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... M A K E Y O U R N E T W O R K S M A R T E R AXIS 210 and 211 Network Camera product presentation MG, Apr 16, 2004.

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1 ... M A K E Y O U R N E T W O R K S M A R T E R AXIS 210 and 211 Network Camera product presentation MG, Apr 16, 2004

2 A live 210 at Martins house   Userid: root  Password: pass

3 The AXIS 210   Superior video quality for professional indoor applications

4 The AXIS 211   Superior video quality for professional indoor and outdoor applications

5 Positioning of the AXIS 210 Pro level Entry level Price Functionality AXIS 210 AXIS 2120 AXIS 205 AXIS 2100 AXIS 2420

6 Positioning of the AXIS 211 Pro level Entry level Price Functionality AXIS 211 AXIS 2120 AXIS 205 AXIS 2110 AXIS 2420

7 Why develop the Axis 210 and 211 ?  To create a superior professional camera at a new price point  To have a clear path for MPEG-4  Fill the gap in the pro-level camera in the same price as analogue cameras

8 AXIS 210 and 211 – target market  Key channels ¬ Broad based distributors ¬ Catalogs ¬ Value Added Distribution ¬ System Integrators  Key markets ¬ Most security and surveillance installations ¬ All verticals, but retail and education will be the best fit ¬ Higher end SOHO users

9 Initial offering for the AXIS 210  Price for the AXIS 210: $499 in the US/Asia and 499 Euro in Europe  First release: No MPEG-4  Second release: ¬ MPEG-4 upgrade ¬ More image settings ¬ More resolutions  Volume availability: End of April 2004

10 Initial offering for the AXIS 211  Price for the AXIS 210: $799 in the US/Asia and 749 Euro in Europe  First release: No MPEG-4  Second release: ¬ MPEG-4 upgrade ¬ More image settings ¬ More resolutions  Volume availability: Mid May, 2004

11 210 front Glass standard CS lens – replaceable Pgrogressive scan VGA CCD sensor with crisp clear images Built-in Video Motion Detection Status indicator – indicates images taken, may be disabled. Insert logos in your image – strengthen your brand 100 MIPS processor running Linux for maximum reliability Customize your HTML pages and download applications Up to 4 cameras may be browsed from 1 browser

12 210 Back Push key to register your IP or factory default Power and network LED to simplify installation External power supply (Axis PS-K) for your country 10/100 BaseT Ethernet connector IO connector for external devices – External PIR sensor, doorbell e t c Built in webserver – has its own IP address and webserver

13 Superior image quality  Progressive scan, ¼ inch CCD sensor – no interlace defects  Optimized signal processing – less noise and better colors  CS lens – an old “C”-type may be used with an adapter  Further documentation on

14 Fully featured  Advanced event handling  Pre-post alarm buffers  Built in Video motion detection  Multiple methods of video and image upload (FTP, SMTP, HTTP)  Advanced scripting

15 Feature set  CS mount glass lens – replaceable if needed (F2.0, 4 mm fixed iris)  The superior image quality  Fully featured – see next slide  Motion JPEG for system integration  Up to 30 fps in all resolutions including VGA  Range of compression levels and resolutions  Connect external devices using I/O  Simultaneous support for MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG, free upgrade in Q3 2004

16 AXIS 211 adds  Full support for Power over Ethernet, 802.3af  A Varifocal DC-iris lens which gives better light range, from 0.75 – 500 000 lux

17 Range of resolutions  VGA 640x480 (same as 4CIF NTSC with aspect ratio correction for a PC- monitor)  320x240 (Same as CIF, as above)  160x120  We will in later release add additional resolutions.  All in various compression levels

18 Benefits of progressive scan  3 sample images  Test case: Outdoor, driving in 20 km/h using cruise control and high quality lens  AXIS 210 as progressive scan  AXIS 2120 as Interlaced  2CIF using AXIS 2400 and analogue camera

