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What is cyber bullying?

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1 What is cyber bullying?

2  Direct 1. Instant Messaging/Text Messaging Harassment 2. Stealing Passwords 3. Blogs 4. Web Sites 5. Sending Pictures through and Cell Phones 6. Internet Polling 7. Interactive Gaming 8. Sending Malicious Code 9. Sending Porn and Other Junk and IMs 10. Impersonation

3  By Proxy ◦ Using “notifications” to get ISP or service providers to remove people’s accounts.  This can also be done to get children in trouble with their parents. ◦ Posing as the victim to get others to do the bully’s dirty work. ◦ Providing the victims contact information to groups (hate or child molester groups) to cause them harm.

4  Children cyber bully for many reasons. ◦ Anger, revenge, or frustration ◦ Boredom and entertainment ◦ To get attention from peers or adults ◦ Ego ◦ Defending themselves or others (Revenge of the Nerd) ◦ Maintain social standing

5  Here is an example of how something a child does which is seemingly innocent can spiral out of control. 

6  Depression  “social death”  Anxiety  Fear  Bullying back  No longer want to go to school  Loss of friends  Suicide ◦ eature=related eature=related

7  Use internet agreements or contracts signed by children. ◦ Especially effective with younger kids and sets a good precedent.  Never provide personal information or passwords.  Keep an open narrative with you children about internet use.  Provide a good example.

8  There needs to be a strong support system at school, in the community, and at home where kids can feel safe to go and take about cyber bullying.  Bystanders are the most biggest participants in cyber bullying. ◦ Martin Luther King: “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

9 Resources:

10  What you r child for signs of cyber bullying, such as a reluctance to use the computer.  Report bullying to internet or cell phone providers to have the bullies service rebuked.  Some forms of cyber bullying are criminal offences and the local police can become involved.  STOP, BLOCK, TALK and SAVE

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