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American Studies Wednesday, 28 January.

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1 American Studies Wednesday, 28 January.
Time will pass; will you? 72 days remain in the spring semester Today’s Goals: Write and evaluate an essay based on a document-based question.

2 Housekeeping Are we tie-dying on Saturday?
February 13 is the deadline to register for AP exams. The link is on the class website, right below the course calendar.

3 Homework Reminders Tomorrow: Friday:
Introducing F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Great Gatsby Friday: Synthesis Writing—C-lunch Research paper outline

4 Today’s Class Writing a DBQ—document-based question

5 Deconstructing the prompt and reading the source material
Essay #2: Technology Deconstructing the prompt Underline ALL verbs Try to understand the nuance of the task—this will help you determine how to read the source material The Sources: What to note READ, ANALYZE, GENERALIZE, CONVERSE, FINESSE, and ARGUE Note the date of publication Pro? Con? Both? Opinion or SAFE? Anecdote? How might this information be used? Be prepared to write immediately tomorrow

6 Writing=60 minutes FIRST—read your reflection and take you r own advice! Allow 30 minutes to write the essay No less than 15 minutes with the sources—you need some annotations Study the intro page—read everything—underline the verbs—look for useful information

7 Synthesis Workshop #2 Workshop Evaluating your essay
Highlight all parenthetical sources. Evaluating your essay Read the anchors and score them in your groups, and discuss what is inadequate, what is adequate and what is excellent in these three essays. Note this on your cover sheet, and score them as a group. Reading student essays Take workshop notes on the cover sheet Writing a reflection Everyone—use the checklist on the cover page. What did you do different from the last essay? How was your use of source material? Discuss the reasoning for your score.

8 Recognition

9 This is why you need to use the Oxford comma…
I love my parents, Lady Gaga and Humpty Dumpty. Without the Oxford comma, the sentence above could be interpreted as stating that you love your parents, and your parents are Lady Gaga and Humpty Dumpty. Here’s the same sentence with the Oxford comma: I love my parents, Lady Gaga, and Humpty Dumpty.

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