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I L L U S T R A T I O N & D E S I G N © Patricia Saxton. All rights reserved. s a x t o n s t u d i o.

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2 I L L U S T R A T I O N & D E S I G N © Patricia Saxton. All rights reserved. s a x t o n s t u d i o

3 brand identity brochures books cd/dvds copywriting copy editing direct mail ecard marketing event themes fine art logos & stationery posters presentations print ads trade / pop displays website design and other collateral / promotional materials © Patricia Saxton. All rights reserved. HELPING YOU FIND YOUR VISUAL VOICE saxton studio an illustration and graphic design studio of impeccable quality providing clientele with visual solutions for their business communication needs including:

4 DESIGN Need a concept? A fresh look? A bold statement? We’re bristling with ideas. Each one well-thought out and inspired with your particular message in mind. Each one tailored to present just the right image. Each one precisely executed, with i’s dotted and t’s crossed. With rock solid skills and years of experience, we’ll develop your style, tie it together and carry it through with creative continuity. c r e a t i v e e x e c u t i o n y o u c a n c o u n t o n we hatch new ideas daily © Patricia Saxton. All rights reserved.

5 ILLUSTRATION Every picture tells a story. It’s immediate and captivating. A picture is the supporting role to the story’s lead... one that often steals the show. Illustration creates tone, texture and form. Whether it’s created by hand or digitally mastered; imaginative, clever, or classical; awash with detail or minimalistic – a well-illustrated concept can bring unexpected dimension and illumination to your message... sometimes by the simple act of intriguing an audience to find out more. we make things look good t h i n k o f t h e p o s s i b i l i t i e s conscientious FOLLOW-THROUGH © Patricia Saxton. All rights reserved.

6 WORDS M A K E Y O U R W O R D S C O U N T we breed inspiration A picture may indeed speak a thousand words, but now and then we do need actual words too. Here at Saxton Studio, words and images often arrive in tandem, making our passion for the written word a handy and natural extension of our work. We’ll write your headlines, your web and print copy, your letters, your bios. We’ll edit and invigorate existing pieces, we’ll craft alternatives, fix awkward phrases, correct misspellings and stamp out errors. We’ll orchestrate your words to be smart, clear and engaging. So that when you need them, you can make sure your words count. s a y w h a t y o u m e a n. m e a n w h a t y o u s a y © Patricia Saxton. All rights reserved.

7 DETAILS ideas + intelligence To make you look good, we aim for outstanding. And we know that along with strong conceptual thinking, details can make all the difference between good work and great work. International Paper / Dell Computer Corporation / ADP / Sunrise Senior Living / Textron / A&P / Hershey / Vision Technologies / Williams-Gerard Productions / AT&T / Bed, Bath & Beyond / Cephalon / Avaya Communications / Party City / Shenanigan Books / Lucent Technologies / National Association of Convenience Stores / Reebok / Select Title / Structured Cabling / Arko Paper Products / WeCard, Inc./ Coopers & Lybrand / The Komen Foundation / Secant Partners / Winhall Collection / Scotti Communications / Women’s Healthcare / Vision Technologies / / Malcolm Forbes / Kerback & Company / Green Diesel Bio Fuel / Professionally Speaking / Art Culinaire / Trigence Corp. craftsmanship i n t e l l i g e n c e. i m a g i n a t i o n. i n t e g r i t y Saxton Studio prides itself on its devotion to detail - (remember those i’s and t’s?) - and approaching every project with equal degrees of intelligence, imagination and integrity. Working independently or collaborating with a team of professionals to seamlessly fulfill client needs, Saxton Studio listens, interprets and produces results that help you find your visual voice, whatever your message may be. Patricia Saxton is the artistic force behind Saxton Studio, which has thrived on working its creative muscle for Fortune 500 firms, ad agencies, medium and small businesses and individual entrepreneurs, such as those below. c r a f t s m a n s h i p © Patricia Saxton. All rights reserved.

8 908. 273. 0050

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