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Basic Course Review In Search of the Good.

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1 Basic Course Review In Search of the Good

2 Chapter 1 Ethics/Morality Ethics concerned with the Big Good
4 Ethical Experiences (S/B/IHT/Int) Teleological(Aristotle/You R What you do) Deontological (Kant/Duty/Obligation/Reason) Levinas (Relational/Face/Traces of the Good)

3 Chapter 2 Freedom/Determinism Scientific/G.E Moore/Naturalism/A.I
Peters/Turing/McCarthy Social/Freud/Theory of Unconscious Religious/Calvin/Pre-destination Augustine/We will when We will

4 Chapter 3 Formation of the Self/Conscience
The Six Aspects (The Importance of) Others/Direction/Character/Communication and language/Conscience/Formation of Conscience Symptoms of a Misinformed More “The Kings Servant” Capacity/Process/Judgment

5 Chapter 4 Ethics based on Relationship C.S Lewis: “A New I”
Covenant/Call Story Adamic-Relationship God/Others/Planet Noahic-Sin/Actions Count Abrahamic-You will be my people Mosaic-Name/The Law

6 Chapter 5 Jesus/New Moses/New Torah
Expansion of understanding of the Law Concerned with Character (who you become) Gospels: Beatitudes/Sermon on the MT Early Church/Martyr/Paul Jesus expands understanding of Neighbour Jesus comes for all of Humanity

7 Chapter 6 Evolution of the Christian Faith
Still in need of Moral Guidelines Jerusalem/Nicaea/Trent As Church Changes Culture/Culture Changes Church Formation of the Magisterium.

8 Chapter 7 Type of Person you should be Aquinas/Natural Law/Virtues
4 Cardinal (Prud/Temp/Fort/Just) 3 Theological (Faith/Hope/Charity) Kant's theory of the Good Aristotle's theory of the Good Catholic Ethics (Deon/Teleo/Imp of Gospel)

9 Chapter 8 The Law (The Common Good) Catholic Law (Canon Law)
How Rules, Laws, Norms Help Catholic Laws (2276/2277/2280/2282) Passions/Ligando

10 Chapters 10/11/Response To Them
Beliefs that Shaped Western Society Hobbes/Locke/Rousseau (State of Nature) Bentham & Rawls (Utilitarianism/2 Principles of Justice) Catholic Response to these (Flow from VII) 7 Social Principles When we fail Sin (Social/Structural) Kant: Justice/Sumom Bonum/3 Things

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