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Where would you like to visit?

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1 Where would you like to visit?
Unit 7 Where would you like to visit? Section B

2 Before listening What are important to you for your next vacation? 1.transportation Spotlight? sights 4.people 6.language

3 Where would you like to visit?
+ adj. 1.I’d like to go somewhere____________. 2.I don’t want to go anywhere__________. 3.I love places where____________________. 4.I don’t like places where________________. + adj. + 定语从句 + 定语从句

4 2a. Listen to the conversations and number the pictures.
1 2 3 whale 鲸鱼 a pirate ship 海盗船 南非赫曼努斯,新西兰凯库拉,美国波士顿

5 2b. Listen again to the conversations and complete the chart.
Wants Doesn’t wants Customer 1 to go somewhere warm Customer 2 Customer 3 to fly to go on a nature tour to go anywhere cold to go somewhere that’s fun for kids to go big cities

6 2c. Pairwork A: Where would you like to visit?
B: I’d like to go somewhere ____. A: What else can you tell me? B: I don’t want to go anywher___. A: How about_______? It has_________ . B: I'll think about it. ___________. A: You'r welcome. If _________,please call us.

7 Let’s see some pictures about travel! And what do you think of them?

8 Pyramid(金字塔) of the sun and moon
potato cheesecake New York Central park

9 Travel Spolight 1.interesting/very far/Hong Kong/great entertainment
2.relaxing, exciting/touristy/Mexico City/ lots to do 3.fascinating/ hot/ NewYork/ wonderful galleries 4. beautiful/expensive / Sydney/fantastic beaches

10 Make your travel ad! Travel Spotlight_______.

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