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<3 LessThanThree The Ultimate Final Battle of Maximum Destiny.

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1 <3 LessThanThree The Ultimate Final Battle of Maximum Destiny

2 Team Leader - David Tombs (Repository Manager) Developers -Kesta Jones (Artist) -Mike Skrzyskowski -Tom Nagy -Matt Lance Group 1 - GUI:

3 Group 2 – Mechanics: Team Lead - Chris Yong Developers - Will Clark (Contact Manager Assistant) - Andrew Carnes (Website Manager) - Jose Andres - Dan Watson (Documentation and Contact Manager)

4 Group 3 – AI: Team Lead - Dane Vind (Artist) Developers - Morgan Bauer (Code Mercenary) - Kevin Andrews (Process Manager; Client) - Cliffton Goh - Stephen Quinn

5 Empires Progress (3.1.x): Core Mechanics (3.2.x): GUI (3.3.x): Multiplayer Networking (3.4.x): AI

6 Core Mechanics Requirement (3.1.1): Win/Loss Conditions

7 (3.1.2): Cross-platform compatibility Linux Windows Vista Windows XP

8 (3.1.3): A way to restart the game

9 (3.1.4): Save/load a game

10 GUI (3.2.1): Separate or Enlarge the map (3.2.11): Semi-Realistic map of the world and territories

11 (3.2.2): A custom settings screen

12 (3.2.3): Create a Main screen to Start or Load from

13 (3.2.4): If nothing happens the report should say so rather than leaving the box blank except for Report

14 (3.2.17): All dialogs should have a "Close" button instead of a "Done” button (3.2.38): The Build/Buy dialog should have its buttons along the bottom instead of along the right (Resolved via tabular design)

15 (3.2.20): The game should provide icons to represent empire attributes (such as health, happiness, etc) (3.2.21): Change the decimal values for empire attributes to a dynamic picture

16 (3.2.23): Visuals for units(one visual for all units due to time constraints)

17 (3.2.32): Add a menu bar

18 (3.2.34): Add a difficulty scale in the EC dialog instead of just a numeric text box (3.4.1): The system will provide artificial intelligence of varying difficulty levels as desired by the user

19 AI (3.4.4): The system will provide AI that follows a set of rules consistent with the empire's "outlook" with alterations made to plans based on the actions that have taken place in the game.

20 Complete requirements (without screenshots) (3.1.7): break main block of 8.5 kloc into more manageable chunks (3.1.11): The game should store issue text and effects in a datafile (3.1.14): Implement a rigid system for land types (3.2.13): More obvious differences between flag colors orange and yellow(see map screenshot) (3.2.35): Add control labels for empire name and size in the EC dialog (3.2.41): Building and buying should update the numbers on the territory information immediately (3.4.8): AI using Filtered Randomness (3.2.19): The game should provide a map with interesting territory names

21 Incomplete Requirements (time constraints) (3.1.10): The game should support multiple human players (3.1.12): Ability to set the number of opponents (3.1.13): The game should have shorter battles to one turn or give a more clear summary of attack (3.1.15): Sound effects (3.2.9): In "Build/Buy," put the cost per unit to buy something by the input box, and show the total cost to the player. Notes of cost should be made clearly visible on "Build/Buy" menu (3.2.11): Implement a 3D globe with dragging/selecting capability(new map, but not 3D) (3.2.16): When choosing color, combo box should show color swatches (3.3.x): No multiplayer capabilities, simply not enough time (3.4.5): The system will provide AI that is knowledgeable of sound diplomatic actions in order to help itself advance in the best-suited fashion

22 Incomplete Requirements (low priority) (3.1.5): The first end turn should not be necessary (3.1.6): An adjustment at the beginning of the ratio of land to sea (3.1.8): Continuous territories at the beginning (3.1.9): Unassigned territories are easily acquired (3.2.5): Text should soft wrap in the issues box (3.2.6): After making a decision in "Hear Issue," either take away the "You chose option." screen or allow you to change your decision at that screen (3.2.10): Create an organized "Help" file containing instructions and explanations of the entire game. (3.2.12): A cleaner "Empire Characteristics" menu that allows the player to press a button directly next to each question's answer options to select them (3.2.18): The game should present player action dialogs as a part of the main window instead of having popups (3.2.22): Implement a minimap to compliment playing map (3.2.28): In the Diplomacy window there is a message box on the bottom and its purpose is not clearly stated. Give that message box some sort of labeling

23 Design Process Process went fairly well, but often lagged due to inconsistent testing(Diplomacy, Map) Timing was very good with this model

24 Performance Communication hindered <3’s progress in the early weeks Promoting David Tombs to Project Manager allowed more specific, individual assignments After this, development picked up quickly arbitrary units

25 Software Engineering and You(r) <3 Mike & Kesta - pair programming (GUI) Morgan – Unit Testing was very helpful Communication is king – countless meetings allowed for dynamic allocation of personnel to abstract concerns Incremental Process Model served us very well There were clear definitions of when an increment was completed and when tasks would be scheduled Extreme programming may have been a more efficient model if our group had more meetings during the week to discuss tasks

26 Increment 1 (10/1 – 10/21) Break up code into manageable chunks for easier maintenance and extension. (Completed) Move input/output data from the source file to a data file. (Completed) Compact unnecessary pop-ups into a single window. (Completed) Complete a player’s guide for use before and during game play. (Completed) Replace Breezyswing with more versatile swing GUI elements. (Abandoned)

27 Increment 2 (10/22 – 11/11) Implement a save/load. (Completed) Develop unique AI Agendas. (Completed) Create Data files allow for easy alteration of variables. (Completed) Relocate all of the pop-up windows to the main window. (Completed*) *most of the popups have been consolidated into the message box

28 Increment 3 (11/12 - present) Implementation of unique AI agendas. (Completed) Implement different map sizes and better randomly* generated maps. (Completed) Implement an option for the user to play with other people. (Incomplete – time constraints) *Locations are random inside a static “world” map

29 Current AI Agendas An empire that loves peace and makes every attempt to keep it. An empire that thrives on trading with other empires, generally avoiding war. An opportunistic empire that preys on the weak and those already at war. An empire that prefers isolation and only attacks those posing a significant threat to them. A “guardian” empire that only attacks those posing a significant threat to the world. An empire that expands as quickly as possible and thrives on war.

30 AI Difficulty Difficulty levels allowed by different AI controlled empires Difficulty settings will allow a slight chance for easier/more difficult opponents

31 Original Code Breakdown

32 Original UML

33 Current Code Breakdown

34 Current UML

35 Thank You. Please feel free to ask questions.

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