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What’s new in child restraints (CRs)? CPS & OP Conference Call Tuesday March 1 st, 2011 12 – 1pm EST Hosted by MIEMSS.

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1 What’s new in child restraints (CRs)? CPS & OP Conference Call Tuesday March 1 st, 2011 12 – 1pm EST Hosted by MIEMSS

2 Housekeeping Items Please put your phones on MUTE in order to minimize background noise –The presentation is being recorded so that we can archive the slides & audio on our website Please save questions/comments until the end of the presentation –There will be plenty of time for your input I apologize that the PPT slides are not available today for you to follow along –They will be available in the next few weeks on our website, with the audio embedded

3 Presentation Objectives Offer a very general overview of some of the new CR features currently on the market –Note: Impossible to be completely exhaustive in an hour-long presentation Share updates received from CR manufacturers and experts at the Kidz in Motion (KIM) Conference in August 2010

4 Infant CRs (Britax) Chaperone –Weight: 4-30 pounds –Height: 32 inches or less –Seated Shoulder Height: 6.5-11 inches –7 harness positions –Foam insert for 4-11 pounds –Features True Side Impact Protection – contains the head/body, keeps the head/neck/spine “in true” (or aligned) to limit injury Anti-rebound bar – minimizes rotational forces Quick-Adjust harness – repositions the harness shoulder height; also, a tangle-free five-point harness

5 Infant CRs (Chicco) KeyFit and KeyFit 30 –Both have a lower weight limit of 4 pounds –The KeyFit goes up to 22 pounds, the KeyFit 30 goes up to 30 pounds –Energy-absorbing foam for improved side impact protection –Removable newborn insert –“Center-Pull” LATCH adjustment BoKoo cover –Tested with the KeyFits to FMVSS 213 –Anti-crumb design, waterproof –Easy to take on/off without having to remove car seat or harness –Chemically and flammability tested

6 Infant CRs (Graco) New SnugRide 30 –Weight limit: 4-30 pounds –4 harness slots –Harness ships in 2 nd slot (must be moved to 1 st for preemies, and must move harness to preemie loop) –NO lock-offs on base SnugRides now available: –SnugRide Infant: 5-22 pounds, up to 29 inches –SnugRide 30: 4-30 pounds, up to 30 inches –SnugRide 35: 5-35 pounds, up to 32 inches –SnugRide 32: 5-32 pounds, up to 32 inches –Infant SafeSeat: 5-30 pounds, up to 32 inches

7 Infant CRs (Dorel) onBoard went back to a minimum 4 pound weight limit (as of December 2010) –Weight range: 4-35 pounds –17% more leg room than “most infant car seats” –Harness specially designed for tiny travelers –Side Impact Protection –No built-in lock-off –Specialized infant inserts may be purchased separately

8 Infant CRs (Combi) SHUTTLE 33 –Weight range: Birth – 33 pounds –Height limit: Up to 33 inches –Tru-Safe Anti-Rebound Bar –Tru-Safe Side Impact Protection –EZ Harness Height Adjustment System –7 harness positions –Will soon have a rear-facing weight limit of 35 pounds (not retroactive) Coccoro –Rear-facing weight capacity: 5-33 pounds –Tru Safe Lock-off is unidirectional –Adjustable infant insert to obtain 45 degree position MUST be used with infants weighing less than 15 pounds MUST not be used once infant weighs 20 pounds (or straps become too tight) –Lightweight and compact –New 2011 model: 3-33 pound rear-facing weight limit (not retroactive), rear-facing tether, and anti-skid runners on bottom of seat

9 Infant CRs (Evenflo) Discovery 5 and the Embrace 5 –Both have 5-22 pound weight limits –Currently offer the Z handle feature for easy carrying, but new Embraces will not have the Z handle –Continuing work on handle position for in vehicle Currently have 3 handle positions: carry position, car position, and stand position Serenade –Weight range: 5-35 pounds –Features SureLATCH (“Safety in 60 seconds”; Click, Click, Push) –Infinite slide harness adjust

