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Tennessee Child Care Evaluation Program

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1 Tennessee Child Care Evaluation Program
The following PowerPoint presentation has been used by program managers and evaluators to explain the Tennessee Child Care Evaluation Program to many different interest groups throughout the state including: Legislators Parents Child Care Providers New Assessors and Support Staff

2 Tennessee Child Care Evaluation Program
programs Child Care Evaluation & Report Card Program Star-Quality Child Care Program VOLUNTARY MANDATORY

3 Evaluation & Report Card Program
Participation is mandatory for all DHS-licensed child care providers. Evaluation program started August 1, 2001 with providers whose licenses expired in October 2001.

4 Evaluation & Report Card Program
Centers are evaluated on areas Family & group homes are evaluated on areas

5 Evaluation & Report Card Program
Providers receive results of their evaluation and assessments with their new licenses and a report card. This initial report card has check marks next to the criteria the facility achieved. criterion criterion criterion criterion

6 Evaluation & Report Card Program
These report cards are to be posted to give parents or prospective parents more information about the child care facility. The initial reports cards do not include any numerical ratings or scores, including the assessment scores. Program assessment scores will be added to the report cards in October 2002.

7 Evaluation & Report Card Program
When the Licensing Counselor sends the provider the new license and initial report card, the Licensing Counselor will also send a letter of application for the (voluntary) Star-Quality Program… if the provider is qualified to participate in this program.

8 Star-Quality Child Care Program
Who qualifies for the Star-Quality Program? Providers who have… at least a rating in both the compliance history & program assessment components an overall average of at least a and

9 Star-Quality Child Care Program
How does a provider get at least a on their program assessment? If the lowest classroom score is… above 3 below 3 then the program assessment rating is based on average of all classroom scores that lowest classroom score

10 Star-Quality Child Care Program
How does a provider get at least a on their program assessment? (continued) a score of gets this rating which means 4.00 – 4.49 “average” “average” to “good” 4.50 – 4.99 “good” or better 5.00 +

11 Star-Quality Child Care Program
Remember that application letter? It will tell providers what their overall rating (1, 2 or 3 stars) would be. What do program participants get? bonus payments for any certificate children in their care a second, more detailed report card and up to 3 stars to apply to their licenses

12 Star-Quality Child Care Program
That second, more detailed report card will include component ratings as well as an overall rating for the facility. A provider’s overall rating is determined by totaling the component ratings and then dividing the total by the number of areas on which the provider’s program was evaluated. Providers can earn… up to 3 stars in each component up to 3 stars for an overall rating

13 Star-Quality Child Care Program
If a program is accredited by a DHS-recognized agency, it may be eligible to have one point added to its total before it is averaged. then There will be no additional fees or paperwork associated with this program. NO

14 Star-Quality Child Care Program
If eligible providers want to participate in the Star-Quality Program, all they have to do is sign and return the application letter to DHS. Providers will have to reapply for the Star-Quality Program every year. Eligibility for this program will be based on annual evaluation results.

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