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Welcome Class of 2014!.  Meet the staff  Find out what type of programs and involvement opportunities we offer  Understand our Community Standards.

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1 Welcome Class of 2014!

2  Meet the staff  Find out what type of programs and involvement opportunities we offer  Understand our Community Standards and Outcomes of behaviors  Meet some of our campus partners and hear about our support services

3  Our structure & and your direct support  Central Office located in Barrows Hall RM 120  Director of Residence Life, Associate Director, & Assistant Director  Area Coordinators/Resident Directors (RD’s) 1 per Building  Program Assistants (PA’s)  1 per Building  Resident Assistants (RA’s)  Total staff of 59

4  Global sustainability-The 3 “R’s”  Recycle  Reuse  Reduce  Community Engagement  Volunteer  Student Leadership  Take the lead-others will follow  Welcome Vance Hall Living-Learning Communities (LLC’s)

5  RA Events  Each month your RA plans a program based on what your floors interests are  Hall Council  Meets weekly to plan hall events, design hall clothing, and have shared governance of your hall  Dean’s Cup  Month hall vs. hall competition, winning hall gets the Cup and bragging rights  IRC  Meets Mondays in Belin A & B in the Student Center at 4:15 pm  This a place to make your voice heard and find out about Residence Life news

6  Sign in workers are in each building from 8:00 pm to 12:00 am (1:00 am on Thursday & weekends). All residents must show their ID to the sign in worker and sign in their guests during those times  Have your keys and Id Card with you at all times.  Keep your door locked and do not prop any bathroom or exterior doors.

7  Restricted Items  Extension Cords  Microwaves (unless part of a micro fridge)  A second TV or fridge  Any appliance with a heating element  Tapestries hanging from the ceiling  Furniture brought in by students larger than 65 inches  Candles even ones without a wick  Weights over 10 pounds  Restricted items found will confiscated and held by staff until a break period where students may retrieve them when going home  Items left over break periods may be discarded  RAs will be conducting regular fire inspections of every room at least once a month  Violations referred to Conduct-Critical violations  No smoke head or fire equipment tempering  Must exit during any fire alarm

8  Alcohol  All of our residence halls are dry and if you are found with alcohol you will be referred through the Student Conduct process and could possibly be issued a ticket by Campus Police  Empty alcohol bottles are also prohibited  If you are in a room with alcohol even if you are not drinking you could be found in violation of college policy  Drugs  CCSU has a zero tolerance policy  If you are found in possession of drugs you will be referred through the Student Conduct process

9  Roommate & other Resident disputes  If you cannot resolve it between yourselves speak with your RA or your AC/RD  With campus community  Utilize your campus resources to help you solve your problem  Sexual misconduct

10  Residence Hall Damage/Vandalism  Students are held responsible for damage in their room  When you checked in you signed a Room Condition Form (RCF) detailing the condition of your room and its furniture  At check out your room should be returned to its original condition  If damage occurs speak with your RA or AC/RD immediately  At the end of each semester your AC/RD will inspect your room after you have checked out and will determine if a damage bill will be issued  It is for that reason that you should immediately report any damage that occurs in you r room  Common Area Damage  Damage that occurs in common areas may be billed to the entire floor or hall if the individual(s) responsible are not discovered  If you know who caused common area damage please let you AC/RD know so that only those responsible for the damage are the ones who have to pay to repair it  Jumping in the elevators is considered vandalism and you will be referred through the Student Conduct System  Every elevator is monitored by video camera and Campus Police take notice to any students who jump in them  Facilities: How Things Get Fixed  Report any maintenance issues in your room to you AC/RD and they will create a work order for the problem

11  Room Changes  The room change process usually takes the following steps  Roommates attempt to resolve issue on their own  RA mediates conflict  AC/RD talks with students and determines if a room change is necessary  If the room change involves changing buildings the Associate Director will work with both the AC/RD involved and the students

12  Room Selection  Occurs once each semester  Each student living on campus is required to have a $250 deposit paid by November 1 st during the fall semester and March 1 st for the spring semester  Once the deposit is paid students may decide to live in the current room again, move to a different room in the same building, or moving to a different building.  Students wishing to move to another room/building must complete the necessary paper work and return in the Office of Residence Life by a specific date  More information about room selection will be available during the coming months

13  Residence Hall Closings  Thanksgiving Break: November 24 th – 28 th  Residence Halls reopen on November 29 th  Fall Semester Closing: December 17 th  Residence Halls reopen for Spring Semester on January 23 rd  Spring Break Closing: March 18 th -26 th  Residence Halls reopen on March 27 th  Spring Semester Closing: May 21 st  Staying Over Break  Students may stay over Semester Break and Spring Break if approved by Residence Life but will be required to pay a fee  Room fee only covers periods when classes are in session  Students living on campus between the Fall and Spring semester will have to move into the break building. This year the break building is Sam May Hall

14  Office of Student Affairs  Fire Marshal  Resnet: Computer needs  Health Services  Counseling & Wellness  Campus Police  Women’s Center  Office of Conduct  Facilities Department  Student Activities/Leadership Development



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