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Child Participation in CSO Forum Proposals and Implications Child Participation (CP) Task Force.

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1 Child Participation in CSO Forum Proposals and Implications Child Participation (CP) Task Force

2 Background Task Team on CP was established following the resolution in the 5 th CSO Forum Comprises of Child Protection Alliance (Gambia) Youth Net and Counselling (Malawi) Uganda Child Rights NGO Network (UCRNN) Coalition des ONG des Droits de l’Enfant (DRC) Save the Children – Sweden Task Team met on March 20, 2012 but Save the Children was not present

3 Types of Participation of Children in CSO Forum Direct participation where children will be part of the forum and have their inputs in the discussions Indirect participation where children will be consulted and then their views presented in the forum with a feedback session in their countries

4 Direct Participation Advantages Children represent their peers Physical presence and having immediate feedback from adults Builds capacity of children and their confidence Children learn from each other Visibility of the child at continental level An opportunity for adults to learn from children Disadvantages Discussions are in most cases too technical for children Stigmatisation of children Limited representation Bureaucracy around travelling with children(getting permission, checks) ‘Facipulation’ – children not speaking their views Affect the studies of children Different level of participation can affect the performance of children Creates stardom status amongst children (risk of children forgetting who they are, at home and at school) Risk of great bias and manipulation in the selection process

5 Indirect Participation Advantages Wider involvement of children at country level An opportunity for more meaningful participation Children maintain their status ( avoid the case of being who they are not) Creates a more conducive environment for participation (no adult intimidation). Allows children to operate and discuss issues at their own level and in a child-friendly language Disadvantages Children are not physically present No interaction between children and adults Possibility of their views not being considered.

6 Proposed Participation Model

7 Challenges and implications Timing and number of CSO Forums (How many forums do we expect the children to attend, school calendars etc) National consultations and Theme: The Consultations have to be in line with the theme of the CSO Forum but that raises the challenge of time, because the consultations must be based on the theme of the CSO Forum Agenda for CSO Forum depends on African Committee of Experts: For meaningful participation of children, the CSO Forum needs to meet and engage the African Committee of Experts once a year to allow for enough time to organise children

8 Challenges and Implications (2) Selection Criteria for Countries: There is no clear selection criteria for the Countries to participate in the Child Participation Processes CSO Capacity in the countries: Inadequate capacity for the CSOs to meaningfully engage children as actors Resource Constraints: Resource implications to sustain engagement and participation at national level- Financial, human and technical resources. Build alliances and partnership with stakeholders to facilitate child participation

9 Recommendations for Consideration and Approval Child participation:  The Task force recommends that children should not be part of the task team considering the educational and other requirements for their participation Capacity of CSOs to do child participation:  CSO Forum should organize a Capacity Building Sessions for the CSOs on Child Participation to have common understanding Selection Criteria  The Task force recommends that 2 – 3 countries per region should participate in the first phase considering the resources constraints

10 Recommendations (2) Resource Constraints  CSO Forum should work with its international partners to finance national consultations, National Forum and Regional Forum for Children Theme of the Children Consultations  The theme for child consultations should be in line with the Theme for the Day of the African Child Guidelines for the Consultations  The Task Force will work on the Guidelines for Participation that will be discussed at various levels

11 Activities for the Task Force and CSO Management Committee Development Guidelines on Child Participation Present Guidelines to Management for Approval Liaise with Management Committee to organise a regional capacity building training on CP Capacity Building for the CSOs in Child Participation Coordinate integration of Child Protection in the CSO Forum Discussion  National Consultations  National Forum  Consolidate Country Reports  Regional Forum Child Participation in CSO Forum Evaluation and Documentation of the Child Participation Process in the CSO Forum

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