needs of other children who fit this criteria

3 The Challenges Why do Adopted Young People need extra funding? Dispelling The “Oliver Twist” Myth How do schools identify Adopted Pupils?

4 Involving Parents “Additional Money given to schools to improve educational and personal outcomes includes but not limited to their attainment”. “The role of parents and guardians in their child’s education is crucial….we would hope that schools would want to take particular advantage of this relationship with regards to children adopted from care and maybe unaware of a child's barriers to learning as a result of their history”. “Schools have the flexibility to spend the additional funding… for example to train staff to recognize and respond to attachment–related issues or that a particular adopted child needs tailored support”. “Schools will be held to account specifically for the attainment of disadvantaged pupils.”

5 Measuring the Impact. “But they are doing fine”! (In line with their predicted grades!) “School leaders commonly said that they were using the funding to maintain or enhance existing provision rather than to put in place new initiatives”. September 2012 Ofsted Key Findings

6 The Pupil Premium: how schools are spending the funding successfully to maximise achievement 11 Feb 2013 Ofsted Minimising barriers to learning and achievement Where schools had successfully worked to improve pupils ‘social and emotional’ skills, where these were barriers to learning, ensured that low expectations were not a barrier to achievement. Successful schools “never confused eligibility for the Pupil Premium with low ability, and focused on supporting their disadvantaged pupils to achieve the highest levels”

7 Our Committment Supporting parents and schools to raise awareness and identify the challenges faced by adopted young people. To ensure that specialist knowledge, is shared and to raise the profile of the “adopted pupil” through “attachment” focused training, strategies and interventions. To engage with schools to support and promote the ‘pupil premium plus status’ to ensure the impact of an adopted child's early years experiences are translated in a way that schools can implement the funding and status to ensure that every adopted young person can reach their full potential!

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