10 Convertible CRs (Britax) All new seats/design rolled out in Fall 2010 –Next Generation Convertible Car Seats Roundabout 55 Marathon 70 Boulevard 70 Boulevard 70 CS Advocate 70 CS 5 – 40 pounds rear-facing, up to 55 or 70 pounds forward-facing, up to 49 inches tall Features their SafeCell Technology –Compresses to lower the child’s center of gravity during a crash –New shell features deeper side walls for better side impact protection Steel bars integrated into shell of seat to “strengthen the connection to the vehicle” All new built-in lock-offs –Blue for rear-facing; red for forward-facing –Always use the lock-off closest to the vehicle belt buckle Classic Convertibles still available –Roundabout 50 Classic, Marathon Classic –5 – 35 pounds rear-facing

11 Convertible/Combination CRs (Graco) ComfortSport Convertible –5-30 pounds RF, 20-40 pounds FF My Ride 65 Convertible –5-40 pounds RF, 20-65 pounds FF –Features EPS energy absorbing foam, side impact testing, infant insert Smart Seat All-in-One –5-40 pounds RF, 20-65 pounds FF in harness, BPB from 30-100 pounds –One-time installation base for both RF and FF use –Seat-to-base locking indicators to ensure seat is secure in base –Side Impact tested –Steel reinforcement of seat and base –On-the-go 5 position recline (does not require re-installation of seat)

12 Convertible/Combination CRs (Dorel) Safety 1 st Complete Air 65 –5-40 pounds RF, 22-65 pounds FF with harness –Air Protect Side Impact Technology –QuickFit harness adjust system allows harness height adjustment without re-threading harness All-in-One Convertible –5-35 pounds RF, 22-50 pounds FF with harness, BPB 40-80 pounds –Side impact protection –QuickFit harness adjust system Rümi Air Harnessed Booster Car Seat –Unique truss system provides added strength –Air Protect Side Impact Technology (protection through a precise release of air) –22-65 pounds with harness, 40-100 pounds as a BPB –12-position headrest –QuickFit harness adjustment

13 Convertible/Combination CRs (Evenflo) Momentum 65 Convertible –5-40 pounds RF, 20-65 pounds FF –Superior E3 Side Impact Technology Reduces forces in side impact crashes through energy absorption and an expanded zone of protection –SureLATCH Technology – “Safety in 60 seconds” –Infinite Slide Harness Adjust – no rethreading required Symphony 65 All-in-One Car Seat –5-35 pounds RF, 20-65 pounds FF with harness, BPB 30-100 pounds –Features the same safety features as the new Evenflo convertible CRs

14 Convertible CRs (Sunshine Kids) Radian65SL –5-40 pounds RF, 20-65 pounds FF in harness –Can tether RF and FF –SuperLATCH install up to 65 pounds Does not require re-install with seat belt –Easy-Tite adjuster for quick installation –Steel alloy frame and reinforced sides –Energy-absorbing EPS foam on all sides –Folds flat for travel –Low profile on vehicle seat for easy child boarding Radian80SL –5-45 pounds RF, 20-80 pounds FF in harness –SuperLATCH installation up to 80 pounds –Otherwise, many of the same features as the Radian65SL If the LATCH weight limits of these seats conflict with the vehicle manufacturer instructions, Sunshine Kid will take on that responsibility

15 For children with special healthcare needs The Hope Car Bed (a pediatric vehicle restraint system) –Made by Merritt Manufacturing –Release date September 15, 2010 –Specifications: 4 ½ – 35 pounds 14 ¼ inches wide, 29 ½ inches long Two options for securing the child: 1) internal harness, or 2) restraint bag (both used with cummerbund) Includes EPS foam sides/head protection and two leveling/rebound straps Requires 2 seatbelts for installation –Designed for hospital loaner programs, medical institution use –10 year plastic shell life –Car bed weight = 22.2 pounds –Cost: $850

16 Next Generation CR Testing Currently, the US does not have federal regulatory standards for testing car seats for side-impact protection Some CR manufacturers use testing regimes that simulate side impact crashes based on proven European test methods –Looks at how well CRs contain the head and minimize head, chest, and pelvis acceleration Goal: to have a national side impact standard

17 Some Fun Trivia What are the 3 smallest convertibles dimensionally? Who is the only CR manufacturer showing 3 pool noodles duct-taped together in the instruction manual?

18 Take Home Messages Read the instructions! Encourage parents to read the instructions! Refer to CR manufacturer websites As often as possible, get “hands on” experience with new products

19 Questions? Thank you for participating today! Evaluations will be emailed later today. Return your completed evaluation to receive your CEU certificate (by mail or email). PPT slides with audio will be posted on our website in a few weeks.

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