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Food & Beverage in Western Style. page 22015-4-7 Presentation Knife and Fork.

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1 Food & Beverage in Western Style

2 page 22015-4-7 Presentation Knife and Fork

3 page 32015-4-7 Presentation English Breakfast

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7 page 72015-4-7 Presentation Cocktail

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11 page 112015-4-7 Presentation Part I Dialogues Part II Vocabulary Study Part III Listening and Speaking Part IV Practical Writing Part V Feature Reading

12 page 122015-4-7 Presentation Dialogue 1 Serving an English Breakfast Context: A guest is seated and shown the breakfast menu given by the hostess. Li Li,the waitress comes to the table to take his order. Pre-listening questions: 1)What kind of breakfast does the guest order? 2)What does an English breakfast usually include? Staff: Excuse me, Mr. Smith. Are you ready to order now? Guest: Not yet. Let me have a look at your menu.

13 page 132015-4-7 Presentation Staff: Please take your time. Guest: Well, I’d like to order an English breakfast please. Staff: Certainly sir. What kind of juice would you like ? Guest: Apple. Staff: Would you like bacon, sausage or ham? Guest: Ham, please. Staff: And how would you like your eggs, sir ? Guest: Two fried eggs, sunny-side up. Staff: Certainly sir. Guest: Could I have croissants with my breakfast?

14 page 142015-4-7 Presentation Staff: Yes, you can, Mr. Smith. Tea or coffee, please? Guest: I would like to have coffee now. Staff: Certainly, sir. So that’s apple juice, two eggs,sunny side up, croissants and coffee. Guest: That’s right. Staff: Thank you, Mr. Smith. Your breakfast will be served in a minute.

15 page 152015-4-7 Presentation Dialogue 2 Serving Lunch a La Carte Context: A guest has seated himself in western restaurant for his lunch. The waitress is trying to take his order. Pre-listening questions: 1)What is the waitress’s recommendation? 2) What does the waitress say when the guest orders steak? 3) Do you know the different ways of cooking potatoes?

16 page 162015-4-7 Presentation Staff: Welcome. Can I help you? Guest: I’ll have my lunch a la carte. Staff: Certainly, sir. Here is our menu. Guest: Thank you. What will you recommend for my appetizer? Staff: Why not try the chef’s salad, sir? Guest: Good idea.

17 page 172015-4-7 Presentation Staff: Would you like something to drink before dinner, sir? Guest: A whisky soda, please. Staff: Very good, sir. And how would you like your steak done? Guest: Medium. Staff: What would you like to go with your steak, sir? Guest: Boiled potatoes. Staff: Yes, sir. Anything else, please? Guest: No, thank you. Staff: My pleasure. Your order will be ready soon. Enjoy your lunch, sir.

18 page 182015-4-7 Presentation Context: Mr. and Mrs. Smith come into the hotel bar in the evening. Li Li, the bar-tender, is taking the orders and serving the couple. Pre-listening questions: 1)When the couple orders brandy, what question does the bar-tender ask? 2)How does Mr. Smith like the whisky, on the rocks or straight up? Dialogue 3 Tendering at the Bar

19 page 192015-4-7 Presentation Staff: Good evening, sit and madam. Welcome to our Star bar. Guest 1: We want to have a drink in your bar. Staff: Certainly, sir. This way, please. Will this table do ? Guest 1: OK. Staff: What would you like to drink, sir and madam?

20 page 202015-4-7 Presentation Guest: I’d like some brandy. Staff: Yes, sir. What brand, please? Guest: Remy Martin, with soda water. Guest: Whiskey for me, Canadian Club, please. Staff: With or without ice, madam? Guest: I don’t drink much. I’d prefer some soft drinks. Staff: Certainly madam. What’s your pleasure, please? Guest: Mineral water, Yi Yun. Staff: Yes, madam. Shall I bring you some snacks? Guest: Oh, yes. Some peanuts and chips, please. Staff: Thank you, sir and madam. Your drinks and snacks will be served in a minute. please enjoy your drinks.

21 page 212015-4-7 Presentation Context: Mr. Wang, the Banqueting manager of the hotel restaurant is talking to Mr. Smith, the manager from International Import Ltd. About arrangements of buffet dinner held on Friday, the 11th next month. Pre-listening questions: 1)How many people will there be for the lunch? What is the guaranteed number? 2)Are there any special requirements about the menu and food? Dialogue 4 Arranging a Buffet Dinner

22 page 222015-4-7 Presentation Staff:. Good afternoon. Mr. Smith. Welcome to our hotel! Guest: Good afternoon. Mr. Wang. Could you cater for a buffet lunch we’re planning to hold in then evening on Friday, the 11th of October? Staff: Today is the 20th September. I think we could arrange that for you. How many people will there be? Guest: There ‘ll be about 150 people. We have established very good relations with the local companies. You might offer a good opportunity for us to meet and celebrate. Staff: certainly, Mr. Smith. How many guests could you guarantee, please? Guest: At least100, I think.

