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Multidisciplinary Computation and Numerical Simulation V. Selmin.

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1 Multidisciplinary Computation and Numerical Simulation V. Selmin

2 Role of the Numerical Simulation Flight Test / Real World Wind Tunnel Experiment Numerical Simulation Reduce Flight Test and Wind Tunnel costs Reduce Product Development Costs Reduce Time to Market Simulation Chain

3 Numerical Simulation Process Simulation Chain Physical system Mathematical Model Discretisation Simulation Approximated Solution Real World Set of PDE, gas properties Space discretisation (Grid) Numerical scheme (FD,FV,FE) Pre-processing of data Execution of numerical code Post-processing of data Analysis of results

4 Simulation Chain CAD representationGrid generationSolver (CFD) Turn-around time as low as possible High level of confidence of the numerical simulation Correct use of the numerical simulation (Choice of the model and its limitations) Simulation Chain

5 CAD Representation Features: Reduce as much as possible hand work to prepare the model for simulation CAD repair Geometry parametrisation at the CAD level Automatic Design, Optimisation CAD model recovery Update geometry to be used for other simulations/applications Simulation Chain

6 Grid Generation Features: Highly integrated with the CAD system Standard inputs (IGES,STEP, …)? High flexibility for the discretisation of complex geometries Different element types, anisotropic elements, … Highly automatised and fast grid generation process Unstructured grid approach (for complex geometries) High quality grids Mesh refinement and mesh deformation capabilities Simulation Chain

7 CFD Solvers Features: Versatility/Flexibility of the approach Unstructured vs Structured Data Structure Fast and accurate solvers Design of numerical schemes! Verification & Validation! User friendliness and easiness GUI, postprocessing & user education Choice of the algorithm and interpretation of results Knowledge of the methods limitations, user education & experience Simulation Chain

8 Basic Equations in CFD Simulation Chain Navier-Stokes Equations Euler Equations Full Potential Equations Linearised Potential Equations If viscous effects are negligible If the flow is isentropic and irrotational If the non-linearity is removed Mathematical Complexity Increasing

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