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Welcome to the Parkview Family!

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1 Welcome to the Parkview Family!
TONIGHT’s AGENDA What is most important about our school? Let’s Hear from the Students about Kindergarten… Meet the Kindergarten Teachers! What does learning look like? School Entrance Health Requirements Arena Screening - Dr. Teresa Davenport, School Psychologist Half Day and Full Day K Frequently Asked Questions and Your Own Questions…

2 The Most Important Things About The Parkview Family Are:
#1 PRIORITY: SAFETY #2 PRIORITY: Students need to feel a sense of belonging, significance and fun so that they can do their best learning. ONCE #1 and #2 are in place…. Then students can achieve! OUR SCHOOL COMMUNITY You are now a part of the Parkview Family! Please feel free to attend any Parkview Events. Check in with our website to see what is happening with your school. Make sure we have your !

3 Let’s hear from the students!

4 Meet the Kindergarten Team!

5 This is what learning looks like in Kindergarten

6 Mrs. Wallace’s Class on 100th Day

7 Hands on learning in our outdoor classroom

8 Wouldn’t you want to read here everyday?

9 Mrs. Hanegan teaching letter sounds on the carpet
Mrs. Hanegan teaching letter sounds on the carpet. See the poem behind her for shared reading? Learn then apply!

10 Each classroom in our school has an interactive whiteboard… the old chalkboards have become large Ipads! No more banging out the erasers!

11 We Welcome You Back with a School Picnic… Fresh from our Garden!

12 Recess!

13 Lunch

14 Specials Half Day K - Library, all year Art and Music - half year
Full Day K - Library, Music, Art, Physical Education - All year, once a week for 40 minutes.

15 The Bus How will I know which bus my child will take?
- Bus Lists will be posted at the schools on the front doors, at Shaws and other supermarkets in Easton and in the Easton Journal the week prior to school starting. All students are eligible for free bus transportation. When will the bus pick up and drop off my child? - The Bus List Posting lists the group stops and the time the driver starts the route. You can note the time the older students are being picked up at the stop during the first week, but be prepared to arrive at the stop about 10 minutes early for pick up and drop off since the time it takes the driver to complete the route varies. Please be aware that kindergartners WILL NOT be dropped off without a parent or designee present. The child will be brought back to school instead.

16 Kindergarten Sessions
Full Day Session 9:00 - 3:20 (Tuition is $3500 per year…sliding scale offered for those who qualify…$500 deposit followed by three payments of $1000 by January.) A.M. session 9:00-11:40 (tuition free) P.M. session 12:40-3:15 (if necessary)

17 Question Time! Which session will my child be in?
You will be notified of your child’s session and teacher in early July. How big are the classes? Currently we have 1 section of half day kindergarten (13 students), and 5 sections of full day kindergarten with class sizes ranging from students. When does school begin? Kindergarten Open House will be Wednesday, September 4 from 9: :00. This is an opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and for your child to see the classroom and get more comfortable before their first day. The first day of school for Kindergarten students will be Friday, September 6.

18 Question Time! (continued)
How does parent vehicle drop off and pick up work? Parents pull into the front loop between 8:45 - 9:00 for drop off. It is a live drop off. A faculty member will open the back door and help your child out of the car. On the first day (and even the first week or so) parents are welcome to park in the front lot and walk their child into school. Pick up takes place on the far left side of the building (facing the front of the building). Teachers will walk their parent pick up students outside and wait until they see each parent before letting the children go. Parents park in the front lot and walk up to the side doors for pick up. Be sure to check in with our school website for all the latest news about life at Parkview: (Bookmark this site!) Follow us on (This entire Powerpoint will be posted on our website tomorrow.)

19 Kindergarten Registration
Wednesday, April 10, :15am - 11:30am or :45pm - 2:30pm OR Wednesday, April 24, :15am - 11:30am or :45pm - 2:30pm Please bring ALL of the forms in your packet, immunization record, a copy of your child’s most recent physical, EMERGENCY FORM, and birth certificate. (We will make a copy and give them back to you.) You will receive your screening appointment at registration.

20 Immunization Regulations for Entrance into Kindergarten
In order for your child to attend public school, he/she MUST have: 5 doses DPT(diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus) 4 doses of Polio 3 doses of Hepatitis B *2 doses of MMR(Measles, Mumps, Rubella) *2 doses of Varicella Lead Test Date Copy of Physical Exam done at age 5 Vision Screening including stereopsis (mandated)

21 Other Medical Information Needed
At Registration, parents must submit a copy of the most recent physical exam Also must submit the results of preschool vision screening including stereopsis Confidentiality Statement Parents and guardians are the gatekeepers of information relative to medical diagnosis and medication. Parents are not obligated to disclose this information to school personnel. However, parents are strongly encouraged to share medical information with the school nurse in order to ensure the child’s well being. Any medical information disclosed to school personnel other than the school nurse cannot be considered confidential and will be shared with the school nurse.

22 Other Important Health Notes
The Life threatening Allergy Policy is in place at all schools. Inform the school nurse of any life threatening allergies. Medication can be administered by the school nurse with a physician order and parent permission form being filled out Under no circumstances should a child carry medication to school. The parent or guardian must hand deliver the medication to the nurse. Medication forms are available and can be picked up during Kindergarten screening. Return 4 forms at Kindergarten Registration: Immunization Record Physical Exam Supplemental Health Report Emergency Card

23 Before and After Care with the Y
Hours: 7am - 8:45am and 3:00 - 6:00pm $12.50 for morning/day $18.00 for afternoon/day If interested call Joanne Nickerson at

24 Kindergarten Screening
Dr. Teresa Davenport, School Psychologist, SPED Team Chair

25 Your first assignment…
Fill out the student registration form with the red star in your folder. Be sure to include your address on the form (PRINT NEATLY) and leave it here at Parkview tonight. We prefer “paperless” communication and we send weekly s, with attachments, home to parents to inform them about their child’s school experience. Please include as much information as you can. If interested, fill out Full Day Kindergarten Application (also with a red star) and turn it in, with your deposit TONIGHT or by March 28, the latest. Check out the Sliding Scale for Full Day K Tuition in your folder. If you qualify, circle the appropriate column and staple it to your application. Thank you all for being here! Welcome to the Parkview Family!

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