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COMTO Julie Cunningham COMTO National President/CEO.

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1 COMTO Julie Cunningham COMTO National President/CEO

2 National Update Upcoming Events Value of COMTO Membership Chapter Update OVERVIEW

3 1.Strengthen Chapters 2.Improve our organizational communications 3.Ensure National and Chapters are in sync Purpose of Visits By National

4 COMTO E X P A N D Y O U R B O R D E R S! Theme provided by COMTO Birmingham, January 19, 2012

5 COMTO Clear lots of ground for your [chapter].. Make your [house] large. Spread out! Think big!... You're going to need lots of elbow room for your growing [COMTO] family... Don't be afraid—you're not going to be embarrassed. Don't hold back —you're not going to come up short. Challenge issued by COMTO Kansas City, January 25, 2011

6 What Is COMTO? - 501c3 - Trade Association - Volunteer/Member Organization - Advocacy organization with Civil Rights mission/focus National Update

7 History Founded in 1971 at Howard University in Washington, DC by: Rev Jerry Moore – a Baptist Preacher who had been appointed to the WMATA Board of Trustees Carlos Villarreal – Presidential Appointee and Administrator of US DOT/Urban Mass Transit, now known as FTA Harold Williams – US DOT/UMTA Office of Civil Rights National Update

8 Mission: Ensure a level playing field in the transportation industry for individuals, businesses and communities of color Vision: To see the diverse faces of America equally reflected in the transportation industry National Update

9 OR TO PUT IT MORE SIMPLY... Jobs & Contracts National Update

10 Who Can Be A Member? Anyone who believes in the mission of COMTO National Update

11 CO M TO We know that the “M” has represented the “minority” constituency. However, collectively minorities are fast becoming the nation’s majority M ulti-modal M ulti-cultural M ulti-generational National Update

12 COMTO has 4 National Strategic Plan Goals National Update

13 Strategic Plan Goals 1.Chapter Growth & Development 2.Membership Growth & Retention 3.Historically Underutilized Businesses 4.Professional Development & Training National Update

14 Community Partnering Agreement Process © __________________________ CPAP © is a process developed by COMTO to assist public agencies (state DOTs, public transit agencies, airports) with job creation and DBE participation on federally funded transportation projects. Missouri State DOT was the catalyst National Update

15 Success of CPAP © on MoDOT I-64 (Heavy Highway Expansion) Project $535 million project At 3-year completion project: - $11 million under budget - 3 weeks ahead of schedule - Exceeded federal goals for minorities and women in hard hat jobs - Exceeded federal goals for DBE participation National Update

16 COMTO Collaboration with President Obama’s Administration White House Office of Public Engagement US DOT (FTA, FHWA, FAA, FRA) Community Partnering Agreement Process © Worked with FHWA to introduce collaborative process to State DOTs with projects of $500 million plus. (States: Arizona, Connecticut, Colorado, Kentucky, Indiana and New York) National Update

17 COMTO Collaboration with the U.S. Congress Providing testimony before the: - House T&I Committee - Senate Caucus - Congressional Black Caucus National Update

18 COMTO Collaboration with the U.S. Congress & the DOT DBE Final Rulemaking: - Increased Personal Net Worth = 1.3 million - Interstate Certification - Improved post-award oversight (relative to DBE goals and termination) - Provisions to include small business participation (in addition to DBE participation) National Update

19 Working With the US Congress and the DOT DBE Final Rulemaking also supports the compelling need for the DBE program and the statues authorizing the program as well as the continuing need to address discrimination and its effects on transportation projects. National Update

20 COMTO Youth Initiatives Garrett A. Morgan Shadow Day (annually on Feb 2 nd ) Annual Garrett A. Morgan Youth Conference (July) Award over $350K annually in college scholarships Administers an FTA funded internship program – Careers In Transportation For Youth (CITY Program) Coming Soon – COMTO Scholars Program National Update James Gerald CITY Intern

21 White House Briefing and March Leadership Team Meetings (March 13 in Washington, DC) New - Celebrating Women Who Move the Nation (March in Washington, DC) Chapter Elections (March – June) Elections for National Board of Directors (June) National Meeting & Training Conference (July 21-25 in Denver, Colorado) Congressional Black Caucus/COMTO Transportation Braintrust (September in Washington, DC) RECENT/UPCOMING EVENTS

22 Only advocacy organization in the transportation industry which covers all modes (aviation, port authorities, highways, public transit) Recognized voice (US DOT, Capitol Hill, White House & Stakeholder Community) Proven track record/success in creating jobs and ensuring opportunities for small businesses on transportation projects Resource for small businesses, primes, agencies, legislators Most successful youth initiative in the transportation industry COMTO Is...

23 *MOU **Seat on Board/Advisory Board *** MOU & seat on Board _______________________________ Airport Minority Advisory Council* American Public Transportation Association*** Carnegie Mellon** Congressional Black Caucus ENO Foundation** Mineta Transportation Institute** National Association of Minority Contractors National Transit Institute** Transportation Equity Network Transportation For America* Women’s Transportation Seminar*** COMTO National Partners

24 ENGAGEMENT ON LOCAL LEVEL Opportunity to advance mission of COMTO on grass roots level Participation in local initiatives/activities Opportunity to serve on National Committees/Advisory Councils Access to vast network of transportation professionals Linked-in to job and contract opportunities Opportunity to recommend students for scholarships and internships on both the local and national levels Eligibility for COMTO National Awards Program COMTO Dallas, March 30, 2012

25 COMTO God says so! Clear lots of ground for your tents! Make your tents large. Spread out! Think big!... You're going to need lots of elbow room for your growing family... Don't be afraid—you're not going to be embarrassed. Don't hold back—you're not going to come up short. Isaiah 54 – Message Bible Interpretation COMTO Kansas City, Jan 25, 2011



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