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App Reviews for the Wiki EDCT 793B Robert West. QR Code Reader This was my.

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1 App Reviews for the Wiki EDCT 793B Robert West

2 QR Code Reader This was my first experience downloading an app. I downloaded it to the iPod Touch. This app was free and can be obtained at the iTunes Store at the web address below. It was also my first experience with iTunes. I was surprised at how much information they require before this “free” app could be downloaded. In our society personal infor- mation has value therefore no app is really free after you sign up and give you r credit card information to iTunes. The app downloads and works just fine on the iPod touch. It is one of the apps that gives new function ability to this device. Once load you can use you iPod camera to read QR codes a two dimensional matrix codes that include information in pictures, URL (to websites) text or other data. This app could be very useful in a school scavenger hunt or any other discovery type lesson.

3 WSAZ News App This app was a little harder to find. I had seen it advertised on the TV News channel of the same name, WSAZ. I had to search the App Store to find it. As shown in these screen shots different pages are available for news and weather, etc. The News stories are sized down From the web version to facilitate viewing on the smaller screen of the iPod compared to the web version. This app would be very useful for teaching current events in Social Studies or weather in Science classes.

4 Text Free with Voice App Text Free is a free app that can be downloaded from the App Store or directly from Once downloaded you can actually use this program to send text messages to a cell phone. The voice feature works with 10 free minutes supplied with the download, additional minutes can be purchased. This app will work on iPods, iPads or even computers that most schools already own. This program could be used in a technology class to teach the proper use of cell phones without having to buy phones or pay for plans for each student. Text Free, on these devices, only works where Wi-Fi is available so it is not a true replacement for a phone.

5 Dropbox This free app is available from the App Store but it is far easier to install directly from as you do not have to register and enter credit card information. Dropbox will run on all of your devices both mobile and desktop and actually should to reach full potential. While more of an application software than an educational software this app certainly has educational value. All students should be taught to back up their work to another source and Dropbox fits that need. Schools are often short on technology funding and are hesitant to provide and maintain server space for student work. One school that I worked for actually routinely deleted all student work over the summer. Dropbox can also save the student and their parents money by eliminating the need for usb drives. Though portable drives have come down in price, parents often complain that they are a waste of money because students lose them so often.

6 Photo Factory This is a very professionally done application for the iPod and iPad Touch was created by PBS. This software allows the student to take a picture with his/ her device and then add kid oriented creativity to the photo. The app provides frames and PBS characters that can be added directly to the picture. Some advanced photo editing tools are included as well, such as resize, rotate, and move. This software could actually help students get ready to use more advanced programs like Photoshop.

7 Teach Me: 1st Grade This app was recommended by one of my interviewees for our paper. It was created by24x7digital LLC and is available on iTunes. I found it very frustrating trying to find it there however. I was able to Google it by title and find the website Smartappsforkids and they direct you to iTunes where you may purchase the.99 app. This app teaches reading, addition, subtraction and spelling. The spelling section has finger writing recognition. This app is professionally done, it has depth of content and even handles wrong answers with great feedback. A tracking feature is included that allows a teacher or parent to watch the progress of more than one student at a time.

8 DialSafe Pro This application is a free trial. The actual application costs $1.99. It is easily found on where you will be redirected to iTunes for the actual download. This app is a simulation (not a real phone) that can be used to teach children how to dial important numbers and numbers like 911 that can’t actually be dialed for practice. It uses the iPad or iPod’s built in recorder for parents or teachers to record call “answers”. To further help them learn the app includes challenges, games that help them memorize important Phone numbers complete with an operator that tells them when they have Misdialed. (free trial)

9 My Journal This is another app developed for PBS Kids. It is easiest to find at but you will be redirected to iTunes for the $1.99 download. It features Mister Rogers and encourages students to keep a journal. There have been a lot of studies proclaiming the benefits of journal writing for children. The language arts benefit of writing paired with the social / psychological benefits of getting their feelings out there for parents and teachers to understand and help direct. This app was a winner of a Parents' Choice Gold Award.

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