23 page 232015-4-7 Presentation Staff: Fine. And how much would you would you plan to per person? Guest: About RMB 250 with wine included. Staff: Fine. I’ll show you three different menus with recommended wine list. Guest: Can we work out a menu of our own with some dishes you recommend and some we ‘d prefer. Staff: certainly, sir. May I know your special requirements? Guest: Well, some of our friends are from America, but most of them are Chinese. So I think it would be welcome to prepare some western food as well as some local traditional Chinese dishes.

24 page 242015-4-7 Presentation Staff: Sure. We have a large variety of food and drinks for you to choose from, both Chinese style and western one. Guest: Good. Our guests will be very happy about that. Staff: How about table plans? Guest: We need large tables. And we would prefer buffet with table and seat. Staff: That can be easily be arranged. Any special event, please? Guest: With fine table decorations and background music. We’ll settle the bill with check, and for the further details, can we discuss next Wednesday? Staff: That’s fine. Thank you, Mr. Smith. I’ll look forward to seeing you next Wednesday.

25 page 252015-4-7 Presentation Vocabulary Study Order v. Juice n. Bacon n. Sausage n. Ham n. Fry v. Croissant n. Recommend v. Recommendation Appetizer n. 定购, 点菜 果汁 熏猪肉, 烟肉 香肠 火腿 煎,炒煎,炒 新月形面包 推荐, 建议 推荐物 开胃菜, 开胃小吃

26 page 262015-4-7 Presentation Chef n. Salad n. Whisky n. Soda Medium Steak Pea Carrot Potato Boil v. 厨师, 厨师长 色拉 威士忌酒 苏打水 中等的, 五成熟的 牛排 豌豆 胡萝卜 土豆 煮

27 page 272015-4-7 Presentation Bar Tender Bar-tender Brandy Brand Offer Snack Peanut Chip buffet 酒吧 照管, 照料 酒吧服务员 白兰地 品牌 提供 零食 花生 土豆片 自助餐厅

28 page 282015-4-7 Presentation Establish v. Opportunity Celebrate Guarantee Traditional Decoration Background Check Detail English breakfast 建立 机会 庆祝 保证 传统的 装饰 背景 支票 细节 英式早餐

29 page 292015-4-7 Presentation Sunny-side up A la carte Main course My pleasure Table decorations Background music Soda water On the rocks 单面煎的 零点菜单 主菜 不用谢 餐桌装饰 背景音乐 苏打水 加冰

30 page 302015-4-7 Presentation straight up Soft drink Mineral water A variety of 纯饮 软饮料 矿泉水 各种各样的

31 page 312015-4-7 Presentation Exercise 1: translate the following words and expressions into Chinese. 1.Frying, deep-frying, boiling, grilling 2.Aperitif, starter, main course, dessert 3. Roast lamb, boiled potatoes, poaches eggs, fresh orange juice.

32 page 322015-4-7 Presentation Exercise 2: complete each short dialogue with the correct replies. 1.How would you like your steak cooked? 2.Would you like something to drink with your dinner? 3.What’s your specialty waiter? 4.I need two boiled eggs. 5.I would like a cup of black coffee.

33 page 332015-4-7 Presentation a.Very good, a cup of coffee without milk Yes, a bottle of red wine Soft-boiled or hard-boiled, dir? Rare, please The Café tower specializes in Salmon. Salmon dishes are served only in season.

34 page 342015-4-7 Presentation 1. Functional Sentences 询问是否准备点菜 Are you ready to order now, sir? May I take your order now, madam? Would you like to order now, gentlemen? Have you decided yet? Have you chosen what to eat and drink?

35 page 352015-4-7 Presentation 菜肴推荐 Why not try the steak, sir? Why not try then steamed crab, sir? It’s really tasty. May I recommend something to you, sir ? Shall I recommend some local delicious dishes, sir?

36 page 362015-4-7 Presentation Which would you like, American breakfast or continental breakfast? What would you prefer, tea or coffee? Would you prefer green tea or black tea? 询问喜好

37 page 372015-4-7 Presentation 征求意见 (1) 开胃酒 Your aperitif, please? Would you like an aperitif before your dinner? Would you like a drink before your dinner? What kinds of drink would you like before your dinner? Your aperitif please, sir.

