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Department of Child Support Services Overview March 2014 1.

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1 Department of Child Support Services Overview March 2014 1

2 Child Support Program Goals Child Support Overview Performance, Statistics and Financials Summary of Contents 2

3 Child Support Program Goals 3 All children in California’s Child Support program should have: Parentage established Support orders established Medical coverage Financial support from parents California’s Child Support program will: Operate efficiently and effectively Provide excellent customer service

4 Child Support Overview 4

5 Department of Child Support Overview 5 The Child Support Program: Mandated by Title IV-D of the Social Security Act (42 USC Sec. 651) Enforces the financial responsibility of unmarried or separated parents to support their children when they live apart Provides no cost paternity and order establishment services and a range of enforcement services, many of which are exclusive to the program Ensures that children receive a reliable source of financial and medical support Supplements and stabilizes family income, increases self-sufficiency, and avoids public assistance costs

6 Child Support Overview (Continued) 6 Encourages mothers and fathers to be involved in their children’s lives Recovers welfare costs Encourages personal responsibility

7 Child Support in California State supervised, locally administered program Local and Regional child support agencies deliver services The partnership between state and counties provides for effective collaboration Services are available to all California residents   CalWORKs recipients are referred automatically for child support services; support is assigned to the State to recover assistance costs   Non-aided families may apply for services; support is passed directly to the custodial party   There are currently over 1.3 million child support cases 7

8 The Child Support Process 8 Child Support Program Intake Public Assistance referrals, TANF, Medicaid, and other programs Program application completed at the office, on-line, or the courts Establish paternity Obtain order for child support and medical support Enforce and collect support Distribute support Modify orders Child Support Program Functions

9 Developed and implemented a Federally certified statewide child support automated system that automates and centralizes all child support activities Implemented a Federally required State Disbursement Unit that handles all collections and disbursements Established an Enterprise Customer Service Solution which supports state, local and regional call centers for all customers Program Highlights 9

10 Maintained collections to families during economic downturn Passed Federal Data Reliability Audit every year 2002 – 2013, including the year following implementation of the Statewide Automated Child Support Enforcement (CSE) System Obtained Revenue Stabilization funding to retain local case worker staff and stabilize collection levels Program Highlights (continued) 10

11 Performance, Statistics and Financials 11

12 FFY 2013 Performance (Preliminary) Distributed Collections - $2.3 billion Paternity Establishment Percentage – 98.6% Percent of Cases with Orders – 89.0% Percent of Current Support Collected – 63.3% Percent of Cases with Arrearages Collections – 65.1% Cost Effectiveness - $2.54 12

13 13

14 14

15 State of California Department of Child Support Services Historical Incentive Performance Measures 15

16 16

17 DCSS Budget (Dollars in thousands) 17 Counties may provide funds to LCSAs to supplement program activities above their allocation up to $13.6M and draw matching federal funds not to exceed $26.4M. Figures do not include $26.4 million FFP. **The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) restored federal matching funds on Federal Incentives for two years beginning October 1, 2008 and ending September 30, 2010. This reduced the need for State General Fund (SGF) during SFYs 2009-10 thru 2011-12.

18 CSE Budget (Dollars in thousands) Fiscal YearTotal FundsFederal FundsGeneral Funds 2010-11 $140,237$92,556$47,681 2011-12 $107,171$70,733$36,438 2012-13 $103,817$68,519$35,298 2013-14 $103,817$68,519$35,298 2014-15 Governor’s Budget $103,469$68,289$35,180 18 Source: 2014-15 Governor’s Budget. Note: These figures are included in the overall DCSS Budget 2010-2015.

19 SDU Budget (Dollars in thousands) 19 Source: Local Assistance Cost Tables. Note: These figures are included in the overall DCSS Budget 2010-2015. Fiscal YearTotal FundsFederal FundsGeneral Funds 2010-11 $26,629$17,568$9,061 2011-12 $19,446$12,833$6,613 2012-13 $14,966 $9,878$5,088 2013-14 $14,966 $9,878$5,088 2014-15 Governor’s Budget $14,966 $9,878$5,088

20 20

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22 22

23 DCSS Collections (Dollars in millions) 23 1 The County share of collections was suspended and retained as part of the State share during SFY 2011-12 and SFY 2012-13. 2 SFY 2010-2011, SFY 2011-12, SFY 2012-13 actuals are based on distributed collections reported on the Monthly Report of Collections. 3 Other Collections includes: collections forwarded to other states, medical support collections, excess, pass-on and $50 disregard payments. 2010-2011 2 Actuals 2011-2012 2 Actuals 2012-2013 2 Actuals 2013-2014 Estimate 2014-2015 Estimate Non-Assistance Collections $1,748$1,790$1,827$1,889 Assistance Collections $519$515$511$477 Total Collections $2,267$2,305$2,338$2,366 % Yr. to Yr. Change -1.7%1.4%1.2%0.0% ASSISTANCE COLLECTIONS SUMMARY General Funds $219$244$242$198 Federal Funds $219$214$212$199 County Funds $24$0 1 $28 Other Funds 3 $57 $52 Total Assistance Collections $519$515$511$477

24 Federal Performance Measures 24

25 25

26 PSI Ranking FFY 2013 26

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