19 Interlaced example, Axis 2120 An interlaced image – note the double image and lack of clearity

20 Progressive scan example, Axis 210 AXIS 210 – note the overall clearity

21 Sample 2CIF simulated AXIS 2120 Note the sharpe edges and low visability of driver. This is what You may experience when using a DVR

22 Insert mask, logo or overlay

23  A small area may be security masked (e.g. a certain door)  A logo which enhances the viewing experience  An overlay, e.g. show the normal state.  Insert time/date in standard or custom formats  Some limitations in size apply

24 New Axis user interface  Easy to take a snapshot  Easy to generate “full screen”  Easy to make “1/2 or 2x” display

25 MPEG-4  The 210 is upgradeable to MPEG-4 during Q3 2004  It will support the “MPEG-4 Advanced Simple Profile” – more advanced level than any of today’s competitors  Transport based on RTP/RTSP – explained in separate presentation  In a system design – Motion JPEG continues to be the most common choice  ADPs will be developing support for MPEG-4  Main difference with MPEG-2 (as in AXIS 230/250S) is ability to deliver scalable frame rate, better compression and thus lower bandwidth

26 Advanced event handling  Based on the Axis new platform  Range of pre or post alarm functions  1.2 Mbytes event memory – 20 seconds of 4 fps in CIF resolution (15 Kbytes/image)  Continuous upload based on numerous criteria's

27 AXIS 210 and 211 System diagram

28 Supports Axis applications  Axis Camera Station  Axis Camera Recorder  Axis Camera Explorer  ADPs will join

29 Supports Axis HTTP API & developer components  Full support for all Axis API based applications  Develop custom applications quickly using the Axis Media Control  Supports all the benefits of a network IP based camera system  Axis has the widest range of partners that create applications, more than 150 ADP:s worldwide

30 Strong security package  IP address filtering  User level password protection  NB. Higher security with HTTPS and SSL (e.g. encryption) is not offered at this product level, as with AXIS 241

31 AXIS 210 vs. Competition  Main competitor: Analogue CCTV with video servers  From the low end: D-link, Panasonic  From the high end: Sony SNC3P, Panasonic NP472, Mobotix

32 AXIS 210 vs. Sony/Panasonic  Supported by 100’s of third party applications  Highlight the benefits of progressive scan  The Axis 210 comes complete with power supply and stand. The Sony requires external power and stand.  Custom logo and overlay masking  MPEG-4 upgrade  Price. The AXIS 210 is better value for money  Feature set and image quality is comparable

33 The AXIS 210 against entry level products  Axis – the leader in network cameras and video  The Superior image quality  The advanced event handling  Support for external I/O  A reliable supplier in AXIS which has a full range of network video products  The AXIS API  The clean and structured user interface

34 Competition general  Axis offers the widest product range in the industry ¬ Entry level, e.g. the AXIS 205 ¬ High end, e.g. the AXIS 230, 2420, Rack Blade Solution  Widest third party application support and open APIs  Axis focuses on IP and has no vested interest in CCTV  Axis invented the network camera category with 8 years experience  Axis has developed a unique image processing and compression technology to improve image quality, performance and cost-efficiency

35 AXIS 210 fills a gap  No direct competitor in it’s price range  Comparable video quality to the more expensive higher end cameras  Has all security features required to compete with low end cameras  Ideal for systems where coax is out and IP is in!

36 The AXIS 210 vs. AXIS  “2120 image quality”  “an improved 2100”

37 Why AXIS 2120 instead of 210? Need for:  DC Iris lens  Modem support  Audio  Interlaced video  Existing installations  High frame rate in low light conditions  Metal case  But the AXIS 2120 is more expensive

38 Why AXIS 2100 instead of 210  Need for modem support  Need for Audio (Axis 2191)  Existing installations  The AXIS 210 has a better lens than the 2100  The AXIS 2100 is less expensive than the 210

39 AXIS 210 and AXIS 211 family Summary  Extends the state-of-the art in its price class  Positioned in a volume market sweet spot in lower Pro level / upper SOHO  Best value compared to competition  Widest application support  Superior image quality  Sell, sell, sell

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