38 page 382015-4-7 Presentation (2) 牛排 / 土豆 How would you like your steak, sir? How would you like your steak/done/prepared/cooked? How would you like your steak, rare or medium or well done? How would you like your eggs/potatoes?

39 page 392015-4-7 Presentation (3) 头盆 Your starter, please? What would you like for your starter, sir? What would you have for you r appetizer, sir? What would you like to begin with, madam? What would you like to start with, madam?

40 page 402015-4-7 Presentation (4) 主菜 What kind of main course would you like, sir? What would you like for you entrée, sir? Would you like some steak for your main course, sir? Would you prefer some sirloin for your main course, sir?

41 page 412015-4-7 Presentation (5) 酒水 Your drink before/with/after your dinner, please? What kind of drink would you like with your dinner? Would you like some wine, sir? What kind of beer would you prefer, sir?

42 page 422015-4-7 Presentation (6) 蔬菜色拉. Vegetable, please? What vegetable would you like,sir? What would you like to go with your main course, sir? What kind of vegetable would you like with your steak, sir? What will you vegetable be, madam? What kind of sauce/salad dressing would you like, madam?

43 page 432015-4-7 Presentation (7) 甜点 What dessert would you like, madam? Your dessert, please? Anything for dessert, please? What would you like for your dessert, sir? Would you like some dessert/ice cream/cheese, madam?

44 page 442015-4-7 Presentation (8) 调料 Shall I bring you more, sir? Shall I bring you some soy sauce/vinegar, sir? Shall I bring you some ketchup to put on your chicken, sir? Would you like some chili sauce?

45 page 452015-4-7 Presentation 宴会安排 What type of function, please? What date/what time will that be,please? What is the guaranteed number, please? What ‘s the price per head, please? With or without drinks, please? What kind of service would you prefer, table service, Buffet service or self-service? May I suggest some menus, sir? With or without table and seat? How would you like to settle your bill?

46 page 462015-4-7 Presentation Any special requirement, please? How about table decorations/background/music/ Designing of the menu/band. Sir?

47 page 472015-4-7 Presentation 2. Answer the following questions a.What does the traditional English breakfast include? b.What are the different ways of frying eggs? c.What would you offer to go with the fried eggs? d.What would you usually ask when the guest orders steak? e.What are the different ways of cooking potatoes? f.What would you ask when the guest tells you he would like to have some brandy? g.What does the guest mean when he says:’’ whisky, Canadian Club, straight up.’’ h.If the guest wants some soft drink, what would you usually offer?

48 page 482015-4-7 Presentation i.What would you say if you want to suggest some menus to your guest? j. What would you say if you want to ask the guest the way of payment?

49 page 492015-4-7 Presentation Exercise 1: Listen to the short dialogues. Fill in the blanks. Then practice with your partner. Dialogue 1 Staff: what would you like to start with? Guest: what’s the soup___________? Staff: mushroom. Guest: Yes, please. I’ll have that.

50 page 502015-4-7 Presentation Dialogue 2 Staff: what would you like for your main course? Guest: the lamb chops, I think. Staff: would you like ____________with your meal? Guest: Yes, A lager, please. Dialogue 3 Staff: _________________? Guest: Apple pie with cream, I think. Staff:_________? Guest: No, that’s enough.

51 page 512015-4-7 Presentation Dialogue 4 Guest: I want to try some salmon. Staff : I’m sorry sir. We_______, but we _______sole. Guest : Ok, I ‘ll take it. Staff : ______your wine, sir? Guest: No thanks.

52 page 522015-4-7 Presentation Dialogue 5 Staff: what _____to drink, sir? Guest: Scotch. Staff: how would you like it________ or ________? Guest: With ice water. Dialogue 6 Staff: the coast of drinks will be charged separately. Guest: right._____ is $20. Staff: how would you like to______ for your dinner party? Guest: In voucher.

53 page 532015-4-7 Presentation Exercise 2: Listen and fill in the missing information. a. The North Sea eel b. Waldorf salad c. vichyssoise d. Polish Potato Pancakes e. A bottle of house rose f. Casablanca couscous Mary Catherine Starter______________________________________ Main course_________________________________ Side dish_____________________________________ Drinks______________________________________

54 page 542015-4-7 Presentation Exercise 3:Listen and fill in the blanks. Waiter: __________________? Mary: Not really. Could you tell me what capriccio is? Waiter: ______. It’s made of marinated salmon slices served with toast. Mary: I see. And what is vichyssoise? Waiter: vichyssoise is made of potatoes, celery and onion._______. Catherine: That’s sounds nice._________________. Mary: _____________. Do the polish potato pancakes have garlic in them? Waiter: No, madam.

55 page 552015-4-7 Presentation Mary: Good. I’ll have that then. Waiter: ___________________? Catherine: I think, I’ll go for the Casablanca couscous. Waiter: So couscous for you, madam. And for you,madam? Mary: Let me see._____________ I think I’ll have that. Waiter: ____________________________________. Mary: Ok, we’ll share a Waldorf salad. Waiter: A Waldorf salad._____________? Mary: We’ll have a bottle of house rose, please. Waiter: ____________

56 page 562015-4-7 Presentation Exercise 4: Complete the dialogue orally with the Chinese prompts. Waitress: —————————— ( 下午好,先生,请问点什么) Mr. Smith: do you think you could explain the menu to us? You see, we don’t speak Chinese at all. Waitress: Certainly, sir. ————————————————.( 我们 供应三道菜午餐,每位 68 元;每道菜自选。) Mr. Smith: What’s for starters? Waitress : There’s a brik a loeuf, that’s tuna fish and an egg deep- fried in a pastry case, mechouia, a salad made with grilled patatoes and peppers, or vegetables soup._______ (请问您喜欢什么?) Mr. Smith: I think I will have the soup. Mrs. Smith: I’d rather have then brik a loeuf. It sounds very good. Waitres s: Right.__________________( 主菜我们有牛排和鸡肉)

57 page 572015-4-7 Presentation Mr. Smith: I think I’ll have the steak. Mrs. Smith: Steak for me too, please. Waitress: _________________( 请问要几成熟的牛排) Guest: I don’t like my steaks too underdone. Make mine well done. Mr. Smith: Rare for me.please. Waitress: fine._________________( 请问想要什么蔬菜配你们的牛 排?) Mrs. Smith: chips and green salad, please. Mr. Smith: I’ll have chips. And peas. If you have them. Waitress: Yes, that’s fine._____________( 请问想喝点什么?啤酒 ?葡萄酒 ?) Mr. Smith:We like wine better.

58 page 582015-4-7 Presentation Waitress:———————————————— (我们有非 常好的自制葡萄酒) Mr. Smith: Yes I think a carafe of red would do nicely. Mrs. Smith: It isn’t too dry, is it? Waitress: Oh, no.__________( 这是种半干葡萄酒) Mrs. Smith: Good. We’ll have that then. And also a bottle of mineral water.

59 page 592015-4-7 Presentation Exercise 5: Role Play Smith 夫妇到西餐厅用午餐,零点。他们想知道今天有 那些特色菜, Smith 太太点了洋葱汤,五成熟的牛排, 一份水果色拉,以及咖啡和冰淇淋。先生要炸鸡肉,蔬 菜色拉,咖啡及水果派,饮料是每人一杯长城红葡萄酒 。你是餐厅服务员,请你和你的搭档准备这个对话,并 在班上表演。 Smith 夫人到咖啡厅用早餐,要英是早餐。她点了橘子汁 两个硬心煮蛋,烤面包片,蜂蜜,杏子酱,以及咖啡。你 是餐厅服务员,请你和你的搭档准备这个对话,并在班上 表演。 Smith 夫妇到饭店酒吧。先生点了一杯西班牙鸡尾酒里面 加金酒,苏打水,酸橙汁,及糖。 Smith 夫人想喝不含酒 精的鸡尾酒,这是由菠萝汁,橙汁,葡萄柚汁混合,加 苏打水制成。你是餐厅服务员,请你和你的搭档准备这 个对话,并在班上表演。

60 page 602015-4-7 Presentation A letter of Confirmation for Banquets 大型而重要的宴会一旦确定,经认可的详细资料,应以 确认信的方式送交宾客,需确认的主要内容如下: 1.Type of function 宴会类型 2.Date and time 时间 3.Place 地点 4.Number of covers 席位,人数 5.Price per person 每人用餐标准 Wine: inclusive of service 含酒水或酒水另算 6.Menu and method of service 菜单与服务方式

61 page 612015-4-7 Presentation 7.Decoration layout. etc. 餐台布置与装饰 8.Method of payment 付款方式 9.Deposit 定金 10.Special requirements 特殊要求

62 page 622015-4-7 Presentation May 5, 2005 Dear Mr. Zhou, Thank you for holding your wedding banquet in our hotel. In order to offer you the best service, we confirm the following information. Type: wedding banquet for Mr. Zhou Tian and Miss Wu Yun Place: Fairy Garden Time: 18:00,may 18,2005 Number of guests: 300 person(30 tables*10 guests/table)

63 page 632015-4-7 Presentation Price per head: RMB 150 per person (including beverage) Beverage: 1 bottle of Dynasty Red Wine, 2 large bottle of Coca-Cola Method of payment: In cash The menu suggested: MENU(RMB150 including wine) Deluxe Cold Dish Combination Shark’s Fin with Crab Meat Beijing Roast Duck Sauteed River Shrimps Steamed Fresh Pomfret Fried Vegetables with Mushroom Fried Rice, Yangzhou style Fresh Fruit

64 page 642015-4-7 Presentation Requirements: 1.Hotel should be responsible for all the decoration for the banquet (Double Happiness, fresh flowers & plants, special setting of the table, etc.). 2. A deluxe suite is provided for free (one night). We hereby confirm the reservation as above. Should there be any alteration, please inform us ASAP. We are looking forward to serving you. With best regards! Yours sincerely, Xu li Banqueting Manager Central Hotel

65 page 652015-4-7 Presentation Exercise: write a letter of confirmation according to the information provided. 王红, 长青饭店宴会经理,将给比尔. 布郎先生发一封宴会确 认信, 收信地址是上海江苏路 8 号, 美国进口有限公司, 内容如 下 : 亲爱的布郎先生 : 我根据您 2005 年 3 月 3 日来电, 确认您预定的将于 2005 年 3 月 13 日星期日 7 点半在我们大宴会厅为大约 20 位宾客举行的晚宴 餐会. 附上 2 份菜单供您考虑. 一号菜单每位 30 美圆, 二号菜单 每位 20 美圆, 另加 15% 服务费.

66 page 662015-4-7 Presentation 饮料根据实际饮用量按我们的标准定价收费. 最终的 帐单将按您的要求寄往美国进口有限公司. 我们盼望能得到您的指教, 并尽力举办好您们的晚餐 宴会. 您诚挚的 王红 2005-3-5

67 page 672015-4-7 Presentation The Menu Pre-reading questions: 1)What do you know about an a la carte menu? 2)What is typical use of a table d’hote menu?

68 page 682015-4-7 Presentation The word “menu” has as least three meanings for the waiter. The menu means: The range of food items served in an establishment, including their organization into a number of courses. The arrangement by which the items are offered (the type of menu, as in ‘set menu’ a la carte menu ‘ ect.) The physical object in which the list of these items (and courses) is written for guests to choose from

69 page 692015-4-7 Presentation Menus are laid out so that the different courses appear in the order in which the would normally be served. They are usually presented in a framework of five courses: appetizers, soups, entrees, main courses and desserts. The different types or classes of menu are distinguished by the variations in the selections offered and by the their pricing structure. A la carte menu An a la carte menu is a menu which offers choices in each course and in which each item is individually priced and charged for. Menu item when selected by

70 page 702015-4-7 Presentation The guests are cooked to order. The literal meaning of the French words a la carte is ‘from the card’. Table d’hote A table d’hote menu is a menu which offers some (usually choices) and is charged at a fixed price person for the whole menu. Table d’hote is, literally, French for ‘the proprietor’s (mine host’s) table’. A modestly-priced ‘business lunch’, in which three or four items only are offered in each course and the guest pays a fixed price for then whole meal, would

71 page 712015-4-7 Presentation Be a typical use of the a table d’hote menu. More exclusive restaurants also often make use of the table d’hote menu as its limited number of menu items allows the chef to select fresh ingredients of the best quality and to treat each dish with maximum attention. Because a more limited range of choice has to be catered for than in a typical a la carte menu there is less wastage. Set menu A set menu is one which offers set items (one for each course) pre-arranged by the host. Set menus

72 page 722015-4-7 Presentation Are utilized predominantly for functions, for example, weddings and banquets. Carte du jour Carte du jour literally means ‘card of the day’. It offers choices available for a particular day only. It allows the chef to offer a list of specials’ or variations in assition to a pre-printed a la carte menu, or it can be used as a table d’hote menu prepared for the day only. Cycle menu A cycle menu is a group of menus which are rotates on a set cycle. Cycle menus are usually in the institutional sector of the industry. For example in hospitals, prisons on airlines,etc.

73 page 732015-4-7 Presentation Exercise 1: put the following into Chinese A table d’hote menu desserts A la carte menu Modestly Main courseThe whole meal Sequence of service Exclusive restaurants AppetizerFresh ingredients EntreeTo utilize

74 page 742015-4-7 Presentation Exercise 2: answer the following questions briefly 1.What does the word “menu” mean to a waiter? 2.What are the five courses most commonly found on a modern menu? 3.How is menu classified?

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